Anyone know of a good, free or otherwise set of Monster Cards? Essentially little cards with creature information you'd need if you were just plucking something random to fight, instead of flipping to a random page in the book. I feel it'd help me organize saying 'Okay, this card, this card and this card could appear in this area.' I know the hardest and best part for a good DM is to be flexible and I'm trying my best to prepare for just that.

For the DMs: Any suggestions as to how you prepare for randomness? I know you can't account for anything, and yes I know to learn the rules. What helps keep you organized so you're not scrambling? (This question is not for you guys who know every book in and out and can simply pull from your head. :P )

Addendum: As for actually playing the scenario's, do you guys have one of the dry-erase mats? Use graph paper? Something else? Do you pre-draw (As in literal the 1in square map), or draw on the fly?

At this moment I'm leaning towards one of the dry erase maps and just doing it sort of discovery style, draw as the characters reveal it.