D&D 3rd Edition / 3.5 Creating an Orc Warlord (3.5)

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    Creating an Orc Warlord (3.5)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm wondering if I can have some assistance from the fine folks on EN World.

    I usually DM, but I'm becoming a player in a friend's campaign in a custom world. We're starting at 3rd level, and I'd like to create an orc shamanistic character, most likely CN in alignment, ideally taking the Orc Warlord class (Races of Faerun) down the line. I've a couple of options right now, but I'm wondering on a useful build as well as one that is flavorful.

    Orc Warlord requires a barbarian rage ability to qualify. Thus, at this point, a level 10 character looks like:

    Druidic Avenger (with Druid hunter variant, both from UA) 5/Stormlord 4/Orc Warlord 1.

    However, there's also the spirit shaman and OA shaman. For the OA Shaman, I was thinking something along the lines of:

    Shaman 7/Warpriest 2/Orc Warlord 1

    These fit more with the idea of a real shaman instead of a druid, but they lack the barbarian rage, meaning I'd have to dip a level. Might anyone have any suggestions for a shamanistically-themed orc warlord?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Orc paragon from UA gives rage without the chaotic alignment requirement that standard barbarian rage had. It's a significant loss in CLs though.

    Druidic Avenger is the best fit, IMO. Class names are metagame constructs anyway. Not all samurai have levels in CW's samurai class or the master samurai PrC.
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