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    The bugbear, in particular, looks too leonine.

    Also, the "no moustaches on bugbears" prohibition is lame.

    I give these about a C+.
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    I like them. As for the, they look too buff comment, this is art for opponents that are primarily warriors, they should look fairly buff, imo. The descriptions are pretty good, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffB View Post
    Talented artist, hate the concepts.

    I am really tired of ripped gym rat humanoids in D&d and PF. Its lame.
    Yeah... the hobgoblin is fine, IMO. They have a Spartan culture focused on dedicated training for war, so sure, they have 12-packs. But the bugbear should (IMHO) have a bit of heft to go along with the intimidating muscles. Not rotund, but also not "build and burn" trim muscle. And the goblin's crappy Strength score does not denote a Bruce Lee physique to my mind. He should be scrawny and quick.

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    There's something altogether too Beauty & the Beast about them for me. I think it's the nose.


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    Love 'em! In particular I loved the comparison to mustelids (see my avatar ) I could totally RP goblins as mean little bastard ferrets obsessed with grabbing and hiding shiny things! Weasel war dance time!

    Bugbears as wolverines is also pretty hardcore. I've always thought of them as slow, stupid sacks of xp, but now I can make them fast, stupid, stubborn sacks of xp that just might rip you to tiny shreds with their teeth.

    I'm not sure about hobgoblins as pine martens, but then they are already Yakuza Spartans. I don't think they need anything else to be totally awesome, do you? Definitely having a hobbo in my next game missing the tips of his smallest fingers!

    Interested in what they are going to do with orcs, and how different they will be from the goblinoids we've seen here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obryn View Post
    There's something altogether too Beauty & the Beast about them for me. I think it's the nose.

    Yes -- that's it! I couldn't put my finger on it, but you're right - a little too 'Disney villain' or 'Beauty & the Beast'. And it is the little pug noses that do it.

    Back to the drawing board (or the 1e MM, perhaps).

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    Goblin needs to be more wirey.

    Bugbear is way off. Wayne Reynolds's 3e version was by far the best one.

    Hobby is good, but just a little too polished.

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    As much as I like Wayne Reynolds' art, I can't agree that his depiction in 3e was the best one. For starters, it never sold the stealthy part of bugbears (remember: Favored Class: Rogue). And the face was too cartoony for me.
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    Yeah, I'm with Klaus, that the WAR bugbear was never very stealthy-looking.

    THESE bugbears look like something you could find hiding in your wine cellar, waiting for you to come down and see what new part of the Underdark has found your home.
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    This concept art is so good, it changed my life.

    Seriously. I had never seen a hobgoblin that looked like a hobgoblin until I saw this concept art. I also love how the bugbear has those proportions without looking like an ape or a wookiee.


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