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    "Work? We already did the work. Now that we are at sea, the ship goes straight as long as the winds blow straight and the sails are set. That is, until the captain wants to turn, or we stop for the night. Don't worry. Once we get to the river, you will get your exercise."

    The mid day passes with little to do. Keeping the ship about a half mile from shore, there are very few course corrections that need to be done. The winds are light, but steady. As evening approaches, the captain starts pacing the deck and looking forward. About every five minutes, he pulls his spyglass and searches the sea to the north.

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    Amien shrugs. He guesses there's no scrubbing decks or other menial chores to do like he originally thought, "I'm going back downstairs to pass the time. Let me know when something bad happens." He strolls back to the stairs and steps down into the hull, and glances around the storage room where he slept to see if he can jump onto a beam to pull his weight and swing around for awhile, or if not, some other activity he can do while he waits out the day.

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    Galandra makes a mental note to add a deck of cards to her shopping list besides the bedroll. She wanders around the ship for a while, before going to the crow's nest.

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    Anya spends part of the day maintaining her new weapons, wrapping and re-wrapping the javelin, and running through the motions of drawing one, loading the spear thrower, and grabbing the ammentum. She drills at this, save for a meal or drink here and there, for almost the entire day.

    As the evening approaches, even she notices the captain is awfully interested in the north, and she seeks out the mate again, a bit quieter than before. "Even I'm noticing the captain is awfully interested in the north. What are we expecting?" she asks.

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    Parinon pulls a small stick of wood from his pack and makes his way up onto the deck enjoying the open air much more than a cramped smelly room. He spends the day watching the water as he goes about whittling a shape out of the wooden block. By the end of day he has a rough shapen dolphin in his hands.

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    From her perch in the crow's nest, Galandra notices what the captain is looking for about the same time as the captain himself. "Aye boys, there she is. Hard to port! Set the sail! We need speed if we are gettin around 'er t'night!"

    The mate scrambles to the rigging in a practiced response to the captain's orders, talking over his shoulder to Anya as he works. "There, look ahead. That storm, that cyclone. Tis been there since before my grandpappy was born. Tis the Forbidden Isle. We give that cursed island a wide berth, going around it, instead of between it and the shore." Giving her a rope to pull on, "Raise this sail. We need more speed before the night falls. Can't trust these waters at night."

    Instead of following the shoreline and heading north, the fairly small riverboat turns west and heads out to sea.

    What the captain is steering around is a stationary storm, about 3/4 of a mile in diameter, sitting over and obscuring an island at its core.

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    "Do all of the captains for this fleet take that route?" Anya asks, concern evident in her voice.

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    Amien would most likely remain oblivious as to what is going on outside and unaware of the plans that are to be changed. He's now leaning back against the sacks he had slept on before, resting the back of his head on his arms and twiddling the foot of a leg crossed over a bent knee.

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    Galandra frowns at the strange storm ahead. She doesn't like it one bit. A never-ending storm? That can only spell trouble.

    Her fingers play around the hilt of her falchion but soon enough decides to help with the sails.

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    Hey guys, I'll be traveling on Wednesday so I might not be able to post that the and the following.

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