The Devil Made Me Do It

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    The Devil Made Me Do It

    Jon is taking you to see a devil. Or, more accurately, you will be seeing a LOT of devils. Come find out what's going on this week in Dragon's Eye View, and be ready to answer a few questions.

    Read The Devil Made Me Do It on D&D Insider here!
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    i like this topic. Each demon and each devil should feel different from each other but at the same time you should be able to tell which is a demon and which is a devil.

    The art here is amazing but my favorite would have to be the first picture that was put up (after the picture with the four)

    EDIT: Demons should be creatures of chaos and Devils should look evil, but have order to their appearance. Most of the art made the assassin devil look like that. you knew what she could do, but she wasn't all over the place.

    Demons should be the opposite. They should be more animal in appearance than the average devil (who should look humanoid more then animal [most of the time]) An assassin demon should have have three arms and carry no weapons (one of his arms should be some kind of blade while the other two are made for grabbing)

    Devil=Humanoid and orderly
    Demon=Animal and Random
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    I remember that challenge, it was very fun to do. And oh, so long ago!
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    I like the three questions, but until I can blow these things up and get a good look at them, I'm not really comfortable judging how they hit or miss the mark.

    Still, good to see they're thinking about art on those three axes!
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    Images are too small and dark...
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    Yes, images are too small.

    My guess is, if any of the artists that participated were to post a full-sized illustration in this thread, it might help him garner some votes ...

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    Yeah, how are you supposed to judge these from thumbnails?
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