I may end up making other threads with questions about other aspects of this 1 shot campaign idea, but I'll try to be specific here.

I want to emulate camera's within an arena projected onto screens for a large audience to watch.

Does the Spell Greater Scrying operate as I think it does; projecting the image of the scryed-upon individual upon the focus for anyone, spectators who not the castor, to view?

Since the focus has minimum sizes but no maximum stated, is it reasonable to figure a very large mirror, or pool, would project a very large image?

Is there a way to project other Srying School spells upon a screen/focus? The Clairaudience/Clairvoyance spell would be very useful for what I'm trying to develop.

Yes, I am the DM, and yes, I can and will handwave any details to suit my needs if no precise RAW method could be found, but I'd like to figure this mechanically if possible. Thanks!