Where would you put a D&D museum?

Poll: Where would you put a D&D museum?

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    Where would you put a D&D museum?

    Inspired by a Facebook comment by Luke Gygax (and the ensuing discussion) I figured this was an interesting topic for discussion. Luke asked whether Lake Geneva was a special place to D&D gamers - for various reasons, including GenCon's birth, TSR's headquarters, and much more. However, other suggestions for a potential museum have included Indianapolis (the current home of Gen Con) and Renton (the current home of WotC) and Orlando in Florida (the current home of... Mickey Mouse?)

    Most people in that discussion favoured Lake Geneva as a museum location. I personally favour Gen Con's current home, Indianapolis, because I feel that a museum's purpose isn't to be "appropriate" (it's not to be inappropriate, of course, either) but to bring its contents to people who would otherwise be unable to access them. That's why you get exhibits of Greek art and don't have to go to Greece to see them. And, similarly, I personally feel that a D&D museum's purpose is for the people and the fans - and they gather in their thousands in Indy every year. What a great addition to a vacation spent at Gen Con - a D&D museum, too!

    I think it's especially suitable for those of us further away - I'm not likely to take an intercontinental vacation to Lake Geneva to see one museum, however great it is; but I would certainly see it if it were in the same town as Gen Con, which I'm able to travel to once every few years.

    Others rightly pointed out that Gen Con was but once a year; and that's an excellent point.

    What do you think?
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