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    Maps and illos from adventure five, Cauldron-Born

    Eric is working on layout now, and it should be ready next week. Though originally planned as a one-level adventure, it grew substantially as Thurston and I realized how many threads we wanted to provide conclusions for. Knowing how many groups fall apart before they finish a campaign, we wanted to make sure this was a grandiose climax for the first third of the adventure path, something that people could shoot toward if they weren't sure they'd make it all the way through 13.

    So now, Cauldron-Born takes parties from level 7 to level 9 in Pathfinder, and level 10 to level 13 in 4th edition D&D. (So yes, you get the two first paragon path goodies before the climax.)

    I encourage you, if you plan to get the book in print, to also take a trip to your local print shop and make some hand-outs for your players, because there are several.

    We'll post some of those later. But now, a scene from the banquet between dignitaries of two rival nations. A toast to peace!

    Illo by Eleni Tsami.
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    The final adventure is now available - Avatar of Revolution! As the grinding gears of the Gyre draw the world toward its oblivion, people of every nation, culture, and creed yearn for liberation. The villains need only complete a ritual at Axis Island to impose a thousand years of perfect obedience, but civilization has seen and rejected the future they offer. Though it may be their doom, they choose revolution. For Pathfinder and D&D 4e.

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