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    Dungeon 207

    This month, we're trying an experiment and publishing the magazines as single PDFs containing the month's worth of articles and adventures. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dungeon 207.

    Read Dungeon 207 on D&D Insider here!

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    Too bad the link doesn't work. I tried removing the %20 s from the address to get the real file name, but that didn't work either. Guess we'll have to wait until morning.

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    Yes, six hours since the problem was flagged and it still isn't fixed.

    I'm amazed that this remains a problem after four or more years and, considering the paucity of articles, it cannot be blamed on overwork!

    Update: 10 hours.
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    So I guess killing my sub as of yesterday is no loss yet...

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    I am excited for the issue when the link starts working. I love the Domain of Dread articles in past issues and I'm excited about this one too!

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    It's up!

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    Huh. I no longer appear to be a DDI subscriber. I'll just have to assume your adventure is awesome, Claudio!

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    Just popped in to confirm that yes, Mr. Pozas' adventure is excellent, as usual.

    @Klaus , your stuff is one of the reasons I continue to subscribe despite the lack of content for 4e this year. Dragon was garbage this month, as it has been since the content faucet shut off, but Dungeon 207 is excellent. I tried to XP, but I haven't spread it around much, I guess.

    Still no word on the stuff you did as follow-up on BoVD yet, eh?

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