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    A new campaign (now with play report)

    I am gearing up for a new D&D campaign with my group. Joy! We haven't been able to game in a long time because of real life, but it looks like we're all ready to jump back into D&D

    I'd like to begin it with a bang, I'm thinking a huge dragon assaulting the King's castle with lots of explosions, dragon-riding, and other desperate heroics. Then figuring out *why* the dragon attacked and where it came from will be the hook for the next couple adventures.

    I know it sounds horribly cliched, but we've actually never done something like this in D&D. What are your ideas for how to make it awesome? Or general musings about dragon fights or campaign beginnings?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Loosely, I'm basing this campaign on events from the last campaign I ran with this group, so it's my homebrew world, with the timeline advanced 5 years. Players can either use characters from that campaign or new ones (we talked about "D&D All Stars" where players plays their favorite PC of all time). The PCs would be 11th level. The "read aloud text" to introduce the adventure would go something like this...

    It has been five years since you overthrew the tyrant and put his young son Arslein on the throne. Now you've returned to Tir Uldeir, the king's castle, on the eve of his 18th birthday. Tir Uldeir is filled to the brink with visitors from across the kingdom, and throughout the known lands. It is the beginning of autumn, a crisp breeze filling the castle's russet banners. You meet outside the castle as the portcullis is raised.
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