Hey everyone.

I am getting a game togather that at first was going to be a direct convesion of the 2e tails of the comet story. As I worked on it, I added in alot more based on Anctiant Aliens... witch then I realized made it more like Star gate.

So I am here looking for some ideas.

Here is my story so far. (I will post more later today)

Like babylon 5 the universe goes through cycles. About 8 thousand years ago was the last Big galactic war. It spilled over onto my main world, but they were so stoneage they thought the sides were gods and demons. I even made my god list full of jokes about Antiant Aliens.

One of the sides was.the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis, and there are Wraith Hives on the world hybernating. Today the "morlocks" are just a legend, and the sacred duty to watch out for them is a little blurry.

Enter the Rael. They are one of the current big boys of tech (some older races still in background) but they are being overwelmed by a Borg like threat called.the overlord. They have limited FTL capability, they use a network of subspace gates to move around the galaxy.

So when one of there gate seeder ships is attacked, and falls to the planet it will awaken the morlocks, and fun will begin.

My first trick is, all powersources are psionic (PLayers wont know that going in). I already have a PC Avenger who will find out at somepoint the god he worships was just a fleet Captian in a great war, and all his "divine powers" are really just his own abilitys.

I am typing this all from my tablet, and i have alot written up on my PC, so I will come back with more details later, but I wanted some thoughts up front.

I have a.few "bad guys" worked up already, the ones from the mod I am converting (over lord) the ones that are wraith like (Morlocks) and an way old high tech race of greys.

I then have some maybe badguys based on the old 3.5 Dragon star game and spell jamer. Living bio tech from the dark rift... space illithid.

Some other person must have done crazy sci-fi D&D before, and I hope we have some one out there who can help me spit ball some ideas.

I already thought of the latest Star gate (universe) as an insperation for my modfied Rael...