AnonyCon 2012 is coming up on Dec. 7-9, 2012, in Stamford, CT. AnonyCon is my favorite gaming con (I'm biased, since I'm on staff and my friends run it, but it's a great con). We have all sorts of table-top RPGs--pregen character games, bring your own character games, Living campaigns, D&D and Pathfinder, Indie games, Old School Revolution games. We have a mix of LARPs running this year. Our GMs include the best of the best, with people like Piratecat and winners of the old RPGA best GM at GenCon awards. There's a full range of boardgames and video games to play, too.

I strongly urge anyone who's interested in going to a con in the Northeast to go to it. You can check out the full website at Welcome | AnonyCon and sign up for games at AnonyCon 2012 : Event Overview (although I can usually find everyone a great game to play in for every slot, even if they didn't sign up at all).