Hello all. I was just trying to make a critical build for a half ogre fighter in the new eastern themed campaign im starting. I decided to go with the NO dachi. 1d10 certainly isnt my fave damage die but it has a nice 18-20 crit range brace and has been cleared to gain reach if I take exotic wep prof for it.Right now I have it as a two handed archetype fighter lvl 5. its 20 point buy and his stats are 20 STR,14 DEX,17 CON,10 INT,9 CHA and 8 WIS. Right now I have him in mithral medium Kikko armor so that he can still move at full speed and use charge more effectively. I was hoping to make use of charge, crit and MAYBE sunder. If I have enough feats for it. So could anyone help me out with the most effective way to do feats? I would also appreciate any advice on gear. I would really like to stick with his current weapon though. Im allowed to flaws so I will get to bonus feats and havent decided on traits either. 3rd party stuff is fine as long as its not broken.