Homebrew Tales of the Comet meets.stargate
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    Tales of the Comet meets.stargate

    Hey everyone.

    I am getting a game togather that at first was going to be a direct convesion of the 2e tails of the comet story. As I worked on it, I added in alot more based on Anctiant Aliens... witch then I realized made it more like Star gate.

    So I am here looking for some ideas.

    Here is my story so far. (I will post more later today)

    Like babylon 5 the universe goes through cycles. About 8 thousand years ago was the last Big galactic war. It spilled over onto my main world, but they were so stoneage they thought the sides were gods and demons. I even made my god list full of jokes about Antiant Aliens.

    One of the sides was.the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis, and there are Wraith Hives on the world hybernating. Today the "morlocks" are just a legend, and the sacred duty to watch out for them is a little blurry.

    Enter the Rael. They are one of the current big boys of tech (some older races still in background) but they are being overwelmed by a Borg like threat called.the overlord. They have limited FTL capability, they use a network of subspace gates to move around the galaxy.

    So when one of there gate seeder ships is attacked, and falls to the planet it will awaken the morlocks, and fun will begin.

    My first trick is, all powersources are psionic (PLayers wont know that going in). I already have a PC Avenger who will find out at somepoint the god he worships was just a fleet Captian in a great war, and all his "divine powers" are really just his own abilitys.

    I am typing this all from my tablet, and i have alot written up on my PC, so I will come back with more details later, but I wanted some thoughts up front.

    I have a.few "bad guys" worked up already, the ones from the mod I am converting (over lord) the ones that are wraith like (Morlocks) and an way old high tech race of greys.

    I then have some maybe badguys based on the old 3.5 Dragon star game and spell jamer. Living bio tech from the dark rift... space illithid.

    Some other person must have done crazy sci-fi D&D before, and I hope we have some one out there who can help me spit ball some ideas.

    I already thought of the latest Star gate (universe) as an insperation for my modfied Rael...

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    ok, so now that I am at my PC I can share some details.

    The primer for my PCs is: This is an 11th level game that I think is a clever twist on an old buggy man story (mostly martial)
    Wilderness Trek, exploration, and a bunch of twist. I will tell you that this is an 'epic game' in scope if not in level., with adventures in a way we don't do often (but have done before), and will lead to lots of new rob created items and bad guys. It has alot of finding out and discovery in it. I I doubt this will go far into epic, and if it does with my revels and plot We will have to make our own Epic destiny I doubt many will work from the book. Morlocks will be a bitch to fight, but you will also get cool toys that would make you way over powered in other games...
    the gods the PCs know

    Note: they are all 'Gods of War' in there own way.

    Fle Caton- The king of the gods, in artwork, he is depicted as a regal, mature man with a sturdy figure and dark beard. He controls the other gods through both fear and respect. The god of the sky, weather, law, order, and fate.
    At his command is Bahmut and his Dragon Knights. These powerful dragons and there riders entered battle in the morlock war for him.

    Comaria- The goddess of travel, messengers, trade, thievery, cunning wiles, language, writing, and diplomacy, she is depicted in artwork as an attractive and athletic young lady, often with her hair up in a bun.
    She has a legion of angle/Valkyries that could transport the armies of men, bring information to far off locations, or just serve as shock troops.

    Decimus- The god of violence, manly courage, earthquakes, athletics, and animal husbandry. He is depicted either as a handsome and athletic beardless youth, or as an older bearded man.
    It is said he commanded the army of hell it self, demons and devil alike.

    Artafic- He is usually depicted as a bald man holding hammer and tongs, god of fire, civil order, metalworking, stone masonry, sculpture and volcanism.
    They say he crafted the first magic swords and armors.

    Cyraphim- Virgin goddess of the of the Underworld and goddess of the dead, healing, plague, and the hidden wealth of the Earth. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and veil and holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff.
    Although she did not often enter battle herself, her shield maddens protected and healed down troops, or brought them to there final rest if too badly hurt.

    Grumphis-The god of blood lust, Music, wine, parties and festivals, madness, drunkenness, beauty,desire, and fertility. He is depicted as a mature man of sturdy build with a dark beard, and piercing eyes.
    The orcs and the fey both march to his beat, and they say the giants walked with him aswell.

    Ariel- The goddess of wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, heroic endeavor, and reason. She is depicted as a modestly veiled woman, often with a scale and sword. It is said she possed sight beyond sight, and a mind of legion.

    Wotun- God of the hunt, Archery, wilderness, animals, childbirth agriculture, horticulture, grain and harvest. . He is depicted as a handsome, beardless youth with long hair and various attributes.
    The animals and forces of nature bend to his will, but his solders were huntsmen, not traveling in groups of 10's 100's or 1,000s... but loan recon soldier able to engage forces that well outnumber them.
    Agustus-The god of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and fear. He is depicted as a weak older man with a cane.
    His forces could ride within wales, and could breath fire. They say even the giant kraken bowed before the king of the seas.

    Korzet- The goddess of Knowledge, Secrets, skill, poetry and prophecies. She rules that which is not meant to be known and that which people wish to keep secret. She is depicted as a woman with two pixys on her shoulders.
    It is said her soldiers were the air itself, and the water and the land, some legends tell of entire cities hidden inside a drop of water.

    history PCs know
    ok, it is a world with a little less 4e core myth in it.

    The Gods created the world. The Gods created the races.

    There was no Dawn war.

    BUT there was a Morlock war in ancient times when gods fought beside man.

    Ten thousand years ago The Morlocks came to power, a powerful group of undead that ravaged the world. At the lowest moment, when all look lost, the morlocks on the verge of takeing over the world and plunge it into a thousand years of darkness... The Gods returned.

    The Gods came with an army of celestial beings. They lead an army from floating cities that came from the astral sea... There celestial allies wielded the magic of creation, and threw lightning and fire the way the old warriors threw javelin or arrows.

    The gods brought weapons for the warriors of man to use... magic was born. When the war was near it's end the King of the Gods brought out his most powerful weapon. A magic sword larger then a man was tall, and he threw it at the Morlocks, and it hung over the head of the leader of the Morlocks "Damacles". The sword would hang as long as the morlocks stayed at peace... when the morlocks broke the truse the sword fell slaying a 3rd of the race.

    When the war ended the gods took the leaders of the armies and entrusted them with the commandments... a wall was to be built to block the west off, and that wall will be maned by a thousand thousand troops... and one day the Morlocks that slumber in the west would come again....on that day these troops were to hold the line well the kings send clerics to the shrine of the war god and to use the words of the past to enter Temple Mount itself... then to call the gods and they would return to finish the morlocks once and for all.

    It took over a thousand years to build the wall, and man the fortresses with the Wardens of the West. Many wars were fought for the next 8 thousand years, but every kingdom new to send troops to the wall as well.

    The orc war 1 thousand years ago was the first time wardens were pulled from there secrade duty... but not the last.

    Today the wardens number only a few hundred, and no rangers dare enter the west today. However many believe that there is no need for the wall anymore...after all Morlocks are legends...there may not have ever exstied at all...
    Morlocks are superundead by legend. They are intelligent free willed regenerating super strong creatures thats touch can dissolve flesh, and who's stare can cower a room. It is said they eat the flesh of other living beings, but it is symbolic of eating your soul... some stories say with a wave of there hand they can rip a piece of your soul out.
    Some sages believe that the morlock stories are in fact based on some small shred of truth... imagine a zombie army lead by vampire and ghoul officers... if one person took reports from all of them, and combined them, well it might look like a morlock.

    real history

    20,000 years ago the ancients went out to the stars. They were not the first races, but they were close. There were at least 10 of these ancient races within 1,000 years. They fought wars, made alliances, and colonized at least 3 galaxies. Then they came across a race like no other. Using Living technology and able to move across all 4 dimensions.
    13,000 years ago the great war raged. The war wiped out most of the races in the universe. Most of the Ancients were gone, except the Ogerith, the Maji, and the Psions.
    Ogerith- Masters of Hyperspace and Hypertime could speed from galaxy to galaxy in hours. There Gravity based technology gave them powerful weapons.
    Maji- Masters of Dark matter and Dark energy, they could draw power from the universe it self. There antimatter based technology gave them almost unlimted power.
    Psions- Masters of BOTH genetic and Organic technology had stolen the information from the great enemy and made it their own. There living bio tech gave them the ultimate adaptability.
    The great alliance they had formed allowed them to share these wondrous advantages, and to usher in 2,000 years of peace and exploration. But the Dark Rift hide a secret. Alien threats that could break the alliance
    The second great war was the war to end all wars, and lasted 2,000 years. It threatened even the lesser races. Weapons of Mass destruction were used, whole worlds destroyed, Hyper time was weaponized leading to whole races never being born.
    The aftermath of the second great war was worse then the war itself. The younger races were left having to fend for themselves as the ancients were gone. Many fought, the Morlocks tried to take over everything. The Leshay and the Fiandish worked together to stop them. The final shot of the Morlock war was a designer plague that whipped out the leshay and most of the Fiandish races. 8,000 years ago when the Alliance pulled back from much lower races they left tech to help them as the ancient had done from them before.
    FTL travel was very rare for 4,000 years. Stories of Psions still going around, but with hyperspace/hyper time gravity drives that draws and uses dark energy, and bio ships with clone bodies. They could be anywhere.
    2,000 years ago the next wave of space empires began. Now the current races are the Ruinic (Dwarves), the Drakon (Changling), the rael, the corlin, and the Illithid.
    The older races still around are Phasm, the fiendish, and the psions.

    So then we have tech levels
    my thoughts on tech (fluff)

    The tech levels are:
    Psion (Hyperspace Hyper Time, Darkmatter Bio and mech tech)
    Gamma-ray lasers; "living metal" armor; black-hole bombs. Portable antimatter power. Full metamorphosis; regeneration
    Phasm (Bio tech) and Fiendish (Mech tech) (Full FTL and partical beam weaon
    Compact laser and heavy particle-beam weapons; Gauss guns; nanotech armor; nanoviruses; antimatter bombs. Helium-3 fusion; antimatter. Brain transplants; uploading; bioroids; uplifted animals.
    Rael and Illithid
    Robot cars; space elevators; manned interplanetary space flight. Electrolasers; heavy laser weapons; battlesuits; combat robots; designer viruses. Micro fuel cells; deuterium-hydrogen fusion; high-temperature superconductors. Human genetic engineering; tissue engineering; artificial wombs; cybernetic implants

    Drakon and Corlin
    Satellite navigation; SSTO ("single stage to orbit") spacecraft. Smartguns; blinding lasers; unmanned combat vehicles. Fuel cells; advanced batteries. Genetically modified organisms; gene therapy; cloning.

    Ruinic (10 min from now tech)
    Nuclear submarines; jet aircraft; helicopters; manned space flight. Ballistic body armor; guided munitions; combat jets; nuclear weapons. Gas turbines; fission; solar power. Discovery of DNA; organ transplants; pacemakers.
    Space ship tech
    Psion Hyperspace/Hyper time engine, can be anywhere in under 20 mins.
    Phasm (Bio tech) Use space seed tech growing space ships that can teleport up to 2-3 light years, and can travel at warp 15 with easie and there most powerful ships can spend hours at warp 20.
    Fiendish (Mech tech) Use nano tech and big bad ass warships that can cruise at warp 17, and max around 20
    Illithid (bio tech) use a psychic drive that allows for wyrmholes that allow equivalent of warp 10 travel.

    Rael (mech tech) Uses portal tech to allow instant travel, but needs portals to access. They have warp 2 FTL drives, and now have a prototype ship that can travel warp 6
    Drakon (bio tech) Uses living drives capable of warp 1-4
    Corlin (crystal tech) uses Light sails capabale of warp 3

    Ruinic (10 min from now tech) They bearly have space travel, they have yet to break light speed at all. As such they are limited to in system travel.
    warp scale
    1 light speed
    2 x2 ls
    3 x4 ls
    4 x8 ls
    5 x16
    6 x32
    7 x64
    8 x128
    9 x256
    10 x512 (1 light years a day)
    11 x1,024 (2.8 light years a day)
    12 x2,048 (5 light years a day)
    13 x4,096 (11 light years a day)
    14 x8,192 (22 light years a day)
    15 x16,284 (44 light years a day) ( 1.8 light years an hour)
    16 x32,568 (90 light years a day) (4 light years an hour)
    17 x65,136 (178 light years a day) ( 7 light years an hour)
    18 x130,272 (357 light years a day) (15 light years an hour)
    19 x260,544 (714 light years a day) ( 30 light years an hour)
    20 x521,088 (1,428 light years a day) (60 light years an hour)

    165 light years from real to my game world
    W1 165 years, w2 83 years,w3 42 years,w4 21 years, w5 11 years, w6 5 years, w7 3 years,w8 1 years, w9 4 months, w10 4 months, w11 2 months, w12 1 month, W13 15 days, W14 1 week, W15 4 days, W16 2 days, w17 1 day, w18 11 hrs, w19 5 hrs, and w20 8 hrs.

    I sblocked it all so this is not just a wall of text, and tried to make it all make sense.

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    I loved that box set, and would love to see some stats for your bad guys. I would be careful though, it sounds like you may overload your PCs on too much threat all at once.

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