Dungeonstone Fountains expansion

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    Dungeonstone Fountains expansion

    Dungeonstone Fountains expansion
    Dungeonstone is proud to offer our latest expansion: the Fountains!

    As with all of our products, the Fountains has been created to work in the 25mm scale where 1" = 5 feet and is compatible with other terrain which is set to that same scale.

    You can read more about this on our Facebook page:


    Or come see all of our products at:

    Dungeonstone, 3D Dungeon Terrain
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    Are your products cast from Hirst arts molds using dental plaster?
    We make our models from a carbon and resin infused, diestone composite material which has a compression strength of over 17,000 pounds
    That sounds like dental plaster - if so, what brand do you use? Merlin Magic or something else.



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    Thank you for your questions.

    Our products are not associated with Hirst Arts.

    All Dungeonstone items are produced from bricks and tiles of our own design and are made using a proprietary poured stone formula which is based upon a commercial diestone that I modify by adding specific amounts of powdered resin, powdered silica and carbon to before mixing.

    The final result is a poured stone formula which has the texture and resolution that I wanted in my product along with the strength and durability to stand up to years of use.
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    I have an entire collection of Dungeonstone and it is fantastic quality.

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