I am going to start up a new D&D 3.5 game on Yahoogroups. If anyone is interested, drop on by and sign up. Character creation stuff is below.


Creation Stuff
28 point buy.
Level 4
Races are PHB only, though I will discuss racial variants
Books allowed PHBI, PHBII, all Complete Books, psionics.

All spells are PHB or Spell Compendium

No Races of, Eberron, Dragon Mag, Tome of, Heroes of etc.

Start with two magical items, max value 2500 gold.
You can also start with two potions, max value 300 gold.

Do be aware I am going to hand out a lot of potions and wands, but very few permanent magical items to avoid the christmas tree effect.

To avoid Mages, Clerics and Druids from dominating everything, especially at higher levels, Wizards, Clerics and Druids are limited to memorizing only 8+ ability modifier spells per day.

Sorcerers and other spontaneous casters are limited to 12+

These may be of any level the caster is capable of casting. This does not include 0 level spells, which are unchanged.

Reserve feats from Complete Champion might be a very good choice to make. Using wands, scrolls and potions will help make up the lack also.