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    Heroes of Might and Magic series...

    GOG has the series on sale and I am wondering if they are worth getting. I played Might and Magic back in the day, up to number VI, but never the Heroes series.

    Should I get it? Its just over $30 right now.
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    I think they are pretty fun, I own HoMM 1-IV, though I haven't played any in a long while.

    They're scenario based 4x games , you move your hero around and grab stuff, build up your towns, conquer enemies, then when you win a scenario, you start over.

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    I really liked them back then. I played them for hours and if I'm thinking of the right games I even designed some scenarios for them and then played them. However, having recently gone back to play Age of Empire games I've found that games I really liked once I don't enjoy so much now.

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    Played HOMM2 quite a bit in college, along with MOO2 and Civ2.

    Clearly it was the golden age of games with a 2 in them!

    But anyway, HOMM2 was quite fun. You (usually) start out with a weakling hero and a feeble base-building of some sort. You scour the landscape for resources with which to build up your base, so you can recruit more creatures to fight at your side. You can also meet creatures on the map who will either fight you or, sometimes, join you.

    There are magic geegaws you can find, artifacts you can search for, etc. Your hero gains XP and levels up much like in D&D. Some heroes can cast spells, again taken from D&D.

    Eventually you confront the enemy hero and defeat him. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Still excited about 4th edition!

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    HOMM 1 is kinda fun but it's kinda basic.

    HOMM 2 is a lot of fun but very primitive - you have to micro-manage your side and there are some exploits in the rules. The AI is not great and relies on cheating on the higher difficulty levels to beat you.

    HOMM 3 is probably the best of the series. It's basically HOMM 2 with more factions, troops, features, less micro-management, etc. The only downside (to me) is that the art, while very good, is a different style than HOMM 2's. HOMM 2 is pleasingly cartoony, while HOMM 3 goes for a more photo-realistic look.

    HOMM 4 is a mess.

    HOMM 5 was done by a different studio and is a decent game, but is more like a re-imagining than a sequel.

    Dunno if they ever made any more.

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    Lol. I'm playing Heroes 3 as I type this. Been playing it since release. I play online 4 or 5 nights a week. It's the best of the series. It's gone steadily downhill since 3.

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