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    Rel, as soon as I get the actual full report downloaded (which is having some problems at the moment) I'll let you know.

    For short, I got Input, Includer, Connectedness, Stategic & Woo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rel View Post
    So I think it's awesome that you're hanging with some pretty intimidating folks. I bet you are going to make some amazing breakthroughs!
    and now you are on the other end you can readily see why they (those in your example) did it.

    people coming to you for coaching are sometimes at wits end. they see you've got it together and they want to know how you did it.

    i hang out with great people too. but some of them don't realize it. you get to coach them into that realization.

    when you go to work at a homeless shelter and you see the same guy but with a different name trying to pull the same old con on the staff that has been played out since the founding of the shelter it gets hard to keep up your spirit. but you do.

    when you treat patient X with terminal cancer. and you have a new medicine that is unproven. even though you know the odds are 100 to 1 it won't work. you still pull for your patient.

    when you come home from your third job and just want to get some sleep before doing it all over again. you spend the time to talk to your wife before you drift off.

    these great people need you.

    just like your group needs you to tell them that when they open that door adventure awaits. challenging adventures. hazardous adventures. comical adventures. what makes your group tick, coach.
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    After having worked for a few employers, then a 4 year stint in the US Army, I decided not to work for anyone anymore. So out of the army I started a pressure-washing business, ran that for 4 years, sold it. Then started a graphic design studio in my basement. After a year, I borrowed money and opened a shop in my hometown doing copying, digital printing, and design. Eventually adding sign making to my services (which has become half my business) - I'm now nearing the end of my 18th year running that.

    In the last five years, I took my hobby of drawing homebrew D&D maps, and started creating maps for small RPG publishers and have gotten work from Iron Crown and Paizo. I've created loads of map objects for Profantasy software. And now, through Rite Publishing I am developing, designing, doing some writing, cartography and page layout for my own published setting, Kaidan (Japanese horror) PFRPG. (This was kind of mid-life crisis wanting to explore my love of RPGs and being more of an artist than just a graphic artist.)

    So, aside from the Army being more closely aligned with possible wilderness adventure, making a life based on calculated risk, relying on my own talents rather than become someone's employee, one might consider that I might be somewhat of an adventurous spirit.
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    Jezuz some of you guys are some storied and amazing individuals.
    I want to say thank you to those who came from this thread and donated to our Kickstarter in my signature from this thread. less than 4 days and we are about 90% to our goal of 12,000.

    Must be the steel playing cards that are singing to the collectors here

    Anyway thanks. And keep on DOING. That's life. And as I said before I never look back, prepare for what is ahead, and it pays off.
    My Groups Kickstarter - Apocalyptica Chromatics Playing Card Deck

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    BTW...I just posted that link to my poker-playing gamer buddies...
    IAAL...and an MBA. No, really!
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    Thanks Dannyalcatraz. I know some like the design and some don't. They are a bit geared more towards us, but poker peeps might like the steel cards and so forth.

    Like I was saying in the earlier parts of this thread, the attitude of swarming all over problems and always moving forward sure did seem to work in this aspect. I could have sat and been sad about the prior KickStarter but we rolled right into the next(that I had already thought through some) and boom. Huge success so far.

    Now if I could only figure out how to get my martial arts students to roll up the mats after practice...and my life would be complete
    My Groups Kickstarter - Apocalyptica Chromatics Playing Card Deck

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