Hellfrost Land of Fire - Arabian Nights RPG Fantasy Setting

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    Hellfrost Land of Fire - Arabian Nights RPG Fantasy Setting

    Hellfrost Land of Fire - Arabian Nights RPG Fantasy Setting: Travel to a land of endless, sun-scorched sands, servile jinn, cruel overlords, sly rogues and adventurous heroes. Hellfrost: Land of Fireis a pen-and-paper roleplaying expansion set in Triple Ace Game’s Hellfrost setting. Hellfrost has won critical acclaim from fans for its depth and detail, its rich pantheon and myths, and a high level of support.

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    Today, Triple Ace offered a new add-on for the Kickstarter
    Land of Fire Realm Guides - add £30 (approx $48). This add-on is for the first 19 Land of Fire Realm Guides. Together, these PDFs contain over 187,000 words (218 pages, no art - the core book is around 136,000 words) of all-new Land of Fire material, including new Edges, Hindrances, and monsters, as well a providing a wealth of new background world information. Please note the PDFs will be sent one week before each one goes on general release, not as a single bundle. The first PDF will ship in May 2013, and then at the rate of two per month. These Realm Guides are already written and with the editor. The price represents a 25% saving over the combined RRP. No shipping costs are incurred by taking this add-on.
    The 19 Realm Guides add 187,000 words (218 pages for those thinking of their printers) of all new material -- new character options, background details, new place of interest, minor deities, and monsters.

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    Free sample of Land of Fire is available here

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