This is the Start Page. Apparently it is supposed to lead you to all the other pages I have yet to create. I am slowly getting the hang of managing the wiki. I have added the tag 'MKM' to each page to make locating all material specific to this campaign easier.


Mad King's Monkey is a game set in a home-brewed setting called The Reaches of Man, commonly referred to as The Reaches. The Reaches is a collection of disparate and varied lands connected together by a vast network of highways, roads, paths and tracks that pass through a region called the Netherworld. Travel via the Netherworld is very much faster than travel by land or by sea.

The idea is to run a series of short adventures taking advantage of the various setting opportunities offered by the numerous lands. As time goes by, hopefully the characters will get drawn into the mystery of what is happening in the Netherworld and play a part in the unfolding events. Eventually, maybe, we may end up weaving a great epic tale.

One of my aims with this game is to keep it simple, and quick. This may mean sometimes posting updates before every player has responded. But it is, I believe, better than having people sit around waiting for something to happen. Nothing has kills a game faster than sitting around waiting.


Mad King's Monkey currently has five players.

Axel playing Bayar, a Male Human Fighter 1
Electric Wizard playing Sukri the River Rat, a Male Human Rogue 1
Fangor the Fierce playing Eban the Deaf, a Male Human Dual-Cursed Metal Oracle 1
Ghostcat playing Libros, a Male Human Arcane Bloodline Sage Archetype Sorcerer 1
Scott DeWar playing Jan Maatson, a Male Human Bard 1

I am not recruiting at the moment. But if the game tickles your fancy, feel free to drop by the OOC thread and say hello.


1. Meta Pages

MKM - Character Creation Rules
MKM - **HouseRules**

2. Setting Pages

MKM - The Reaches of Man
MKM - August Empire
MKM - Palatinate of SaxGoethe
MKM - Duchy of Hesse

MKM - The Netherworld