I'm looking for feedback on creating a deck of monster cards...

I've put together a survey here:
Monster Card Survey

Please take it if you have any interest in the project. Thanks.
More details, and feel free to post comments here:

I simply love the art of something like the Marvel Masterpieces card set (1992 in particular.) And while I can't promise Joe Jusko art, I think I can do something pretty good. Plus I love the utility of being able to put together 9-pocket card page(s) of the creatures I expect to use in a session, module or even in my game world. I'm hoping others like the idea too and I'd like to get feedback on the idea.

What has been done before:
*D&D had a small number in the early 80s.
*The 1991-ish D&D card deck had some monsters.
*I think Paizo has done some monsters that were specific villains from some of their Adventure Paths in related GameMastery Card Decks.
*And the D&D minis from a few years back came with cards (One side with D&D stats and the other side with a miniatures battle game stats... the only art was line art I think.)
*You can also print your own for Pathfinder or 3.5SRD if you buy a PDF at DriveThru/RPGNow. But these are stats only (no art) IIRC.
*Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3e did a set.

Do you know of other RPG related monster card sets that have been done before?

I'd probably go with a front that is just a nice full color painted image with just the name of the creature on front and maybe a box to kind of define it/give it some style. (See the Marvel Masterpieces 1992 card deck mentioned above.)

There are a bunch of questions in the survey, but I'll just ask one more here: What do you think of the core idea? Is it useful? Do you see other uses/how will you use them?