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    Pocket Gladiators: A New Combat-Disk Fighting Game

    Pocket Gladiators is a new innovative portable fighting game in which you build a warrior from disks that represent different fighting styles, maneuvers, weapons, armor, etc. and battle other warriors in quick 5- to 15-minute duels. It's designed by Tony Lee, winner of the 2002 Origins Vanguard Award for the Warchon Playmark Book Game, and the first release from Double Shogun, a joint venture of Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes. Plans for future projects using the same combat disk format include Pocket Battlespace Nebula X and Pocket Wrestlers.

    Please check out Pocket Gladiator FB Page for photos, news, announcements, updates, and various info. We'll be launching a Kickstarter soon to fund this exciting project. Meanwhile, please ask questions, leave "Likes", comments and feedback either here or there. Thanks!

    Also, we've started posting photos and descriptions for a demo duel. Here's a sample:

    Demo Duel #1: Magnus Maximus (Roman Gladiator) vs. Kashita Iruko (Samurai)

    The duel begins with both combatant at full health (10 for Magnus, 9 for Iruko) and Level 1 Technique.

    Round 1:
    Magnus secretly chooses Maneuver #4 on his Level 1: Blood & Sand technique disk. Iruko opts for #1 on her Level 1: Gilded Willow.

    They then reveal the disks and align the boxes on the Front (F) side.

    Starting from the far left, we see Magnus has a white box (W) vs. Iruko's blue box (B). W is nothing, and B represents block or dodge. Since there is nothing to block, nothing happens here.

    For the next set of boxes over, Magnus has a split red-green (R/G) to Iruko's W. Red (R) represents a hit while green (G) serves as a "power-up" for you to activate special abilities and powers. Split means you can choose either color for the box. Magnus will call it R and scores a hit since Iruko cannot block it.

    The center boxes show another blue-green split (B/G) against a R for Iruko. Magnus can choose to have it be green, or blue to block the lady samurai's attack. He decides on B to deflect the blow.

    Then we have another R/G vs. W. Magnus chooses R again and scores another hit.

    The last set is W vs. B. Nothing happens there.

    So for Round 1, Magnus scores RR, or two hits, no block and no green. Checking the "Effect Window" he sees "L3: RR or GG". Since he did get the 2 hits required, he can use a technique disk of up to Level 3 next round. (This is good because the higher the level, the more devastating it is!)

    Iruko has her lone attack blocked and didn't score any block. Her window says "L3: BBR" so she cannot advance to Level 3 like Magnus did, but it does say "L2: Otherwise", meaning she can still use a Level-2 disk next round! However, she does take 2 points of damage from the exchange and must dial her Stamina down from 9 to 7.

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    In case you missed it, Ronan Lynch of Deadlands has just been added as a stretch goal to the upcoming Kickstarter. The iconic gunslinger of the Weird West will enter the Pocket Gladiators fray as a promo Ally disk that you can use to help your warrior out of a jam or even earn a victory!

    The Roman gladiator vs. samurai demo duel is now over... See who got too aggressive and who turned the tides with not one, but two critical hits!

    We expect Matt Forbeck and Shane Hensley to be the first of many renowned figures involved in the Pocket Gladiators project, so look for more announcements as we confirm others' participation!

    Also, since we don't stop fighting, another demo duel will begin soon... this time pitting Olaf the Viking against Chimocoatl the Aztec Jaguar, in a battle of pure brutality vs. agile ferocity! Who will survive and emerge victorious? Stay tuned...

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