Changes to Winter Fantasy 2013 - Pathfinder, Board Games, And Magic: The Gathering
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    Changes to Winter Fantasy 2013 - Pathfinder, Board Games, And Magic: The Gathering

    Baldman Games has announced several new additions to their lineup for Winter Fantasy (formerly The D&D eXPerience or DDXP) for their 2013 convention. While this show has focused exclusively on Dungeons & Dragons for the last few years, they have changed their focus (presumably because WotC moved its focus - and DDXP - back to GenCon) and now the show is reverting back to it’s classic Winter Fantasy roots. As a part of this change, Baldman Games is expanding their show offerings to include the following:
    • Pathfinder Society - featuring special events written for the show by Paizo Publishing.
    • Magic: the Gathering - This year we are introducing Magic: The Gathering Tournaments, a chance to test your mettle against players from across the region.
    • Board Games - We are proud to announce that we are partnering with GC Games Library to bring the same collection of over 800 board games to Winter Fantasy that was seen at this year’s GenCon Indy.
    • Special Guests - A lineup of designers from Paizo and Wizards of the Coast. A chance to meet and ask questions of the people who makes the games you love.
    In addition to these new lineups, Baldman Games is also working to provide brand new Dungeons & Dragons content for attendees, including the popular Living Forgotten Realms Battle Interactive, new adventures for Ashes of Athas and Living Divine, as well as new opportunities to playtest D&D Next.
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