D&D 3rd Edition / 3.5 How does a club have 10ft range?

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    How does a club have 10ft range?

    I feel dumb for not figuring this out, but a standard club has a range increment of 10 ft, does this apply only to throwing it? Or does it have reach like a spear at 20ft? Same question applies to any other melee range weapon with a greater than 5ft range... Like a dagger? The weapon description gives no clue nor does the range increment description.

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    Range increments are always for ranged attacks, so yes it is for throwing. A reach weapon usually just doubles the base threat range of a character while leaving adjacent square unthreatened(except spiked chain and kusarigama).

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    Thanks for the clerification! That's what I was thinking but couldn't find a definite answer.

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    Clubs are not specifically designed to be thrown, so they are awkward and have only a short range. Throwing sticks on the other hand are balanced and streamlined to allow a target to be struck at a greater range.

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    Actually, considering clubs have the same range increment as other throwing weapons (daggers, throwing axes, bolas, shuriken...), and can be thrown up to 50', I'd say they must be specifically designed for throwing!

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    I'd expect the 10 foot range increment to be the minimum for any throwing weapon because having it any lower would cause problems. Think about it: If the range increment was 5 feet, that means you'd take a penalty for not throwing into an adjacent square. But, if you do throw into an adjacent square then you provoke an AoO. In short, a 5 foot increment is a lose/lose situation and thus such a weapon would be far less likely to be used.

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