Base Raiders:The Superpowered Dungeon Crawling RPG: A cosmic event removed every major superpowered hero and villain on the planet. A few of their secret labs, headquarters, and lairs were raided, but many more remain hidden. The secrets of gaining superpowers began to leak out. A new class of self-empowered “base raiders” emerged. Many abandoned bases still wait to be discovered. Treasures, unique artifacts, and secret knowledge can be found in the bases, prizes worth risking death from the traps and guardians left behind.

Base Raiders will use the FATE RPG system (Spirit of the Century, Dresden Files, Kerberos Club) and offer several new features like:

  • A Base Creation System to easily generate unique and exciting bases to raid. A base can be the setting for an adventure or the goal itself. Create traps, populate the base with guards and throw in competing base raiders!
  • A Superpowers System that allows characters to add, change, or remove powers. You may find ways to give yourself more powers, but how will they interact with your existing ones?
  • A Goals System so your character can change the world. Instead of advancing your character after an adventure, you can invest in a goal that will affect the game world in some way. Perhaps you want to reduce crime in your home city or build a secret base of your own. This gives your character something to work for, other than personal power.
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