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    What's to be sorry about? If any one else needs the same format, go ahead and take it.

    Edit: Hahahaa, with our Charisma I don't think a diplomatic approach would be our first option...

    Galandra stares at the Wayang as he enters and takes a seat. What in Ruvalra's name is that!? She had never actually seen one of the creatures on her little village. She clears her throat and goes to sit on the other side."I... I don't know how to run a ship either" she feels the need to add.

    Mini Stats

    AC: 18 (Touch 12, Flatfooted 16)
    HP: 22/22

    Initiative: +2
    Perception: +7/+9 vs Humans, Sense Motive: +2/+4 vs Humans,
    CMB: +5 CMD: 17 Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +2

    Masterwork Falchion +6 [2d4+4] 18-20
    Dagger +5 [1d4+3] 19-20
    +2STR Composite Longbow +4 [1d8+2] x3 (110ft)

    Effects: Killer
    Combat Feats: Power Attack, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot

    Conditions: None

    In Hand: +2 STR Composite Longbow

    Consumables: (20 Normal Arrows, 10 Masterwork Arrows, ), 4 days rations.

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    "Woh, woh, woh. Who said anything about running a ship? I just said sailing a ship." Responds to Dyre to Galandra. His arms cross over his chest and he looks over toward the younger man.

    "Are we now running the ship? Because if we do, I gotta think up a good 'n' salty name." One hand undocks from the crook of his arm. It reaches up and he strokes along his chin, like kelp waving beneath the waves.

    I'll get the Stat block up... soooon-ish? Long story short, I got talked into running a game on a different forum. So I'm currently trying to get it squared up. Should be able to get the stat block done before we get too far in

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    Galandra shrugs at the man "I know nothing of boats... but I do know about harsh times for a village. I'll help anyway I can... and it seems you can take care of that sailing stuff, right?"

    Marching Order
    Hey guys, I wanted to suggest that Umralar and Galandra take the front. Umralar as scout and Galandra as tank. Maybe Parinon could take the rear but with his low perception maybe Tor or Anya could stay beside him. Dyre would have to stay in the middle as I believe he has the lowest Hp of the group.

    Something like this?

    Umralar (15ft ahead) - Galandra (tank)
    Anya (second highest HP) - Dyre
    Tor - Parinon (ranged)

    Umralar (10ft) ahead

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    The door swings open again, as a small woman in furs and leather and wood steps in. "I am Anya. I can swim like a fish and beat a man to death with his own skull. Do you have a use for these skills?"

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    Galandra blinks when the young woman makes her entrance.

    "Anya" she nods at her, a little surprised. "I thought you on Tritower"

    Quote Originally Posted by MalusNecessarius View Post
    "I can swim like a fish and beat a man to death with his own skull"
    "I can vouch for that one"

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    "I'm still learning the worth of all this shiny metal, I didn't have enough to get to where I wanted. I was told there was more work here." she says, before taking in the rugged looking crew that had assembled "I only left my room an hour ago, it seems the trader spoke truth."

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    "Well, you're in luck. I know something of boats." Dyre flashes a grin toward the two currently assembled here. He pulls up a hand, inspecting his fingernails as he says to the other two.

    "Yyyyep. Grew up with a salty dog as me father, he raised me to swing from the crow's nest and steer true to the wind. But, most importantly... he told me what a true sailor's favorite spice is." He looks up from his nails to everyone in the room, glancing between them all as he asks, "You of course all know, right?"

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    Parinon makes his way into the room and takes a seat. He sits stiff and looks around anxiously at the much more seasoned men that had come in.

    "I don't know alot about boats, but I'm young strong and can follow orders. I'm all yours if you need my help." Offers the young and homely boy.

    Sorry on the delay had a hurricane that put me in super overtime at work. Back to normal now will be posting daily for now till the next diaster

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    Muttering to himself, "Well, the mayor said to get four to six, and I got four and a half. That should work." Turning his thoughts to you instead of the mission, "Thank you for coming to hear me. Please have a seat. As I said, I am from Carinsharn. We are just a small village to the north, up the coast. We are isolated by the swamps that we work, and receive are supplies by riverboat that should come every two weeks. Well, one has not come in three months now. Things are getting desperate. The mayor sent me out to get help. He sent me because I am a fast runner and I could find my way through the swamps without too much trouble."

    *cough* *cough*
    "Well, I made it here, but the swamps were not kind in giving me up."

    "Mayor Hilgashem gave me money to hire up to six people to guard the next shipment. If I counted the dawns right, that will be tomorrow morning that they leave this City of Glass. He also gave me a writ of passage for the the ship captain to get you on board. We don't know what the problem is. So, I am asking you to sail with the riverboat, up the sea coast line and into the Carinsharn River. Protect the boat and its supplies until it gets to our village, also called Carinsharn."
    He places a watertight scroll tube in the center of the table. Pulling out a small coin purse, he tosses out three coins in front of each of you. "There are seven more of those awaiting each of you when you reach Carinsharn."

    "It is not my decision as to what work you do on the boat. The captain gets that decision. I like the look of you, because you carry bows and crossbows. Very useful I would guess at sea. And you carry swords and axes. So, I assume you know how to fight." Looking at the short grey one, "The mayor said to not be unkind to different looking ones. They are many out here in the City of Glass. You have been noble to come and volunteer, so I will accept you." His own words seem to be making him nervous about the social faux pas.

    "Me, I am a tree farmer. I, and the other druids, help harvest the darkwood of the swamp and have it shipped back here to Venza. The mayor picked me because I was the young one. I could sneak past the gators and snakes to get out of the swamp, coming as the crow flies instead of the long way along the river and then seashore."

    "Do you have any questions?"

    The coins are platinum. You each are getting 30 gp worth to take the job with another 70 gp worth promised if you finish it. That is about 2 weeks pay, so it is a reasonable offer.

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    "Arrrregano!" He says in response to his own question, of course he soon falls quiet as the man begins to talk. He frowns a bit, but his eyes dance to the coin. They look to it and the wheels seem to be slowly cranking in that head of his.

    '(12+2)*4/6... carry the three, equals. Profit!' As the man finishes talking, Dyre quickly stands up to his feet and reaches out for the three coins with gusto! "Yes! Where is this boat, and how long will the journey take? Because I think I promised someone, at some time, within the next month, to drop by and visit their possible shop down town. But I'm not sure." He rotates one of the coins back and forth between thumb and index finger all while asking the question, then finishing, bites it lightly.

    "I think that only works with gold, but it looks good to do anyway. So, seriously, how long's the boat ride?"


    Dyre Blackreef
    AC: 15 (Touch: 13, Flat: 12)
    HP: 9/9
    Perception: +4, Sense Motive: +0
    CMD: +2, CMD: +4, Fort: +3, Ref: +5, Will +0 (+2 vs Fear)

    Light Crossbow: +3 [1d8] 19-20 [80 feet]
    Cutlass: +2 [1d6+2] 19-20
    Punching Dagger: +2 [1d4+2] x3
    Alchemy Bombs: +3 [1d6+2] x2 [20 feet]

    Effects: Courageous
    Combat Feats: Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Throw Anything

    Condition: None

    In Hand: Light Crossbow

    Consumables: 1 Waterskin, 5 Trail Rations

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