D&D Audio Auditions

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    D&D Audio Auditions

    Calling all Drizzt fans! We're excited to share the news with you that R.A. SalvatoreÔ??s Drizzt novels will soon be available in audio format -- and we want you to help us select the narrator!

    Read D&D Audio Auditions on D&D Insider here!


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    What, no Jeremy Irons?

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    For a book about the blackest mother****er in the Realms, I was expecting more of a Michael Clarke Duncan.

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    I liked the first reader the best, despite all of them pronouncing Drizzt different than I would imagine. Since they likely got a pronunciation guide I guess I've been saying it wrong for all these years.

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    What words actually have double Zs?

    Drizzle = Drizz-it
    Pizza = Dreet-zit

    I don't know any word that has ZZ as an S.
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    I liked Mark Boyett the best. He seemed the most into what he was narrating and in touch with the scene, and transferred that very well through his voice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerWickett View Post
    Pizza = Dreet-zit
    That's actually kinda how R.A. Salvatore pronounces it (ZZ as TS), presumably because that's how it works in Italian (pizza = pitsa, mozzarella = motsarella, etc).

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