ZEITGEIST Research and Combat Group 5B
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    Research and Combat Group 5B

    My last Zeitgeist game fell apart - scheduling was mostly to blame, though player burnout, an intra-party fued, and the fact that only one player was /really/ into it all played a part. However, I've gotten another group together, and they're all very well engaged. Fingers crossed that this one goes better!

    Zeitgeist Overview
    NPC Roster

    Male Risuri Elf Hunter (Spirit Medium)

    Born and raised in a small town near Flint, Lumin Helwyr has always been just a little strange. A moody and quiet youth, he spent an extraordinary amount of time perfecting the use of the bow. Fifteen years ago, Lumin stumbled upon a corpse behind a tavern in the town, and, inexplicably, he heard it speak in his head; it told him to watch a road near the town, and if he should see a black carriage, to stop it. Surprised and more than a little shaken, Lumin gathered his archery equipment and laid in wait.

    Sure enough, not an hour later a black coach came careening down the road. One shot from his bow spooked the horses; a few more, and the driver checking the horses was pinned to a tree. Several more, and the rest were either similarly disabled or had bolted. Inside the coach, bound up and scared, was a young girl, the daughter of a wealthy Flinter industrialist. She had been kidnapped by members of the Kell Guild, and they were planning to ransom or (failing that) kill her.

    Lumin enjoyed minor celebrity in Flint for saving the girl, and the girl's father recommended him to the RHC. He joined on, and in the last 15 years his mysterious gift for speaking with the dead has helped him to steadily advance, up to his current position as squad leader.

    A few years ago, Lumin was confronted by members of the Kell Guild, who were looking to exact a bit of revenge for their ruined ransom, but at the last minute Doitein intervened and drove the thugs off. Ever since then, Lumin's been harboring doubts about whether he's fit to lead the squad; he feels that Doitein is more qualified and would be better able to handle the job.

    Lumin lives in a small house near the Flint city limits in Stray River.

    Tenin Helwyr (Male Risuri Elf)
    Lumin's younger brother, Tenin is a very devout follower of the old faith, and resents the direction the nation is taking. He thinks that Lumin is abandoning his family and his faith to soak up glory in the big city.

    Karlan Okhotovich (Male Drakran Dwarf)
    An older, relatively recent immigrant from Drakr with a bit of a grim attitude, Karlan is a bit of an oddity among dwarves. A very skilled woodworker, he favors bow and arrow over the guns his former countrymen now hold to, and is more comfortable out in the wild than the average dwarf to boot. Karlan gives Lumin a minor discount on his wares; he helped Karlan find closure after his wife died, which proved to be difficult even for an avowed eschatologist.

    Male Elfaivaran Eladrin Hexblade (Yerasol Veteran)

    Originally from a secretive Eladrin enclave in Elfaivar, Doitein is the son of one of the rare Eladrin Matrons and a very influential member of the Unseen Court. Upon coming of age, Doitein's father, for unknown reasons, asked him to move to Risur and join its military.

    Doitein fought in both the Third and Fourth Yerasol Wars; during the Fourth he fought in a battle on an island with strange magical phenomena called Axis Island. Because of his valor in covering a dangerous retreat in that battle, Doitein gained minor national celebrity and an offer to join the RHC when the war had ended.

    Doitein lives in a small home in the Cloudwood with his wife, and spends his time quietly studying fey magic when not on a mission.

    Ballardo (Male Beran Dragonborn)
    A war buddy of Doitein's, Ballardo fought with Doitein throughout the Fourth Yerasol War as a mercenary. He's turned to some rather unsavory mercenary work since the war ended, but Doitein hasn't handed him in - Ballardo saved his life once, and he feels he owes Ballardo that much, at least.

    Arya Bhis (Female Risuri Elf)
    Between the Third and Fourth Yerasol Wars, Doitein met an elven soothsayer that travelled the Cloudwood, telling fortunes and calling blessings of the old faith on small farms. At the time, he was despondent at the decline of the Eladrin, but meeting her soothed his despair. He fell in love with her and her quiet, understanding demeanor, and after a short courtship (in Eladrin terms), they were married. Though a fruitless marriage, it's remarkably stable.

    Female Danoran Human Artificer (Technologist)

    Born in Danor, Jourdaine has always had a way with technology. Living in the Malice Lands surrounding her country, she was fascinated with ways to combine the displines of magic and science, and she jumped at the chance to serve her country doing what she loved.

    Jourdaine's biggest job was to help develop a an enormous arcanoscientific weapon. Until that point, her projects had all been defensive or preventative measures, but being selected for this problem caused her to have second thoughts about her country's cavalier attitude toward war. She defected to Risur, and ended up working with Geoff Masarde, developing steam ships for a formerly enemy country.

    Eventually, Jourdaine was contacted by the RHC; her technological expertise and knowledge of the inner workings of Danor, combined with the zeal with which she worked for Risur, impressed the Constabulary. She agreed, in part due to her newfound patriotism, and in part to have easier access to research materials.

    Jourdaine respects Doitein, having read of him throughout the Fourth Yerasol War; she believes he's an honorable warrior. She distrusts Lumin, however; she interperets his insecurities with leading as ineptitude, and recently found out about his issues with the Kell Guild, which makes her wary.

    Secretly, Jourdaine is a fey pepper addict. She first got a hold of the illicit drug for an experiment which required one of its byproducts, but over the course of the experiment she began to use it regularly.

    Jourdaine lives in an apartment complex in Central, where she annoys the other tenants with her continual experiments.

    Elise Morrin (Female Risuri Human)
    Jourdaine's landlady, a crotchety old woman who owns far too many cats. She is a firm believer of the old ways, and regularly harrasses Jourdaine about her experiments - especially the ones conducted on Elise's feline companions.

    Gino Devon (Male Crisillyiri Human)
    A suave member of the Family, Gino would be genteel if he weren't so bloodthirsty. He spends far too much time combing his hair an cracking his knuckles threateningly. Gino is Jourdaine's supplier, both for fey pepper and illicit experimental materials.
    • The PCs, charged with identifying potential threats to the launch of the Coaltongue, scanned the 700-person crowd of cheerers for potential threats before they could be let in to Fleet Square. With some luck, they were able to quickly identify a threat; a trio of Dockers with chips on their shoulders. An unintentional off-hand comment by one of them alerted the constables that their ringleader was absent. By discretely tracking this man down, and then treating him respectfully once they'd identified him, the squad was able to convince the Dockers to leave instead of attempting to assault Governor Stanfield, as they had planned.
    • After the Dockers left and the rest of the attendees filed into Fleet Square, a wheezing man ran up to the checkpoint. One Thames Grimsley, he was looking for the group of Dockers that had just left. Grimsley was working to create an official Docker's Guild, and didn't want their misguided violence to undermine his work. Happy that the Constables had handled the situation, he nevertheless stressed that their grievances were real, and that he'd appreciate that they bring the issue to Governor Stanfield if possible.
    • The Constables' Boss, Stover Delft, introduced the PCs to the King's bodyguard and chief of staff, Harkover Lee. Lee had a personal request; following the banquet aboard the Coaltongue, the King was planning a major announcement. Lee wanted the Constables to keep an eye on the crowd, to better judge their reaction. Additionally, certain guests - Lee nodded towards Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, the King's sister - might need to be watched a little more closely.
    • While the crowd waited for the King to arrive, the Constables had an opportunity to hobknob with some of the guests; Jourdaine approached Geoff Massarde; he was once her boss, as she had worked with him on many of Risur's earlier industrialization projects. He confided in her that it was nice to have at least one person he knew working security at the event; the glares he was getting from some of the other guests (Duchess Ethelyn in particular) were making him a little uncomfortable despite his two rather large bodyguards. Duchess Ethelyn, for her part, studiously ignored both Massarde and - when she realized her profession - Jourdaine, but approached Doitein to request that she be given a room to nap in once guests were allowed on board; she said she was developing a headache, and needed the rest to be ready for her brother's announcement.
    • As Doitein finished his conversation with the Duchess, horns blared, announcing the arrival of King Aodhan and Governor Stanfield. The ceremony proceeded without a hitch; the King smashed a bottle of champagne on the ship's bow and formally named it, to the cheers of all of the onlookers, and most of the guests.
    • Following the christening, the guests - and the PCs - filed onto the ship. After spending the hour taking tours of the ship and speaking with the various guests, a whistle sounded and the crew began to arrange instruments for Risur's national anthem. Jourdaine overheard the King complain about indigestion and the fickle archfey around Risur just as Delft approached her. The Duchess was missing, he said, and he was afraid she might be trying to embarrass the king. He asked for Jourdaine to get the others and to go check on the Duchess.
    • The Constables went down to the observation deck where the Duchess was napping; trying the door, it was locked. Sokana Rell, the Duchess' elven handmaiden, told them the Duchess was still napping, and would be up on deck soon. Noting a concerned tone in her voice, they continued pressing the matter, with Sokana sounding ever more frantic. Finally, the PCs heard a splash through the door, and Doitein kicked it in. The observation deck's windows wide open, they caught a glimpse of the duchess riding away on a kraken, accompanied by some fey creature; Sokana stood over the hastily-cleaned remnants of a ritual as she held an amber rod alive with flame, her eyes the solid black of an Eladrin; and a halfling cook the Constables had seen earlier grinned maniacally as he slashed at Doitein's leg with a cooking knife covered in something unsavory and green.
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