D&D Next (5E) How will the new magic item rules affect my game?

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    How will the new magic item rules affect my game?

    1) +1 weapons are handed out like candy.

    In my campaign setting, a major plotline is how one kingdom is supported by the manufacture and sale of +1 weapons to the border kingdoms. The large amount of +1 swords and axes devalued the worth of +1 weapons in the market and most are easily sold in bulk.

    Mechanically: This makes both PC and monsters more dangerous in battle slightly. Everyone goes down faster.

    2) Weapons with higher than +1 and all magic armor are rare and required attunment.

    Because of the war effort, their are few high quality magic arms and armors. Most artificers sit in their towers pumping out +1 long swords instead. Getting either is very expensive or requires absorbing a powerful spirit into the item and wrestling control.

    Mechanically: This makes both PC and monsters go down even faster. The Monsters will have a net gain of +1 to attack and strike more often.

    Bounded accuracy and no item reliance is beneficial as I as the DM am never pressured to hand out magic items over +1 to retain balance like in earlier editions

    NOTE: I already had attunement rules based on CHA. Stole my idea.

    3) Wondrous items and high power items are character defining.

    Because no one spends time making anything but +1 weapons and ammunition, potions, scrolls, and wands anymore (unless bribed), few have them. So the fighter with a frost brand is known for the distinctive weapon he wields and might be call the Frost Brand. Information brokers make a great deal of money with the knowledge of who has what and wear they are. Often having too many powerful items makes you a target of other adventures wishing to steal your treasure. Owning and keeping a flame tongue is an adventure itself.

    Mechanically: Hopefully the need to outfit monsters and enemy with powerful magic items would disappear. I could hand a weak PC or goblin a +3 katana and make them feel noticeably special.

    Thank you DNDNEXT for making the Six Kingdoms work with ease on the DM end.
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