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    As a few others have said - give me some cleaned up classic modules!


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    +1 for Slavers. Waiting until June is a drag, though.

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    Like I have posted elsewhere, definitely getting me a new Monster Manual, my copies are seriously beat up! So it will be nice to have a nice new copy. I'll probably pick up a PH as well. Never liked the DMG.

    and pretty much any premium module compilation is a given buy for me. Already have them on pre order at Amazon.
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    I said it on the other thread but it bears repeating!

    "Who would you have me weeelease?"
    "Release Rules Cyclopedia"
    "Very well I will WEEElease Wules Cyclopedia!"
    "Sir we have no Rules Cyclopedia"
    "No Wules Cyclopedia, who do we have then?"
    "We have sphecond edition and the spthssss sptheriessppth..."

    Although I'll pick up these too
    Gloria Finis

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    Isn't that like releasing the Kraken?
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    monstrous manual, slavers, S series...I am impressed.

    I mean, I have all that, in pretty good condition...but impressed nonetheless.
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    If they redo the covers of the core books for 2E, I might pick these up. I was never fond of the 2E Phb Cover.
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    The question is, is this the blue art 1st printing 2e books, or the black cover 2nd printing one? Those first ones that came out were a step up from black and white, but is pretty tacky looking these days.

    The adventure compilations? Shut up and take my money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agamon View Post
    The question is, is this the blue art 1st printing 2e books
    I hope it's the original 1st printing. Cheesy nowadays, but I still like them more than the 2nd printing.
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    I have to wonder what the adventure compilations will be like - are they just hardcover versions of the old compilations? Or brand new ones.

    The old compilations aren't so hot - they took out a lot of the artwork.

    Also would have preferred T1-4 - The Temple of Elemental Evil. It's relatively easy to get the A and S modules individually, but T1-4 was only published together (except for T1)

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