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Poll: Where would you put a D&D museum?

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    Yes, they have ancient greek stuff in greece...Millions and millions of tourist see it every year.

    I think Lake Geneva is perfect. People would travel there for it, just like they travel to lots of obscure places for lots of things, and they would know they actually were in the place it started (at least one of the two). And outside the die hard, who would go otherwise? The idea that one in Orlando would compete with Disney and the other parks and introduce a bunch of kids to RPGs is... optimistic.
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    A table top museum would be more ideal, with wings for RPGs, Wargames, and even Card games.

    Each with a wing, and this allowing none to be excluded, preventing a flame war, and thus possibly saving the nerd community as a whole.

    4e vs Pathfinder wasn't the issue.
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    No one is going to wander into an rpg/tabletop museum. It will be a destination for those who would go, so its location is moot. Any argument about location boils down to personal I'd rather go to Florida than Alaska because I like the climate there better.

    I wouldn't expect to see the actual museum be a traveling one. If it was to "travel" certain parts of it would be taken out and moved to the temporary location (such as a con) and then moved back after the show was over.

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    Well, might I suggest either a travelling museum so that all could benefit *or* one that can be set up in a major city (NYC, Boston, LA, Vegas, etc)? I think the goal should be to have it available to the masses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaukrie View Post
    Nerd alert! As a genderless (neuter) word, museum is properly pluralized in Latin with an "a" (musea). Realistically, most English speakers will just treat it as any other word and use an s.

    Moving on, I preferred Lake Geneva. Even though I barely remember TSR, the more historical location seemed more appropriate to me.
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    a seperate D&D/rpg musuem will be like the Hank Williams Senior museum; small, under funded, and only entered by tourists already in the city. Better to create an exhibit, small enough to travel.
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    How much smaller is Lake Geneva than Cooperstown, NY or Canton, OH? HoFs are pretty much museums, and they work in smaller communities. Granted, baseball and football are more popular past times than roleplaying, but the idea to make it easily portable so it can travel is a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper View Post
    a seperate D&D/rpg musuem will be like the Hank Williams Senior museum; small, under funded, and only entered by tourists already in the city. Better to create an exhibit, small enough to travel.
    Hence me suggesting an exhibit in the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

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    i have a living museum currently to OD&D(1974). we meet periodically game.

    call us reenacters if you want.

    but i still game in practice the way i did when i first started. why change a good thing.

    come join us sometime.

    next session is this coming friday thru monday in the north ga mtns.
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    Hello, all. To get more information, don't hesitate to check out the Facebook page for the Museum of D&D:

    As one of those spear-heading the project, I'd like to answer a couple of questions/concerns/comments from those above... in no particular order.

    Orlando, FL is included on the list because Dave Arneson taught game designing there for almost 2 decades (about halfway between the amount of time D&D has been owned by Wizards and the amount of time it was owned by TSR).

    On the FB page all four locations are listed, along with the PROS and CONS of each. Comments are invited for all, whether a reason you like the location, or a reason you don't like it. The actual location where the museum will be opened will be determined by a survey of the supporters after it funds (through Kickstarter or similar).

    There will be travelling displays from the museum which will go out to as many conventions throughout the US as can be managed. We know that not everyone who is interested in the museum will be able to get to its home base, so we want to take at least a bit of it to as many people as possible.

    The intention is, of course, to expand to other roleplaying games over time, but we want to start with D&D, as it's where RPGs began.

    Feel free to post or PM here, on FB, or email at if you want more information.

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