28mm Demons and Devils

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    28mm Demons and Devils

    28mm Demons and Devils: A 28mm range of gaming miniatures consisting of the demons and devils of the lower planes.

    All miniatures in this range are conceived and sculpted based on the concepts found in scriptural and historical literature, and are a tribute to the imagery and “feel” of vintage fantasy role-playing games.

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    had some start-up problems, mostly due to the underestimation of shipping costs, so the backing goals are a bit weird, but still good value for some nice demon and devil sculpts, some of wich are pretty big, well can't have a tiny hell-lord now can we ...
    and some nice things to look forward to
    only downside is we still have to wait for a lot of the greens to be finished, but the ones that are on there are pretty great old school style sculpts

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