How fares the dungeon crawling?
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    How fares the dungeon crawling?

    Unsure of how Dungeon Crawl Classics is doing, thoughts?

    Furthermore, why may it not be doing so well?

    How could it do better?

    Is it worth the time to develop and attempt to publish an adventure or two for it?

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    The first printing sold out and the second printing is either out now or out soon. It was estimated to be the fifth best selling RPG of the quarter last time I saw a list. I think the biggest challenge the game has is getting it into people's hands. I've never seen on the self at any RPG store. I never saw any at Gen Con and it didn't even look like Goodman Games was there.

    Some of my group has been playing it on line and really enjoying it. Once the current Pathfinder campaign of Serpent's Skull is finished we are going to play this at least for a little while.

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    I own two copies of the first printing. My problem is time. I am already involved in so many other games I simply do not have time to get DCC into a play group. Seriously. The only day of the week I am not either running or playing in a RPG right now is Wednesday. I should have Friday opening back up soon, but judging by how my wife is acting I better leave it open for a long time.

    All the other games I am in should be going on for many more months with the current RPG's being used. So I don't think I will get a chance to run or play DCC until the middle of next year. Outside of conventions, that is. Since I won't be going to one of those again any time soon, yeah, middle of next year is likely the earliest chance I will get.

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    I bought my physical copy at a game store. They had all of the adventures, too.

    I played in an online game for about 6 months. It still seems pretty popular on G+, as well.

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    I have read the second printing, and my group has been playing it while I have been away. It brought back one lapsed player and added 2, so something must be going right. It is an older, lower-powered style of game. I like many aspects of it in theory, but I haven't seen them in practice yet. I did hear from one long-time player that the character generation is unsatisfying (poor stats) and the module they just finished was one of the worst ever (no treasure to speak of at the end); but he is very strong on the tactics & strategy so probably misses some points of the DCC game.

    My concern with adventures is that I like a story of powerful characters. When I consider running it, I am not sure that I can plug & play my existing creatures from d20 straight to DCC. I would also want to let each character have 1 random stat of 18 and starting hp = Stamina (Con) so that it would be a more heroic game. Those changes are pretty far from the character (death) funnel DCC presents, but I think it would still be interesting to start the heroes at 0 level with those changes.

    I really like the ideas that 5th level is extraordinary and that magic is dangerous. I've long learned that the sweet spot for D&D is at low levels and that the magic gets the game too complicated too quickly. I think DCC hits a good spot there and then adds that monsters should be mysterious and not conform the the rules for the players. Those changes make the DM's job much easier.

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