As I've admitted, I'm (going to be) a DM before too long. Much prep time ahead, but I'm determined to craft my own.. Well, everything. I'm just that type of person, with such much time to prep I feel I can easily prepare for it.

Anyway, the point here I'm looking for basic examples as I've never been behind the DM screen before, I work really well with fine, basic examples and adding and exploring as I need by having the base framework. So simply put I'm seeking a simple 'Go wipe out the goblins of the cave' or something like that. Also, another keyword: Free (Of course).

Another big question I've had while going over content was gauging playtime VS actual fights... Such as, say Roleplaying is minimum, would three fights of three creatures each (For... For sanity take, three party members), or creatures of adequate CR, would that take roughly an hour? Minus joking and side talk. I don't have much of a grounding for that stuff since I never had to think about it before.

Suggestions, links, any guides you've found helpful or really like to creating a session would be wonderful.