We have a group of 6 players looking for an experienced DM on roll20.net. We are mostly new to online gaming, but due to distance it is the only way we can play together. We want to play 3.5 D&D. One player is still fairly new to the game in general, but most have, at worst, a decent amount of experience around the game.

Day/Start Time: Thursday 8:30-9pm EST.

Length per session: 3-4 hours

System: D&D 3.5

Number of Players: 6

Starting level: Any

A List of some Non-Core Rules/Rulebooks we’d prefer ok’d, but we can live without if necessary:

  • Eberron Campaign Setting (Warforged)
  • Tome of Battle
  • Complete Series
  • Magic Item Compendium
  • Flaws
  • Traits
  • Dungeonscape
  • Tome of Magic
  • Races of the Wild
  • Races of the Dragon