[Pathfinder] RG - Mad King's Monkey
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    [Pathfinder] RG - Mad King's Monkey

    You know who you are and what to do.

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    For stuff, as yet unknown, just in case.


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    A 1e title so awesome it's not in the book (Lvl 21)

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    Human Bard 2

    Character Generation

    Here you will find the Four Oracles. Select one Oracle for your character and note it down along with the associated four cards and their descriptors. You may cast as often as you like, but all four cards must come from the same oracle and the same cast. During the game you may use an appropriate oracle to take control of the game and re-write the situation as you so choose in terms of the oracle. Once used, that card is scratched. I have not tried this before, and am not sure how it will work. But regardless, I suspect that it will be interesting.

    Jan Maatson male human Bard 2

    party use items

    from Eban: Wand cure light wounds wand With 21 charges -11 charges 2-15-14
    from self: wand restful sleep 25 charges


    STR: 10 Bonus +0 cost 0
    DEX: 14 Bonus +2 cost 5
    CON:11 Bonus +0 cost 1
    INT:14 Bonus +2 cost 5
    WIS:12 Bonus +1 cost 2
    CHA:16 Bonus +3 cost 5 race: +2

    Languages: Elvin, Goblin, common

    * Fort: +0 [Base 0, +0Con]
    * Ref: +5 [Base 3, +2 Dex]
    * Will: +4 [Base 3, +1 Wis]

    * Light 30' Carry xxlbs)
    * Medium 30' ( Carry xxlbs, MaxDex +3, Check -3)
    * Heavy x0' (Carry xxxlbs, MaxDex +1, Check -6)

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee +1 [BAB +1, Str +0]
    * Ranged +3 [BAB +1, Dex+2]
    * Initiative +2 [Dex +2]
    * Armour Class 16 [Base 10, Armour +3, shield +1, Dex +2]
    ** flat foot: 13
    ** touch: 13
    ** special: with -1 att get +1 dodge bonus
    * HP 16/16 HD 2d8
    * BAB +1

    WEAPONS [ranged attack]
    * Long sword +1 (Dam 1d8 , 19/20 x2')
    * Club +1 [+3] (Dam 1d6 , Crit x2, Rng 10')
    * Daggar +1 [+3] (Dam 1d4 , Crit 19/20 x2, Rng 10')
    * Short Bow [+3] (Dam 1d6, Crit x3, Rng 60')

    * Desperate Focus
    * Savant

    * [human] Combat Expertise
    ** [char. lv 5] Improved Feint <---do not have yet
    * [char. lv 1] Lingering Performance
    ** [char lv 3] Harmonic Spell <---do not have yet

    * Bardic knowledge +1/2 lv to know skills, make checks untrained
    * bardic performance [00000 00[/s]]
    ** countersong
    ** distraction
    ** fascinate
    ** inspire courage +1
    * cantrips
    * Versatile performance
    * well-versed

    SKILLS [6 [class] +2 [int] +1 [race] +1 [fav]] * 1 [level] = 10
    * Acrobatics:     +2  [ranks --, Dex +2, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    * Appraise:       +6  [ranks 1, Int +2, class +3, Misc +0] 
    * Bluff:          +7  [ranks  1, Cha +3, class +3, Misc +0]  
    * Climb:          +1  [ranks 1, Str +0, class +0, Misc +0] 
    * Craft (Art):    +6  [ranks  1, Int +2, class +3, Misc +0]
    * Diplomacy:      +3  [ranks 1, Cha +3, class +3, Misc +0]  
    * Disguise:       +3  [ranks --, Cha +3, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    * Escape Artist:  +2  [ranks --, Dex +2, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    * Handle Animal:  --  [ranks  0, Cha +3, class +0, Misc +0] untrained
    * Heal:           +1  [ranks --, Wis +1, class +0, Misc +0] untrained
    * Knowledge (Arcana):
                      +6  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] untrained
    * Knowledge (Dungeon):
                      +8  [ranks 1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1]  
    * Knowledge (Engineering):
                      +8  [ranks 1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1]  
    * Knowledge (Geography):
                      +7  [ranks  1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] 
    * Knowledge (History):     
                      +7  [ranks  1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] 
    * Knowledge (Local):       
                      +7  [ranks  1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] 
    * Knowledge (Nature):      
                      +6  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] untrained
    * Knowledge (Netherworld): 
                      +7  [ranks  1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] 
    * Knowledge (Nobility):    
                      +7  [ranks 1, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] untrained
    * Knowledge (Planes):      
                      +6  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] untrained
    * Knowledge (Religion):    
                      +6  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, misc (1) +1] untrained
    * Linguistics:    +0  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    * Perception:     +6  [ranks  2, Wis +1, class +3, Misc +0]
    * Perform: Wind:  +8  [ranks  2, Cha +3, class +3, Misc +0]
    * Perform: Sing:    +10  [ranks  2, Cha +3, class +3, trait +2]
    * Ride:           +2  [ranks --, Dex +2, class +0, Misc +0] untrained
    * Sense Motive:   +1  [ranks --, Wis +1, class +3, Misc +0]  untrained
    * Sleight of Hand: +2  [ranks --, Dex +2, class +3, Misc +0]  untrained
    * Spellcraft:     +2  [ranks --, Int +2, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    * Stealth:        +7  [ranks  2, Dex +2, class +3, Misc +0] 
    * Survival:       +5  [ranks  1, Wis +1, class +3, Misc +0] netherworld
    * Swim:           +0  [ranks --, Str +0, class +0, Misc +0] untrained
    * Use Magic Dev.:   +3  [ranks --, Cha +3, class +3, Misc +0] untrained
    Misc on knowledge: Bardic Knowledge feature
    Bold indicates class skills
    * Studded Leather [25 gp 20 lb]
    * Buckler          [5 gp  5 lb]
    ** Total          [30 gp 25 lb]
    * club               [0 gp  3 lbs] in haversack
    * Long Sword        [15 gp  4 lbs]
    * Dagger x2          [4 gp  2 lbs] 1 in haversack
    * Shortbow          [30 gp  2 lbs]
    * Arrows x16         [0.80 gp  2.40 lbs] [note: .05gp,0.15 lb / arrow]
    * Arrows x20         [1 gp  3 lbs] in haversack
    ** Total            [xxx gp xxx lbs] - info in flux
    Handy Haversack   [2000.0 gp 5 lbs]
    * Bedroll            [.1 gp 5 lbs]
    * Blanket             [.2 gp 3 lbs]
    * Lantern-Hooded       [7 gp 2 lbs]
    * Oil x 10             [1 gp 10 lb]
    * Alchem fire         [40 gp 2 lbs] in haversack
    * trail rations x 14   [7 gp 14 lbs]
    * Waterskin            [4 lbs (full)]
    * Cold Weather Outfit  [8 gp 7 lbs]
    * Travel Outfit       [-- gp 5 lbs] wearing
    * Tinder twig x 10     [10 gp -- lb]T
    * flute, reed          [5 gp 3 lbs]
    * Rope, hemp x 100'    [2 gp 20 lb]
    * journal, blank      [10 gp 1 lb]
    ** Total          [2054.3 gp 5 lbs]
    Scrolls and potions
    * scroll of cure light wounds CL1 25.00 gp
    total weight carried: 44 lbs total in haversack: 72.70 lb
    :: PP   
    :: GP 4 +375-50
    :: SP 6
    :: CP 10



    Jan Maatson really was quiet as a child, didn't play much with the other kids. Some said simple, but his parents could see the intelligence behind his eyes. Like a sponge in a sea of knowledge. His mother died when he was 8 of an unknown illness. This left his father, a teamster driver, to raise him on the go. Jan learned much on the road, where he met a kindly old minstrel whose music kept the animals calm and focused by playing his lute during travels. He wold ride with Jan and his father during trips across the land and between gates telling of things, of places, of people of far away lands, and Jan was the ever vigilant sponge, soaking every bit of it up.

    By the time he was 12, The minstrel, adept in many musical instruments, had taught Jan how to play a reed flute, so for his birthday his father bought him one. The two of them would play together for hours on end at camp fire, on the road or at inns during the merchant trips. for another year he would remain so, until a fateful trip across neverwhere. Neverwhere is what he called the land of the Netherworld. Not here, not there, yet both here and there.

    It was at the midway point of a long 3 hour trek through mid-gates, as the old minstrel would call the nether regions, at a cross roads. As always, clearly marked with cairn stones, wagon ruts and the crossing path was overgrown. Yet not. One of the wagons, third from the front hit a jut in the road and broke one of its wheels, stopping the train as a whole. Jan got down to stretch his legs and walked down the line of wagons when out of the corner of his eye he sees what looks like recent movement across the cross path's overgrowth. Young but never impetuous, Jan wanders off unnoticed. There was no need to keep an eye out for him. Every one knows to NEVER stray the paths. He has never wandered away in the netherlands, but this time he did .. .. .. .. ..

    Not far down the path he finds a figure lying on the ground bleeding, a human man by sights, just taller. Until he moved and his ears were seen. Pointed. Eyes shaped as almonds. He looks at the boy and asks for help in a strange lilting accent. He asked Jan to help him stand, and as he was taught to be kind to others he did. The stranger hands his pack on his back to the boy and says, "Take these to your guards, I will hold IT back. Now run!" He did, as fast as he could. When he arrived back, his father and others were calling for him with worry in their voices.

    "Da! DA! DA!!!" he arrives breathless, his father's face pales to see the direction he arrives from. Jan Maatson reaches in to see what the strange-man sent him with and finds a bundle of 20 arrows of exquisite make. "The strange-man told me to give these to the guards while he holds it off."

    "Who told you to do this?" suddenly a blood curdling scream can be heard.

    "him" says the lad weakly. Dad Maatson scoops the arrows and gets them to the first guard and tells him, "You will need these. Don't ask." Jan Maatson is dragged into the wagon by his father, the guards taking the arrows and getting the wagons moving. As the wagons move on the guards are seen sending a volley of arrows. He never knew what they fought, all the guards came back, many injured. He never knew who the strange-man was or what he and the guards fought.

    Now days he learns from other travelers, traveling himself as a caravan guard or speaking with his ols mentor. His father still works the caravans. The backpack, it had more then it should have: weapons cold weather clothing, supplies. So very much but impossible to have fit. He took his meager earnings and combined it with what the pack held and started his career as a guard for the trans gate caravans.

    Over time Jan has learned many nuances about the netherworld, even a few things edible, and drinkable while there. His expanding knowledge has not gone unnoticed as the chancellor has called him to his excellency's office.


    page 1
    who was the strange-man with the long pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. He gave his life and what seemed his prized possession, a magical backpack and its contents of travel gear, weapons and a quiver of magnificent arrows, to save the wagon train, though he knew us not and we not him.

    What did he fight? The guards prevailed, but refuse to tell of what they saw. I shall be patient and wait for one to talk. I will join on as a guard myself. Da will understand. I will start with his wagon train.

    Been a few months, learning much from other guards, including survival tricks. They seem appreciative of my singing, but those who were at the trip where I got them the arrows from the strange-man, they have a greater liking.

    This morning I was handed a dispatch to meet the chancellor. Turns out he was wanting me to take notice of the mood of people on the caravans, in bars.

    We have been sent under guise of collecting grain tax to investigate the disappearance of a hedge magician and a contractual supply of potions.

    We have arrived in town and got right to work. The barkeep tells us much, but there is more he is not telling. He at lest told us where the magician's home is.

    We made it, but it has been over run by gnolls. one got away, captured one. The dogman tells us to beware as his tribe will attack that night. He did not lie as they attacked in a small force with a couple dogs as well. Strange, I seem to recall these people working for a King in history past. Found equipment from many regions used by them, used but well maintained. Also found strange bone disks on them. If I recall my books right, these discs are a shamanistic token of some sort to connect with spirits of their ancestors.

    Heading back to town.

    Decided to not head toward town after all. Townsmen showed up, told of possible encampment location for where the escapee might have gone off to.

    found their camp with lone jackal and his pet gnoll. defeated them. Found camp sight with interestingly beastial drawings of crude rudimentary skill. On top of outcropping found drawings of possible map written in dirt with pebble markers.

    [drawings here]

    page 2

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    [Pathfinder] RG - Mad King's Monkey

    Bayar, male human Fighter 2

    STR: 17 Bonus +3
    DEX: 14 Bonus +2 (temp: 13, +1)
    CON:13 Bonus +1
    INT:8 Bonus -1
    WIS:12 Bonus +1
    CHA:13 Bonus +1

    * Fort: +4 [Base 3, +1 Con]
    * Ref: +2 [Base 0, +2 Dex]
    * Will: +1 (+2) [Base 0, +1 Wis, +1 Class bonus vs Fear]

    * Light 30' (Carry 86lbs)
    * Medium 20' (Carry 173lbs, MaxDex +3, ACP -3)
    * Heavy 20' (Carry 260lbs, MaxDex +1, ACP -6)

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee +5 [BAB +2, Str +3] (Longsword: +7*)
    * Ranged +4 [BAB +2, Dex +2]
    * Initiative +4 [Dex +2, Trait +2]
    * Armour Class 20 (touch 12, FF 18) [Base 10, Armour +6, Dex +2, Shield +2]
    * CMD 17 (base 10, +2 BAB, +3 Str, +2 Dex)
    * HP 12/18 (10 Fighter 1 + 4 (Fighter 2) + 2 Con + 2 FC)

    * Longsword +1 (Dam 1d8 +4, Crit 19-20x2)
    * Comp. Short Bow, +1 Str mod (Dam 1d6+1, Crit x3)
    * Kukri (Dam 1d4 +3, Crit 18-20 x2)

    * Weapon Focus (Longsword): +1 to hit with attack rolls
    * Dazzling Display: Full round action to intimidate all within 30' when wielding Longsword (DC=10+HD+Wis mod). Targets shaken for 1 round plus 1 round for every 5 the DC is beaten by.

    * Bonus Feat (Fighter 1): Power Attack: -1 to hit and CM checks for +2 damage (melee only)
    * Bonus Feat (Fighter 2): Gory Finish: Make one attack at highest bonus. If target reduced to negative HP, make free Intimidate check against all enemies within 30' who could see the attack.

    Bully: +1 trait bonus to Intimidate, Intimidate is always a class skill.
    Reactionary: +2 trait bonus to initiative.

    Level 1: +1 HP
    Level 2: +1 HP

    * Intimidate: 7 [Base 2, Cha +1, Class +3, Trait +1]
    * Profession (Soldier): 5 [Base 1, Class +3, Wis +1]

    Cross Class
    * Heal: 2 [Base 1, Wis +1]

    * Breastplate (30lbs, AC +6, MaxDex +3, ACP -4)
    * Heavy Wooden Shield (10lbs, AC +2, ACP -2)
    * Ceramic gnoll disc on cord around neck
    ** Total [40 lbs]
    * Longsword +1 [4 lbs]
    * Comp. Shortbow [3 lbs]
    * Kukri [2 lbs]
    * Arrows x20 [3 lbs]
    ** Total [12 lbs]
    Belt Pouch
    * Flint and Steel [n/a]
    * Whetstone [1lb]
    * Potion of CLW [-]
    Backpack [2 lbs]
    * Bedroll [5 lbs]
    * Blanket [3 lbs]
    * Shovel [8 lbs]
    * Waterskin [4 lbs (full)]
    * 50' hemp rope [20 lbs]
    * 7 days trail rations [7 lbs]
    * Everburning torch [1 lb]
    ** Total [22 lbs]
    At "home"[57 lbs]
    * 50' hemp rope [20 lbs]
    * Grappling hook [4 lbs]
    * Crowbar [5 lbs]
    * Sledge [10 lbs]
    * Tent [20 lbs]
    * Iron pot [4 lbs]

    :: PP 30
    :: GP 50 [BeltPouch]
    :: SP 42
    :: CP 0

    Bayar stands several inches taller than the average male, with broad shoulders and muscular, heavily tattooed arms. His face is angular, with a once-straight nose that looks as though it has been broken more than twice. His beard grows continuously, leaving him with an almost permanent 5 o'clock shadow. He keeps his hair cropped short, in a traditional military style.

    Bayar keeps his back straight and head up at all times, almost like he is continuously on parade. His sword is obviously the most expensive item he owns, with a small ruby set in the hilt. Bayar does not trouble to hide it, knowing he can defend it. In combat, he is often one of the worst kind of arrogant egotists - the one that not only thinks he's good but is good at the same time.

    When not fighting, Bayar wears his shield across his back, protecting him from the chafing a kit can bring on long marches. He wears his armour at every opportunity where it is socially acceptable, going to pains to polish dents and scratches out of it. Bayar prefers sleeveless shirts where he can get away with it, knowing his tattoos and muscles can give him more chances with ladies than he would otherwise get.

    Bayar was orphaned at a young age. He does not remember his parents and has never met another family member. He was raised in a priory dedicated to Abadar.

    At the priory school, the clergy quickly realised Bayar was not destined for academia. While not stupid, he learned better by doing than in a classroom. Worse, he was large for his age and knew it. Before long he grew into a classic boy bully, faster than anyone stronger and stronger than anyone faster.

    At the age of 14 the clergy encouraged Bayar to leave. He was becoming disruptive to the other boys, and the clergy feared him coming into his full strength as a man. Cut loose, he drifted into the Imperial Army.

    The Army fitted Bayar like a glove. They took strong boys and made them into killers and men. His skill with a sword was impressive for an inexperienced warrior.

    In time, Bayar was sent on campaign and cut his first flesh in earnest. He found he liked it and was, over the course of several years, transferred into one of the heavy infantry divisions that formed the veteran and elite backbone of the Army -The Screaming Gryphons.

    Here, Bayar won some small renown as a swordsman, claiming his enchanted sword as a prize in a tournament for young enlisted men. It remains his prized possession to this day.

    Before long, 5 years had passed and the boy bully had become a man full grown. No longer content with what the Army offered, as far as he would tell his officers, he resigned.

    Bayar spent a good portion of his back pay on purchasing the gear he used in the Army - while his sword was his own the armour and other gear was not and had to be paid for. Just another catch the recruiters never told him...

    Cut loose from the biggest part of his life Bayar went to seek one of his favourite girls, whom he met 2 years ago while billetted in a small Duchy. She was the miller's daughter - Bayar took a position as labourer in a quarry to be close to her. Sadly it was not to be and, after 6 months of stable and civilized life Bayar was bored. Ultimately he wound up in a drunken fight. Blades were drawn, and people got hurt.

    Ready to leave before dawn the next day, Bayar was summoned to attend the Chancellor's Marshall. Fearing the worst, he donned his old armour and prepared to go out with dignity. What he didn't expect was a job offer...


    Day 1

    Chancellor wants me to keep a journal. Thinks it will help me, though ed if I know what it helps with.
    Training day. Most soldiers here couldn't fight off a rose bush.

    Day 12

    Forgot about this. Still stupid idea. Collected 2 dets. Brown skinned guy called Soocree training today who was OK. Kwick as a snake but hits like a lettus leef.

    Day 13

    Found the missing sea captain. Chancellor happy - seems to be planning something.

    Day 15

    Joined new gym in town. Chancellors idea. Full of pozers, but have to keep an eye out. No ing idea what for...

    Day 22

    Going potion hunting tomorrow. Some hedge wizard took the gold but no delivery. Stupid... Group of five going tho, so could be tough. Soocree one of the five. Also a def medic called Eebarn, some ugly quiet git Leebros whos suposed to be a wizard and a singer Yarn.
    I met Yarn before, nice guy. Dont think he could kill if he had to though. Others all new.

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    Eban the Deaf

    Eban the Deaf

    Male Human Dual-Cursed Metal Oracle 2
    Character Sheet

    STR: 14 (+2)
    DEX: 12 (+1)
    CON: 12 (+1)
    INT: 10 (+0)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    CHA: 17 (+3)

    Fort: +1 [Base 0, + Con+1]
    Ref: +1 [Base 0, + Dex+1]
    Will: +4 [Base 3, + Wis+1]

    Light 30' (Carry <58 lbs / 66 lbs w/ MW Backpack)
    Medium 20' (Carry 59-116 lbs / 67-133 lbs w/ MW Backpack, MaxDex +3, ACP -3)
    Heavy 20' (Carry 117-175 lbs / 134-200 lbs w/ MW Backpack, MaxDex +1, ACP -6)
    Load = 49 lbs

    Attacks: 1
    BAB +1
    Melee +3 [BAB +1, Str +2]
    Ranged +2 [BAB +1, Dex +1]
    Initiative -3 [Dex +1, Deaf -4]
    Armor Class 16 (touch 11, FF 15) [Base 10, Armor +4, Dex +1, Shield +1]
    HP 16/16

    Dagger +3 Melee, +2 Ranged
    Conjured Scimitar +4 Melee, 1d6+1dmg, 18-20/x2

    First Level Feat – Extra Revelation
    Human Bonus Feat – Extra Revelation

    Proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, medium armor and shields (no tower shields)

    Orisons - At Will
    (Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Create Water, Detect Poison, Purify Food and Drink, Stabilize, Mending)

    Spells - 1st Lvl: 5/day
    (Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Bless, Ill Omen)

    (Extra Spells Known and level learned at = ill omen (2nd), oracle’s burden (4th), bestow curse (6th), versatile weapon (8th), major creation (metal items only) (10th), wall of iron (12th),statue (metal statue instead of iron) (14th), repel metal or stone (16th), iron body (18th))

    Oracle’s Curse - Haunted
    Minor mishaps, strange occurrences, etc. Retrieving stored items from gear requires standard action unless it normally takes longer. Any item dropped lands 10 feet away in a random direction. Add Mage Hand and Ghost Sound to list of spells known.

    Oracle’s Curse - Deaf
    Cannot hear and suffer penalties for being deaf. -4 to Initiative, auto fails Perception checks based on sound, and -4 to penalty on opposed Perception checks. Spells are ast as if modified by Silent Spell feat with no increase in casting time or level.

    Revelations – Gains revelations at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 15th, and 19th level

    1st Lvl Revelation – Misfortune (Ex)
    As immediate action, one creature within 30’ must reroll any one d20 roll and take second result. Can only be targeted after 24 hours have passed for another misfortune.

    Extra Revelation – Iron Weapon (Su) 6/day
    Create a melee simple or martial weapon that lasts 1 min per oracle level. Considered proficient with weapon and disappears after 1 round if it leaves your grasp. Usable 3 + CHA modifier times per day.

    Extra Revelation – Steel Scarf (Su) 6/day
    As swift action, can harden scarf, sleeve, cloak or other piece of clothing as hard as steel that stretches to 30 feet long. Can attack up to 30 feet with melee attack. 1d8 additional 1 point per two oracle levels. After the attack, it returns to normal. Do not threaten the 30 foot range and can be used 3 + CHA modifier times per day.

    Trait1 – Child of the Temple
    +1 trait Bonus to Knowledge Nobility and Religion. One is now a class skill.

    Trait2 – Dangerously Curious
    +1 trait Bonus to Use Magic Device and is now class skill.

    SKILLS (5 Skill Points Per Level)
    Heal : 8 [Rank 2, Class +3, WIS +1, +2 Kit]
    Knowledge Religion : 5 [Rank 1, Class +3, INT +0, TRAIT +1]
    *Knowledge Nobility: 1 [Rank 0, Class +0, INT +0, TRAIT +1]
    **Linguistics: 5 [Rank 2, Class +3, INT +0] (Read Lips – Common, Gnoll)
    **Perception 6/2 [Rank 2, Class +3, WIS +1]
    Sense Motive : 6 [Rank 2, Class +3, WIS +1]
    *Use Magic Device: 8 [Rank 1, Class +3, CHA +3, TRAIT +1]

    * Denotes Class Skill Gained from Trait
    ** Denotes Class Skill Gained from Character Creation

    Armored Coat (+4AC, +3 MaxDex, -2ACP) (20 lbs) – 25 gp
    MW Light Steel Shield (+1AC) (6 lbs) - 25 gp
    Total [26 lbs]

    Dagger (1 lbs) – 2 gp
    Total [1 lbs]

    Belt Pouch (0.5 lbs) – 1 gp
    Waterskin (4 lbs) – 1 gp
    Spell Component Pouch (2 lbs) - 5 gp
    *Wayfinder (1 lbs) – Magic Item Choice – 2200 gp

    Masterwork Backpack [4 lbs] – 50 gp
    Bedroll (5 lbs) – 1 sp
    Chalk x10 Various Colors – 1 sp
    Waterproof Bag (0.5 lbs) – 5 sp
    Chalkboard (2 lbs) – 1 gp
    Journal (1 lb) - 10 gp
    Ink Vial (-) - 8 gp
    Inkpen (-) - 1 sp
    Healers Kit (2 lbs) - 50 gp
    Total [22 lbs]

    Total [26 gp, 2 sp, 0 cp]
    * Denotes Magic Item Allowance used.

    PP 0
    GP 26
    SP 2
    CP 0


    Eban is a quiet guy with a calm expression. His brown hair is kept semi short, but not combed. Barely passing his 18th birthday recently, he has decided to stop shaving, leaving stubble on his face. Even these two characteristics, he is often noted as young, good looking and often the cause of many a young woman to take note of him.

    He often wears his dark gr ey coat over his normal clothing, as this is his custom. He rarely carries a weapon, yet he does not seem to care that he is unarmed for all appearances. His light brown eyes seem to have an understanding and calmness to them that can easily be seen by all.

    Recently, he seems to have left the temple life and has been seen at the Chancellors home on a more permanent basis. Those that know of him know that his being deaf is not something that keeps him reclusive. Instead, it seems that whatever tragedy had befallen him, of which he won't speak of, has not deterred him in the least. He yearns to learn and often seems acutely aware of things that he can see, smell and feel.


    Eban can not remember back very far, as the clerics of the temple often remind him that they are not the ones to be telling him of his past. That was something he would have to remember and deal with when the time was right. His mind seemed to have blocked out the tragic event that ended with him being found screaming at the doorstep of a temple of Torag in a nearby town, lost, confused, and deaf.

    He was 8 at that time, yet nobody had heard of any missing kids or families missing. Instead, his life was one of tough times, as the temple clerics soon found that he was deaf. They did not know at first if he was deaf from birth until a good 20 days had passed since he was found. He then had burned his hand on a smelting pot and yelled out in pain. The clerics decided then that he had lost his hearing but not his speach, and would not gain it back.

    For the first 4 years aftewards that he lived with the clerics of Torag, he learned of the techniques and processes they used for their every day work as well as worships. He was not overly devoted to Torag, but something about the place calmed him and kept his interest. He was found to be a decent reader of religious texts and learned to heal as well.

    His time after the age of 12 was then spent on more training, as he was taught how to heal basic wounds. Eban then began an even more curious habit, as things seemed to happen around him for unknown reasons. Things would mysteriously move around him; a fork and knife placing themselves on the opposite side of each other when not noticed, flower pots turning around to face opposite directions, draperies flowing in the wind in closed doors and other things of that nature.

    He also found that it took him a little longer to find things that he knows he packed correctly. When things dropped from his hands, they landed far off, always in directions and distances abnormal to most. This was taken note of by some of the elders, and after much discussion, they decided to test their hunch. At the age of 17, he was asked if he would partake in a ritual. This was no ordinary ritual, for they had communed for weeks on end prior to requesting his attendance with Torag. Based on the answers they saw, Eban was given the chance to learn to channel magical powers granted by his own religious beliefs in Torag. The first of his powers enabled him to learn to move things with his mind as well as causing vague sounds to be made with his mind instead of his voice.

    For the last year, he had honed these newfound powers of magic. He found that he could conjur up a weapon of pure metal from his faith and use it with ease. His strange happenings around him were also focused at times to grant a sometimes lucky favorable result instead of the usual unlucky one. And most recently, his favored dark grey cloak seemed to have the ability to act as his own hand when needed, extending out and hitting things up to 30 feet away.

    These type of abilities seemed to have not gone unnoticed, for the clerics of the temple had recently received a summons from the Chancellor requesting that they provide an able but young healer that could swear to keep things in confidence that they might overhear, for fear of treason and punishment. Eban was granted the chance to provide a service to the Chancellor if he would be willing. Jumping at the chance to leave the temple for what he saw as an adventure, Eban left to the Chancellor's manor and has been there for the last month.

    Yet, before he left the temple, Eban had walked the last night of his temple life alone in the hallways; his home for the past 9 years. Over half his life. He wandered them all the time, but this time, he decided to allow himself to enter the forbidden basement storages that were to be only accessible by the elders. He seemed to be drawn to an old wooden door which held a very small office room. Inside that room, there was a single desk, blank parchment, a dried up inkwell, a single chair and a cot missing the bedding. Sitting in the chair, Eban saw something fall out of the corner of his eye. As he peered down at a key under the chair, he realised that it must have been underneath the frame. Picking the key up, he turned the chair over to find a very small keyhole. Inserting the key, the compartment opened, revealing what he perceived as a compass.

    Taking the compass quickly, Eban headed back to his room, stowing it away and not speaking of it to anyone. For the first week at the Chancellor's, he was afraid to bring out the item, fearing he would find it was a dream and that he didn't really find a prize. After that first week, he took out the item, dusted it off, and decided that it may come in handy one day. The design was very elegant, but something he would have to look into at a later time, as his time was kept busy by the Chancellor.

    The Chancellor seemed to have need of a medic of sorts. His household was full of staff and people coming and going, so they kept him busy with stocking up on remedies, herbs used for healing, taking care of any injuries or bruises.

    It seemed that the Chancellor had need of someone who could ignore things that were said in confidence, and his deafness was the answer. He often ignored the side glances of people as they spoke without abandon to the Chancellor, wondering if they were ok to speak so freely with Eban around. The Chancellor assured them that Eban was deaf, and that he could not hear a thing. What nobody knew was that the temple clerics had taught him, with great effort, to be able to read lips...


    The large man, Bayar, seems to be the type that would hit first, then ask questions later. Constantly polishing his armor, making sure the frequently visiting women take note of this tattoos, straight back as if walking in a parade and his jeweled sword. Remind me to keep on his good side...

    Then there's the singer, Jaan. Seems he's the type that likes the attention as well, but is more likeable. From what the others here seem to portray, they like his singing. He must be pretty good, but I can't enjoy songs of old. Looks like he's part of the caravan guards, as he often spends time with them..

    Another of the Chancellor's requested audiences showed up. This guy, who's name I think is Sookree, was definitely a foreigner from his dress, name, hair and skin. When he introduced himself to report on another thwarted ambush, I noticed the infection and the color of the skin around it. Without haste, it had to be taken care of then and there. I also noticed that the man walks with a limp. I hope that is not from another rather unpleasant infection elsewhere, of which I won't be too keen on offering to put anything near there..

    I've seen this one a few times, usually with a stack of ledgers and books. From what I hear, he's responsible for taking a look at the numbers, making sure they all add up. Rumors are that someone may be trying to swindle money from the Chancellor, so he brought in someone outside to take an unbiased look. Then again, there are rumors about most anything these days. He also spends his time in the library, reading up on things. Might have to ask him about that one day... just not today...


    Arora, Wayfinder of Faithful Healing

    The Wayfinder that was commissioned to be created by a retired cleric who frequented ruins functioned as expected, but upon it's first owners use, the dormant sentience awoke, and Arora was the result. Arora found that she had no voice yet she could still see and listen to the nearby voices. She could not alert the one that carried her of the threat, and imparted her fear into the person, warning them of the danger of the foes that had snuck up on them. The first battle was deadly, and Arora found that her owner fought with steel as well as had the ability to protect the others in the group.

    When the battle seemed to turn for the worse, Arora willed herself to aid the group, knowing that this one that carried her was protecting allies and defending them from evil. Arora found that if she concentrated enough, she had the ability to heal the wounds to a small degree of her caretaker. Thus began her own adventure in seeing just where their travels took her.

    Eventually, Arora was forgotten about, but not lost. It was many years before the box she was placed in was opened, and her dust removed. She resisted the urge to display her unique powers just yet, as she had to verify that whomever had removed her from her slumber was worthy enough for her to impart upon them her powers if needed. Until that day, the man who she now knows as Eban would have to wait and see if he was worthy enough...

    Intelligent Item
    Aura: Faint Evocation
    Caster Level: 5th
    Slot: None
    Weight: 1 lb

    Normal Powers from Wayfinder entry:
    Light as 5th level caster - At Will
    +2 Survival check to becoming lost
    Includes small indentation to insert single Ioun Stone if one is ever found

    Intelligent Item Additions:
    INT 10
    CHA 10
    WIS 10
    Alignment: NG
    Languages: Understand Common only
    Senses: See and Hear 30 foot range
    Communicate by empathy with owner
    Purpose: Defend the followers of Torag
    Powers: Cure Light Wounds 3/day as 5th level caster (1d8+5)
    Ego: 3

    Base Item cost is 500gp for the Wayfinder. +500gp to add Intelligent Item entry. +1200gp for single power of single first level spell available three times per day. Total cost is 2200gp for Arora.

    Four Oracles

    the Unquiet Past

    KD: The exposure by erosion of a long-buried door.

    3H: The guardian of a tomb, a statue cast in silver with ruby eyes.

    9S: The opening by sorcery of an ancient door, set in the earth over the crypts of some forgotten convent or monestary, until now sealed with potent spells.

    QS: A golden armlet, still on the skeletal arm of its owner.
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    Sukri, the River Rat
    STR 13 Bonus +1
    DEX 16 Bonus +3
    CON 12 Bonus +1
    INT 14 Bonus +2
    WIS 13 Bonus +1
    CHA 10 Bonus 0


    * Fort: +1 [Base +0 +1 CON]
    * Reflex: +6 [Base +3 +3 DEX]
    * Will: +1 [Base +0 +1 WIS]

    * Light: 30 ft. (Carry 50 lbs)
    * Medium: 20 ft. (Carry 100 lbs) Max Dex +3 Check -3
    * Heavy: 20 ft. (Carry 150 lbs) Max Dex +1 Check -6

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee +2 [BAB: +1 STR: +1]
    * Ranged or Light Melee +4 [BAB: +1 DEX: +3]
    * Initiative +3 [DEX +3 Misc +0]
    * Armor Class 16 [Base 10, Armor 2, DEX 3, Shield 0, Feat 1]
    * 17 HP [15 base, 1 CON, 1 Favored Class]

    * Rapier (DMG 1d6+1, Crit 18-20 x2)
    * Dagger (DMG 1d4+2, Crit 19-20 x2)
    * Dagger (Thrown) (DMG 1d4+2, Crit 19-20 x2, Range 10 ft.)
    * Composite Shortbow (Ranged) (DMG 1d6+1, x3, Range 70 ft.)

    * Bonus Feat
    * Skilled

    * Sneak attack (+1d6 damage)
    * Trap finding
    * Evasion

    * Rogue Weapon Proficiency

    * Dodge
    * Weapon Finesse

    * Distracting Attack (Enemy hit by sneak attack is flat-footed to an ally on next round)

    * Dirty Fighter (+1 damage when hitting flanked foe)
    * River Rat (+1 damage with daggers. +1 to Swim)

    Acrobatics +7
    Appraise +6
    Bluff +4
    Climb +5
    Disable Device +10
    Escape Artist +7
    Intimidate +4
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6
    Linguistics +7
    Perception +7
    Sense Motive +6
    Sleight of Hand +8
    Stealth +8
    Swim +7

    Leather Armor
    ** Total [15lbs]
    * Rapier (2lbs)
    * 5 Daggers (5lbs)
    * Mace, light (4lbs)
    ** Total [9lbs]
    * Bedroll [5lbs]
    * Rations (Trail/Per Day)(x5) [5lbs]
    * Rope (Silk/50 ft.) [5lbs]
    * Torch(x3) [3lbs]
    * Waterskin (Filled) [4lbs]
    * Chalk (10 Pieces) [0lbs]
    * Flint and Steel [0lbs]
    * Thieves' Tools [1lbs]
    * Empty Sack [0lbs]
    * Mystery Box [2lbs]
    ** Total [25lbs]

    Common, Jahari (mother tongue), Goblin, Draconic

    Sukri is one of the countless whore-sons who wandered out of Paddar's Perfume Garden and muscled into the burgeoning thieves' guild. Unlike most whore-sons, he found a true ally in what passed for his family. He plotted schemes, scams and burglaries with his half-brother Sunil from an early age. Sunil was two years older, and with his heavy frame and lighter skin, barely looked like his young brother. He claimed his father was a great hero from a foreign land. Sukri was fond of reminding him that he was probably just a common sailor, like his own. Regardless, he was the brawn to Sukri's brain.

    The thieves' guild fingered Sunil and Sukri for initiation after the brothers pulled several daybreak robberies of merchant boats. During one of these robberies, Sukri liberated the strange, fragrant box that has confounded all attempts to open. He dared not show it to any other guild members, or even Sunil, because he feels it is his alone to solve. He spends maybe an hour each day studying and prodding it, hoping someday the tiny lock clicks.

    The boys might have built great careers together had there not been a deadly schism in the guild. Soon after their initiation, Sukri unwittingly led his brother into a deadly trap. He picked up a tip - a small but wealthy merchant boat was due to leave port in the morning. They swam to the hull and climbed aboard. They slipped past the sentries and found a cargo hold filled with straw. The brothers were no fools, but before they could escape, a hooded figure flung a flask of alchemist's fire down the hatch, and the hold burst into flames. Sukri escaped through a porthole that his brother was too large to fit through. He wishes he had something tangible to remember Sunil by - a trinket, or even some last words. All he has now are nightmares of fire and smoke and screams.

    Sukri left the guild, then the city. He now wanders in hope of finding a way to unlock the strange box. His travels through the Netherworld have brought him to stay in the Duchy, where he has seen emblems that are similar to those on the box. He found employment in the Chancellor's informal river patrol, which plies the River Send seeking river bandits. Sukri's insights into "river rat" operations have prevented several robberies and helped him gain attention in high places. Sukri hopes to get off the boat soon and explore the Duchy's ruins.

    Sukri is between fifteen and twenty years old. He is certainly a foreigner, with his mocha skin, gnarled hair and bizarre accent. He is also shorter than most folk in the Duchy, and wiry. His sleeveless tunic, however, reveals a build that is all muscle and sinew. He moves with swift, calculated steps and prefers to keep his face low. A white burn from the fire that took his brother mars his right leg, and forces him to walk with the faintest limp. He keeps his ratty hair beneath a large, faded bandanna his mother gave him when he left the Perfume Garden. He is not very expressive or outgoing, but his strange voice and curious inflections often turn heads, and the streets taught him what to say and when to say it.

    Entry 7:
    The river is hell right now. There is no salt in the air to kill the mosquitoes, and I'll be damned if cover myself in mud like the locals. Itching in too many places. Note to self: Ask Jan if he knows any ways to keep pests away from me. Hope he's seen enough of the world enough to know something I don't. (Noticed emblem on tapestry bearing similarity to design on bottom of box. Said tapestry is two hundred years old. Depicts hunt in which last shiek of his line died. Breakthrough? Hope so.)

    Entry 10:
    Eban, a deaf man I encountered after debriefing the Vizier about yesterday's raid, noticed my hand. He insisted on rubbing some paste on it and wrapping it up. The infection's gone, and it's only been half a day! Good man. I'll track him down next time I get rope burn or swamp foot. (Same place with lock as I was yesterday. Too tired to try anything new, damn it.)

    Entry 15:
    Goblinspit, why did I try to keep up with Bayar's drinking last night? Gods as my witness, I have nothing to prove. Threw up on the boat today and everyone had a laugh. (To hell with that box, my head feels like a smashed melon and I need some sleep.)

    Entry 16:
    The dog men, or gnolls as they say here, scare me. Eban saved my life twice in a day. I owe him something. We made a stand in the cottage. Henri returned as we were cleaning the gore off of our clothes, but there is still the one that got away. Ready to cut his throat and get back to the chancellor.
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    Libros, Male Human Sorcerer {Arcane Bloodline - Sage Archetype} (2)

    STR 8 Bonus -1
    DEX 14 Bonus +2
    CON 14 Bonus +2
    INT 18 Bonus +4
    WIS 12 Bonus +1
    CHA 8 Bonus -1

    * Fort: +2 [Base +0 +2 CON]
    * Reflex: +2 [Base +0 +2 DEX]
    * Will: +4 [Base +3 +1 WIS]

    * Light: 30 ft. (Carry 26lbs)
    * Medium: 20 ft. (Carry 53lbs Max Dex +3 Check -3)
    * Heavy: 20 ft. (Carry 80lbs) Max Dex +1 Check -6)

    * Attacks 1
    * Melee 0 [BAB: +1 STR: -1]
    * Ranged +2 [BAB: +0 DEX: +2]
    * Initiative +8 [DEX +2 Misc +6]
    * ArmorClass 12 [Base 10, Armor 0, DEX 2, Shield 0]
    * Htpoints 18

    * Crossbow, Light (DMG 1d8, Crit 19-20 x2, Range 80 ft.)
    * Dagger (DMG 1d4-1, Crit 19-20 x2)
    * Dagger (Thrown) (DMG 1d4-1, Crit 19-20 x2, Range 10 ft.)
    * Mace, Heavy (DMG 1d8-1, Crit 20 x2)

    * Bonus Feat
    * Skilled

    * Arcane Bloodline
    ** Bloodline Arcana (Sage)
    *** Arcane Bolt
    * Cantrips

    * Simple Weapon Proficiency

    * Combat Casting
    * Improved Initiative

    * Reactionary
    * Focused Mind

    *Appraise: 4 [Base 0, INT +4, Class +0, Misc +0]
    *Bluff: -1 [Base 0, CHA -1, Class +0, Misc +0]
    *Craft (Untrained): 4 [Base 0, INT +4, Class +0, Misc +0]
    *Disable Device^: 6 [Base 1, DEX +2, Class +3 Misc +0]
    *Fly: 2 [Base 0, DEX +2, Class +0, Misc +0]
    *Intimidate: -1 [Base 0, CHA -1, Class +0, Misc +0]
    *Knowledge (Arcana): 11 [Base 2, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +2]
    *Knowledge (Geography): 8 [Base 1, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +0]
    *Knowledge (Netherworld)^: 9 [Base 2, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +0]
    *Profession (Librarian): 5 [Base 1, WIS +1, Class +0, Misc 3]
    *Spellcraft: 11 [Base 2, INT +4, Class +3, Misc +2]
    ^ Bonus Class Skills
    *Acrobatics: 2 [Base 0, DEX +2, Misc +0]
    *Climb: -1 [Base 0, STR -1, Misc +0]
    *Diplomacy: -1 [Base 0, CHA -1, Misc +0]
    *Disguise: -1 [Base 0, CHA -1, Misc +0]
    *Escape Artist: 2 [Base 0, DEX +2, Misc +0]
    *Heal: 1 [Base 0, WIS +1, Misc +0]
    *Linguistics(Giant Gnoll): 5 [Base 2, INT +4, Misc +0]
    *Perception: 3 [Base 2, WIS +1, Misc +0]
    *Perform (Untrained): -1 [Base 0, CHA -1, Misc +0]
    *Ride: 2 [Base 0, DEX +2, Misc +0]
    *Sense Motive: 1 [Base 0, WIS +1, Misc +0]
    *Stealth: 2 [Base 0, DEX +2, Misc +0]
    *Survival: 1 [Base 0, WIS +1, Misc +0]
    *Swim: -1 [Base 0, STR -1, Misc +0]

    ** Total [0lbs]
    * Crossbow, Light (4lbs)
    * Dagger (1lbs)
    * Mace, Heavy (8lbs)
    ** Total [13lbs]
    Staff (4lbs)
    Floppy Hat
    Handy Haversack
    * Bedroll [5lbs]
    * Blanket (Winter) [3lbs]
    * Bolts, Crossbow (10) [1lbs]
    * Mug or Tankard (Clay) [1lbs]
    * Oil (1 Pint Flask)(x3) [3lbs]
    * Rations (Trail/Per Day)(x4) [4lbs]
    * Rope (Silk/50 ft.) [5lbs]
    * Tent [20lbs]
    * Torch(x5) [5lbs]
    * Waterskin (Filled)(x2) [8lbs]
    * Sunrod [1lbs]
    ** Total [61lbs]
    Handy Haversack - Side Pouch
    * Chalk (1 Piece) [0lbs]
    * Fishhook [0lbs]
    * Flint and Steel [0lbs]
    * Thieves' Tools [1lbs]
    * Whistle, Signal [0lbs]
    ** Total [1lbs]

    Spell Level:    0  1
    Known Spells:   5  2
    Spells per Day: -  5
    Spell List:
    Level 0: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
    Level 1: Grease, Sleep

    To say the Libros is not attractive is an understatement. He has coarse black hair which he keeps very close cropped. His face is plain, apart from his eyes which are icy blue and shine with intelligence and are by far his best feature. As for the rest: his nose is too long and hooked, his lips are so thin that they are almost non-existent and he has a weak double chin which he tries to hide with a beard. Unfortunately he is still too young to grow a proper beard and his current attempt can best be described as bum-fluff.

    He usually hides his body beneath voluminous, iridescent robes. However, in the unlikely event he is not wearing his robes you would see that his arms and legs are thin, almost matchsticks, and a body where it is possible to count the ribs.

    Libros never knew his parents. he doesn't even remember his Aunty Anifar. Anifar was the local "bag lady", she was usually seen wondering round the neighbourhood routing through the garbage looking for food and things that she can sell. Ten one day Anifar started to carry a infant on her back. The watch never found were the child came from. Despite extensive check there was no missing child of the the right sex and age. Anifar would only say if was her sister's son. So Libros continued to live with his aunt. As he grow older he was often seen toddling down the street routing in garbage alongside his aunt. One day, when Libros about 2 years old, he was found wondering about on his own. When the watch checked, Anifar was found dead in the hovel where the pair slept.

    The local watch sergeant, Febion, and his wife, Marleon, are childless and they decided to adopted orphan Libros. Marleon is a chief librarian and she used to take Libros with her to work. Libros was fascinated by books and learnt to ready by the time he was three. By the time he was eight he could read three languages and has he grow older he master two more. Now what Marleon didn't know was that Libros had found out how to pick the locks on the restricted stacks and, while he was revolted by what he read, he felt that it was best that he understand the beings that were likely to become his enemy, so taught himself the languages of the abyss and the hells. At the same time he became fascinated by the Neverworld and the gates that go through it and read everything in the library that pertained to it.

    Meanwhile Febion had been trying to teach Libros the martial arts but without much success. Not only was Libros physically weak but he had absolutely no aptitude or interest in becoming a fighter. He did however develop superb reflexes and seemed to have a second sense if someone was about to attack him.

    This all changed when Libros entered puberty and started to display strange powers. As a watch commander, Febion is well connected and contacted most ow the town's magic users trying to get Libros help in controlling his powers. Unfortunately no one could help. While it was generally agreed that Libros displaying sorcerous powers, it was also well known that sorcerers used the power of their personality to control their magic. However, Libros was a bookworm and just didn't have the personality that the power that he displayed said he should have. Instead Libros went back to his beloved books and worked things out for himself.

    By the time Libros was 16, Febion was serious worried about what the boy was going to do with his life. He was totally unsuited for a position in guards and Marleon didn't need another assistant. It was about then that he heard on the guard's grapvine that the Chancellor was looking for a certain type of person, a position for which Libros was well suited.

    So Libros started to work for the Chancellor and was put to work assisting in an audit of the tax rolls. The auditor, Liandra, was a plain, middle-aged widow, with a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. Libros and Liandra's relationship got off to a rocky start as Liandra was not pleased with been landed with a bumpkin as an assistant. However, things quickly improved when she found that Libros shared her love of books and could accurately add a column of numbers even quicker than she could.
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    Eban's Journal

    First Entry - First Impressions

    The large man, Bayar, seems to be the type that would hit first, then ask questions later. Constantly polishing his armor, making sure the frequently visiting women take note of this tattoos, straight back as if walking in a parade and his jeweled sword. Remind me to keep on his good side...

    Then there's the singer, Jaan. Seems he's the type that likes the attention as well, but is more likeable. From what the others here seem to portray, they like his singing. He must be pretty good, but I can't enjoy songs of old. Looks like he's part of the caravan guards, as he often spends time with them..

    This guy, who's name I think is Sookree, was definitely a foreigner from his dress, name, hair and skin. When he introduced himself to report on another thwarted ambush, I noticed the infection and the color of the skin around it. Without haste, it had to be taken care of then and there. I also noticed that the man walks with a limp. I hope that is not from another rather unpleasant infection elsewhere, of which I won't be too keen on offering to put anything near there..

    I've seen this last one a few times, usually with a stack of ledgers and books. From what I hear, he's responsible for taking a look at the numbers, making sure they all add up. Rumors are that someone may be trying to swindle money from the Chancellor, so he brought in someone outside to take an unbiased look. Then again, there are rumors about most anything these days. He also spends his time in the library, reading up on things. Might have to ask him about that one day... just not today...

    Second Entry - Our First Assignment

    The Chancellor gave us a job today. Said we should track down a guy named Henri and find out why the Chancellors missing potions are just that; missing. Nobody's heard from Henri in a while.

    The travel was slow, but gave me enough time to study the others. Seems that Bayar thinks he's in charge, from the way he carries himself. As long as he doesn't get us killed, he can think what he wants. Jan's the talkative one, singing of anything and everything. I wonder just how good he is, as enjoying the songs sung by bards is something I will never be able to do again...

    Sukri and Libros seem to keep a little on the quiet side as well. Until we got to the tavern. Then it seemed that Bayar decided to have a pissing match with everyone in the bar. One day, his mouth is going to get him into trouble he can't smash his way out of. The barkeep on the other hand seemed a little too veteran in his ways. Seems to have something in his past, previous life more than likely, that tells a different story. He's got a past, one probably worth hearing about.

    We need to head out in the morning to Henri's place. Find out what's going on out there. Need to get some sleep, but not sure I can. This Wayfinder, as I've come to find out what it's called, seems to be intricately designed. Small markings seem to need more investigating.

    Spent a few hours. There's a word hidden among the carvings, spelled 'Oremi'. As I uttered the three syllables, the Wayfinder sprang forth with a light that brightened the room. This would come in handy...

    Third Entry - The Night at Henri's
    We are lucky to be alive this night. The Gnolls came in full force. They even had Hyenas. Bayar charged out into the doorway and blocked the area. I had to heal him otherwise we would be down one right now; burying Bayar. This group is not melding well together. We all need sleep and time to think on today's events. We even lost the captured Gnoll, meaning others will be warned.

    Luckily, the Gnolls left a few things behind. I managed to find a wand that can help in the healing of the group. Something we seem to be having the need of if things stay on this track. I also found a hide covered shield. After taking the time to peel off the ragged covering, the masterwork quality of the metal shield underneath was remarkable. It will surely come in handy. If I don't wake up in the morning, at least my night's sleep was silent...
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    Li Thuan

    Li Thuan (Lee Tuhn)
    Male human monk 2

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Homeland: Shaanxi
    Deity: Fujangrei (Gozreh)
    Height: 5'-4"
    Weight: 150#
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Black
    Age: 24

    Str: 15 (+2) [7 points]
    Dex: 16 (+3) [5 points, +2 racial]
    Con: 14 (+2) [5 points]
    Int: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Wis: 16 (+3) [5 points, +2 racial]
    Cha: 7 (-2) [-4 points]

    Racial Abilities: Dual Talent: +2 to two ability scores (Dexterity & Wisdom). Favored Class: Monk.

    Class Abilities: Flurry of blows, stunning fist, unarmed strike, evasion. Proficient with club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shortspear, short sword, shuriken, siangham, sling, and spear, but no armor or shields.

    Hit Dice: 2d8+4
    HP: 20
    AC: 17 (+3 Dex, +3 Wis, +1 dodge)
    Init: +5 (+3 Dex, +2 trait)
    Speed: 30'

    Fortitude +5 [+3 base, +2 Con]
    Reflex +6 [+3 base, +3 Dex]
    Will +6 [+3 base, +3 Wis]

    BAB: +1
    CMB: +3
    CMD: 19
    Melee Atk: +3 (1d6+2/x2/B, unarmed)
    Melee Atk: +2/+2 (1d6+2/x2/B, flurry)
    Ranged Atk: +4 (1d8/19/80'/P, light crossbow)

    Acrobatics +13 [2 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 CS, +5 boots]
    Climb +7 [2 ranks, +2 Str, +3 CS]
    Escape Artist +8 [2 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 CS]
    Perception +8 [2 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 CS]
    Stealth +8 [2 ranks, +3 Dex, +3 CS]

    Blind-Fight [1st level]
    Improved Unarmed Strike [1st level monk bonus]
    Stunning Fist [1st level monk bonus]
    Dodge [1st level monk bonus]
    Scorpion Style [2nd level monk bonus]

    Reactionary (+2 trait bonus on Initiative checks)
    Magical Talent (Can cast Mage Hand once per day as a spell-like ability and functions at CL 1st)

    Languages: Common, Mandarin

    Monk's Outfit
    Light Crossbow
    40 Crossbow Bolts
    Boots of Elvenkind


    Appearance: Li Thuan is a relitively short man, with striking white hair and pitch black eyes. Thuan is normally found wearing loose breeches and shirt all bound together with sashes and strange boots upon his feet. He wears an almost pristine backpack upon his back. His hair is cut short.

    Personality: Thuan seems gruff and obstinate. It is quickly obvious that he has a very poor grasp of the Common language and often gets frustrated when he does not understand others.

    Background: At an early age Thuan went to study at the monastery. It was difficult at first but he soon found that things seemed to come natural to him. But always there was something that always seemed to trouble the lad and his teachers saw this internal torment.

    One day the great master summoned Thuan to him. Thuan was instructed to travel the land until he found what his heart desired. Although he did not understand Thuan knew not to cross the great master so he agreed to leave on his quest.

    Since that time Thuan has traveled from place to place learning what he can and trying to determine what his heart desired. He still is unaware just what he is looking for.

    Recently Thuan was traveling with a group of people through the Netherworld. As they traveled his eyes kept being drawn to a stange figure in a cloak. As the group neared the exit a roar was heard in the distance. Many ran toward the exit but the strange man pulled out a bow and began firing arrow after arrow in the direction of the roar. As others ran Thuan's attention was on the strange man. But then there was a flash of light. Those that remained chose that time to run for the exit. As Thuan's vision cleared all he saw of the strange man was a pair of smoking boots. Thuan grabbed the boots and raced after the others. He had had enough of the Netherworld to last a for a long time.

    About a month ago Thuan was walking down a street when he happened upon a young boy being accosted by four large men. Seeing that the odds were against the young lad he stepped in to help. He made short work of the men using his melee skills. As the city watch arrived Thuan stunned one of the men allowing his capture by the authorities. As the watch started to detain Thuan the boy identified himself as the Baron's personal courier. Soon Thuan was brought before the Baron and offered a job. Seeing this as an opportunity Thuan accepted. He has done odd jobs for the Baron since that day.

  10. #10
    Ullara Halx
    Ullara Halx
    Female human druid 2

    Alignment: True Neutral
    Homeland: Witchwood region
    Deity: Nature
    Height: 4' 7''
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Hair: Golden Blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 25

    Str: 10 (+0) [0 points]
    Dex: 12 (+1) [2 points]
    Con: 13 (+1) [3 points]
    Int: 13 (+1) [3 points]
    Wis: 16 (+3) [5 points,+2 racial]
    Cha: 14 (+2) [5 points]

    Class and Racial Abilities: +2 to one ability score (chose Wisdom), Medium size, 30 ft. movement, bonus feat at 1st level, extra skill rank at 1st level and one additional rank whenever she gains a level. Favored Class: Druid.

    Nature bond (animal companion), nature sense, wild empathy +3, divine spells, druidic oaths, woodland stride. Proficient with club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, short spear, sling, and spear, as well as light and medium armor and shields (though not tower shields), provided they are not metal.

    Hit Dice: 2d8+2
    HP: 16
    AC: 13 (+1 Dex, +2 armor)
    Init: +1 (+1 Dex)
    Speed: 35 ft.

    Fortitude +4 [+3 base, +1 Con]
    Reflex +1 [+0 base, +1 Dex]
    Will +6 [+3 base, +3 Wis]

    BAB: +1
    CMB: +1
    CMD: +2 (+2 vs being tripped, and saves to avoid being tripped)
    Melee Atk: +1 (1d8/x3/P, spear)
    Melee Atk: +1 (1d6/x2/B, quarterstaff)
    Ranged Atk: +2 (1d4/x2/20 ft./P, dart)

    Handle Animal +7 [2 ranks, +2 Cha, +3 class skill]
    Heal +10 [2 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 class skill, +2 Self-Sufficient]
    Knowledge (geography) +6 [1 rank, +1 Int, +3 class skill]
    Knowledge (nature) +8 [2 ranks, +1 Int, +3 class skill, +2 nature sense]
    Perception +9 [1 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 class skill, +2 Alertness]
    Profession (herbalist) +8 [2 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 class skill]
    Sense Motive +10 [1 rank, +3 Wis, +3 class skill, +2 Alertness, +1 World-Traveler]
    Spellcraft +5 [1 rank, +1 Int, +3 class skill]
    Survival +12 [2 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 class skill, +2 nature sense, +2 Self-Sufficient]

    Self-Sufficient [human bonus feat]
    Alertness [1st level]

    World-Traveler (+1 to Sense Motive, and is always class skill)
    Sacred Touch (Can stabilize a dying creature as a standard action by touch)

    Languages: Common, Druidic, Witchwood dialect

    Spells Per Day
    Save DC +3
    0th – detect magic, detect poison, stabilize, light
    1st - cure light wounds, magic fang, speak with animals

    2 daggers
    10 darts
    Agile Alpenstock (+5 foot enhancement bonus to speed, and +2 enhancement bonus to CMD against trips attempts and saving throws to avoid being tripped)
    Leather armor
    50 ft. rope
    Trail rations (10 days’ worth)
    Belt pouch
    Holly and mistletoe
    Traveler’s outfit
    Explorer’s outfit
    Healer’s kit
    Flint and steel
    Herbalists’ tools (mortar and pestle, sample jars, etc.)
    Five pounds of soap


    Bran, dog animal companion: Small animal; HD 3d8+3: hp 26; Init +3; Spd 40 ft.; AC 15 (+3 Dex, +2 natural), touch 13, flat-footed 12; Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD +5; Atk: bite +5 melee (1d4+1); full Atk: bite +5 melee (1d4+1); Space/Reach 5ft./5ft.; SQ low-light vision, link, share spells, scent; AL N; SV Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +2; Str 13, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6.

    Skills and Feats: Perception +3, Stealth +4; Weapon Finesse (bite).

    Tricks Known: Attack, Defend, Down, Heel, Come, Guard, Seek


    Appearance: Ullara Halx is an exceptionally short woman, not much taller than a youth, with bright golden hair and clear green eyes. With a bit of imagination, one could imagine her in a gown at a party of some nobleman, fluttering a fan and her eyelashes at whatever silk-dressed dandy looked to gather her into his circle. But it does take some imagination, because Ullara is usually found wearing leather armor over tough homespun skirts and leggings, with a practical pocketed vest and hooded cloak over all. A sickle wrapped in leather to protect her from its edge is tied to her belt, and she bears a small quiver of heavy darts at her side. She usually has a well-made staff in one hand, carved with a hint of vines and the serpent of wisdom, symbols of healing. The carving is not terribly good, but it’s recognizable. She bears a well-used backpack, and bunches of herbs dangle from a small portable drying rack she has tied to it. Her hair is usually tightly braided, often with strips of fine dyed leather.

    Her companion, a brindle mastiff she calls Bran, comes up nearly to her shoulder. He’s an outsized hulk of a beast, and looks even larger next to Ullara’s tiny frame.

    Personality: Ullara is more ready with a smile than a frown, but that only after she’s had a chance to take your measure. She’s quick as assessing a situation, and ready to deliver advice in a gentle or acerbic manner as is needed to get folks on an even keel again. Practical and driven by a need to restore order, she does not suffer fools well, though gets along amazingly with children.

    Background: Most folks do not travel far beyond their villages. There is danger in the world, from weather, from brigands, wild beasts, even from the dangers of the magical paths that merchants do trod. Ullara’s kin, in that respect, were different. They sought the fringes between their villages and the woodlands, gleaning healing herbs and growing in knowledge as they traded their lore with others of their kind. Though those in the villages were willing to trade with them for poultices and tonics, they were not always welcome when there was no need. The “wildling Halxes” were considered by some to be half-fey, born of some nature spirit and enjoying their unpredictable favor, because how else could they survive out there, beyond the safety of walls?

    Ullara’s father, her mother never spoke of. When she was very young, Ullara had thought surely her father was the forest spirit the villagers claimed, because how else could her mother have known as much as she did. When she grew older, Ullara suspected that she had been fathered by one of the villagers, a man who would never speak up and claim her out of fear or shame or dread of her mother’s wrath. But just before Ullara found herself on her own, she began to wonder if her first suspicion wasn’t true, for her mother had been raven-haired and brown-eyed, and nearly every villager the same. Where, then, had come her sun-hair and moss-eyes? But her mother loved her dearly, and questions of her ancestry seemed rather silly in the grand scheme of things.

    Ullara learned from a young age to ignore the suspicions of the insular and let her skill speak for itself. When a girl could track a wounded deer over a league of broken ground, or help break the wound-fever of a man in delirium, the stares of the villagers seemed less hostile when they were tinged with gratitude. Her mother was proud of Ullara’s skill, and the two of them made their rounds of a half-dozen villages together. Despite the villagers’ suspicions, living on the fringes of the woods was indeed hard, and it took all their cunning to keep the two of them alive when winter-thin wolves would stalk them, or stranger things out of the depths would come a-calling.

    When Ullara was sixteen, she woke one morning on the forest’s edge to find herself alone, all her mother’s things gone, as if she had just walked away. There was no trail, though her mother had left behind the tome of collected knowledge of the Halxes, a book of devotion to nature and the processes of the natural world. Ullara went to each of the villages on her route, asking after her mother, Jarda Halx. No one had seen her.

    Ullara traded hunting skill and her healing gift to a stout and fearless woodcutter named Gresh for houseroom one winter, and he took her in, heedless of her “unnatural” reputation (he was not the sharpest axe on the rack). She used her time to study the book of Halx more thoroughly than she ever had before, and within its pages found not just recipes for healing bruises, but for calling upon the powers of nature itself. When winter was up and she was determined to set out wandering again, much to her surprise Gresh handed her a polished staff that he had crudely carved with healer’s symbols during the long winter.

    “Was given me by my granda, who got it from his granda, who said he got it from a tree who talked to him and asked him to spare its life. Granda said the tree said because he’d let it stay, the tree would make it easy for him to go and find another. It’s a traveler’s staff; makes you walk fast and sure.” Gresh thrust it into Ullara’s hands, blushing. “You be knowing more about trees than even me, knowing more than anyone ever did. Seems be like it should belong to you. You be a good egg, no matter what peoples say. I lives on the edges too. I t’ain’t ‘fraid of you.” And he would say no more about it, ducking his head if she tried to ask.

    That summer, she walked into the woods. Two years later, she walked out again, still having found no trace of her mother, but having been accepted by the deep power of the earth. Now Ullara sees the power of nature in not just the trees of her forest, but the people and animals of the world around her. She would see them safe in her hands and in her care, those careful stewards of the land. And to those who would despoil it or cause needless death? Well, she also walked out of the woods with a half-feral hound who acted as her helper, and her temper.

    That temper gave her the boldness to not just brave the wilderness, but the villagers and even the townsfolk she had rarely met. She’d learned that nature extended everywhere, even where the trees had been cut to make houses, where animals all lived under harness or roof, where people rarely saw a living plant. Yet life thrived there as well. Ullara was determined to widen her circle, to add to the book of Halx, to gain in knowledge not just for own sake, but for that of her family. Whether had mother had left or been taken, Ullara would not let obsession deter her from honoring her.

    Slowly Ullara began to offer her services farther afield, sometimes only going on the tales of travelers as she ventured beyond the Witchwood region into the larger towns, and even the cities. Healing skill was valued whether it was used on a man savaged by a wolf or a man cut in a bar fight, and a burn was a burn whether it came from kitchen fire or forge. And her ability to keep herself alive along roads without having to burden herself with a caravan, to travel swiftly to even remote and distant places, meant Ullara was a swift and competent person to hire for a wide number of situations. Not many necessarily would at first glance, as she looked like a slightly overgrown doll, but once they’d seen the mastiff that came to shoulder-height on her, most chose to keep their opinions out of her earshot.

    She came to the attention of the local Baron when she darted in to heal a guardsman of his Chancellor when they’d been attacked by bandits on the road. The Chancellor’s guards were beating off the desperate rogues, but one man had fallen to a chance arrow and likely would have died before anyone could have seen to him. Ullara had been traveling to a nearby town, shadowing the Chancellor’s carriage so as to avoid the very problem the Chancellor was suffering from, and she would not allow someone to suffer on her watch. She empowered Bran with magic to defend them, and healed the guard on the spot, Bran snarling at anyone who got near.

    The Chancellor had a rather good first impression of her, and recommended her to the Baron as someone who could be of use for the odd, incidental problems that do come up from time to time. Though Ullara was startled that someone of such high rank would take enough interest in her, who had been a village healer most of her life, to employ her to see to issues beyond her own little sphere, she has become rather intrigued by the possibilities to see more of the world and the people in it.

    Ullara is a wandering healer, hunter, and guide with a ruthlessly practical outlook on life. Her tongue can be fierce when provoked by fools, but with children and animals she can be very gentle indeed.

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