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    Running my own dang campaign

    In addition to a few playtests for weird encounters, and a few 'plot-test' sessions with friends to make sure things aren't railroady, I also have been running the adventures on-and-off when our group's main GM takes a hiatus.

    To my chagrin, the game's kinda disjointed since we can't regularly get the same 4 players, but we've managed to start adventure 3. I thought I'd share some odd highlights.

    Our party has:

    * A pixie hexblade who annihilates everything, and has a variety of niche gear and powers. After first encountering the shadow man in adventure 2, he stocked up on things to prevent hiding, prevent phasing, deal full damage to insubstantial creatures, and even prevent shifting. However, the player does a lovely crazy dark fey, so I wouldn't give him up for the world, even if he does thwomp my NPCs.

    * A wizard technologist who likes to take my nicely-designed maps with varied terrain and wide open spaces, and use control powers to slide all the enemies into one big ball that can never move.

    * A drunken druid skyseer with a pet B.E.A.R. -- Battle Enhanced Animalistic Robot. He joined the group as a technology representative for Pemberton Industries, and is constantly abusing technology. Like when they disarmed an alchemist fire trap, he decided to stuff B.E.A.R.'s innards with the vials, so that when the critter gets destroyed it'll explode.

    * A deva hybrid seeker/psion who uses telekinesis to curve bullets from her magic musket. She is allegedly the party's "crime scene investigation" tech, who just happens to be a crack shot.

    * Plus, occasionally a warforged knight, designed by Pemberton Industries, who was worried about being dismantled, so after Letmas the illusionist died, the warforged faked his own death and started using illusions to pretend to be Letmas. He loves when people try to backstab 'the fragile wizard' and their knives clang off.

    In adventure 1, a PC quit the RHC after he met Lya Jierre. The player was so convinced it was a trick that he said he couldn't roleplay his character cooperating with the Danorans. This led to the spontaneous decision to create the idea of Pemberton Industries, producing both B.E.A.R. and the replacement warforged PC.

    Amazingly, against Asrabey they started to attack, then after he had one round's worth of actions they decided, "Crap, no, wait, nevermind. We take it back. You can have the tiefling. Just give us the Duchess."

    In adventure 2 they completely missed the smuggling subplot, so I'm bringing it into adventure 3.

    We started Digging for Lies on Monday. While I was sharing the 'Meanwhile in the News' info, they decided to investigate the brain-sucking murders, and announced that obviously Lady Saxby had reassigned them all to the CSI department, instead of the "kick villainous butt" department. So we had a half hour montage of them fiddling around with dead bodies, and the pixie eating a sample of slime found in a brain cavity, and the druid trying to psychoanalyze the pixie to cure Distant Madness.

    From there I decided to turn Goodson's Estuarial Reformatory into a floating insane asylum, and the party met with Ford and Travis there, helped cure them, and in exchange got a lead to the smuggling plot they'd missed the first time. With that, they decided it was a great idea to go after their original main mission at the Arms Fair, so they could look for smuggling.

    Pemberton Industries apparently makes a good red herring, because the druid went to his former boss -- who off the cuff I turned into a Colonel Sanders-looking southern gentleman, with whom I laid the ground work for some adventure 6-related stuff. Pemberton gave the druid a heads-up that Nigel Price-Hill was coming for an audit, and in exchange the druid said he'd convince the RHC to buy more BE.A.R.S.

    When the Incident occurred, our wizard used Visions of Avarice combined with Beguiling Strands to get all the Gidim monsters clustered around one central point while everyone else hanged back and shot them from a safe distance. I did managed to have the donut of death eat the pixie, but the party dragged him away and wiped up the alien critters.

    Then the druid, whose player has been fully absorbed of late with X-COM: Enemy Unknown, announced a total lock-down of the area to make sure no aliens had escaped.

    Oh, and the pixie got a mind scar, became paranoid, and decided he wants to kill Rock Rackus before the man could kill him. I'm kind of amazed at how many things my players are deciding to do without needing nudging from NPCs.
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