Hi.. I'm one of the Venture LT's of the Jax Lodge of the Pathfinder Society and looking to point out the game and events going on in the Jacksonville Florida area and surrounding areas.

We currently have two regular PFS games sessions going on weekly and a monthly game day.

Every Thursday, we have a session at Hammer Hall Gaming at 7 PM
The HH Site

Every Sunday we have a game at Gamer Apocalypse in Orange Park, FL
(Session starts at 1 PM to 5:30 PM)
The GA site

In addition to the Weekly Thursday game, we do a multi-session game day every 3rd Saturday of the month (This month it's the 20th of October), the games start at 12 noon for the first session and 7 pm till close for the second session. We ran 2 afternoon tables and 3 night tables this last game day and are trying to do more.

If you are elsewhere in Florida and looking for a PFS lodge to try out Pathfinder Organized Play, check out the Florida PFS site.