Our next session will start with a battle against zombies and so I'm trying to find different ways of fighting them after my PC's eidolon is destroyed and I'm thinking of some hound archons.

So that leads me to wonder if the Aura of Menace counts as a mind affecting effect.

"Aura of Menace (Su) A righteous aura surrounds archons that fight or get angry. Any hostile creature within a 20-foot radius of an archon must succeed on a Will save to resist its effects. The save DC varies with the type of archon, is Charisma-based, and includes a +2 racial bonus. Those who fail take a 2 penalty on attacks, AC, and saves for 24 hours or until they successfully hit the archon that generated the aura. A creature that has resisted or broken the effect cannot be affected again by the same archon's aura for 24 hours."

Undead trait: "Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms)."

Nowhere in the description of aura of menace does it say what type or subcategory of mind affect it is - just that a Will save resists the effect.

So, anyone know if there is a FAQ that speaks to this or something? It is not a charm, compulsion, pattern, or phantasm, but maybe a morale effect? But then, maybe it's an abjuration effect.

I'm tempted to argue that being a Supernatural ability the aura functions normally, but maybe not.

So, thoughts?