4E [Gardmore Abbey] Advice on the Defending the Watchtower bit
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    [Gardmore Abbey] Advice on the Defending the Watchtower bit

    My group's about to confront the beholder in the far realmed up watchtower and assuming they win, the watchtower reverts to normal and the adventure presents a skill challenge/combat encounter in which the PCs join mercenaries to defend it from the orc forces. Which is all well and good and a good time will be had by all, except how in the blue hell do mercenaries get to the tower in the first place? That and the original design for said tower is presumably to defend against threats that are outside the walls and the orcs are in the village within. I don't need anything too detailed, just something that passes the refrigerator test.

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    "Defending the Watchtower" happens well after the beholder's been defeated. By defeating the beholder, the group has freed the watchtower from the Far Realm, and it returns to the world.

    The characters should report to Padraig that the watchtower has been retaken, and it is ready to be inhabited. Padraig will send mercenaries to use the tower to start watching over the King's Road so that supply caravans can start making their way to Winterhaven again.

    Now, the tower defense can come about in a number of ways, but the two that are, in my opinion, easiest are:

    1) The orcs from the village have finally noticed that their incursions are being stopped. Orc scouts finally made it through the Feygrove (or went around the long way) and noticed that soldiers are now in the watchtower. Bakrosh has sent a major force to take it for his own use.

    2) If Bakrosh is defeated, and the orcs are pushed out of the village already, then perhaps the orcs, in a desperate last bid for survival, have started an assault on the tower, hoping to take it back. If they succeed, it will be both a major blow to the region's inhabitants and a great boost to the orcs' morale. If they fail, then the Vile Rune orcs may very well be lost forever.

    edit: Remember that the encounters are numbered for ease of reference. They're not necessarily meant to go in order, or even sequentially. So, you might get the tower done somewhat early, but then the players will move on. Later, near the end of the module (because that combat in Defending the Watchtower is pretty hard due to the high-level giant), the actual defense of the tower will take place.
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    the other thing to remember is that you don't even have to use all the encounters. If the PC's never even report back Padrig that trigger won't be there for the SC of defending the watch tower. Gardmore is probably the best written sandbox game out there. it's got enough bones to give context but enough freedom to let the players go where they will.

    Good on ya for running it! how did it turn out?

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