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    Birthright Collector's Guide

    Welcome to the Birthright Collector's Guide!

    This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Birthright campaign setting, which was launched in July 1995, but fell victim to TSR's "Time of Troubles" in 1997.

    Before TSR imploded, there had been plans to re-launch Birthright with a new hardcover campaign setting book, and additional support products. Those plans were scrapped after Wizards of the Coast acquired TSR, and only three more products saw print before the line was cancelled. In 2002, WotC ran a Birthright anniversary celebration on their web site, and offered several of the unreleased products as free downloads. This included The Legacy of Kings board game, an unreleased novel, and a few game products. Even though it is one of the campaign settings which had the briefest period of official support, Birthright still managed to spawn a series of novels, a comic, a line of miniatures, a computer game and a long list of Spellfire cards.

    This was the fifth installment when the Collector's Guides were first published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

    Collector's Guides: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, Next, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    AD&D 2nd Edition products

    Boxed sets

    Birthright Campaign Setting (June 1995)
    Cities of the Sun (November 1995)
    The Rjurik Highlands (errata; May 1996)
    Naval Battle System: The Seas of Cerilia (July 1996)
    Havens of the Great Bay (November 1996)

    Player's Secrets series

    Player's Secrets of Endier (June 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Roesone (June 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Medoere (August 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Tuornen (August 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Ilien (August 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Talinie (November 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Ariya (November 1995)
    Player's Secrets of Binsada (February 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Baruk-Azhik (May 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Halskapa (May 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Khourane (August 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Tuarhievel (November 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Stjordvik (November 1996)
    Player's Secrets of Müden (download PDF, RTF and map; May 1997)
    Player's Secrets of Hogunmark (June 1998)

    Monster collections

    Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia (June 1995)
    Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow (online release, January 2002)


    The Book of Magecraft (February 1996)
    The Book of Priestcraft (November 1997)
    Tribes of the Heartless Waste (December 1997)
    The Book of Regency (online release, January 2002)


    Sword and Crown (August 1995)
    Warlock of the Stonecrowns (November 1995)
    The Sword of Roele (February 1996)
    Legends of the Hero-Kings (August 1996)
    King of the Giantdowns (August 1997)

    Related material

    Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (Fhoimorien Giant, Mahogany Constrictor, Spectral Scion) (November 1998)

    Other products


    The Iron Throne (August 1995)
    Greatheart (February 1996)
    War (Hardcover May 1996, paperback December 1997)
    The Hag's Contract (May 1996)
    The Spider's Test (August 1996)
    The Falcon and the Wolf (online release, May 2000)


    The Serpent's Eye (1996)

    Coffee table books

    30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)

    Board games

    The Legacy of Kings (online release, January 2002)

    Computer games

    Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance (1997)
    Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance: The Official Strategy Guide (1997)

    Ral Partha miniatures

    10-523: Birthright Abominations (boxed set)
    10-524: Birthright Personalities of the Blood (boxed set)
    11-750: The Spider
    11-751: Lamia
    11-752: Chimaera
    11-753: Banshegh (Justina & Banshegh)
    11-754: Quirad Al-Dinn
    11-755: The Sword Mage
    11-756: Llaeddra of Lluabraight
    11-757: Ghuralli, Orog Warlord, Awnshegh

    Promotional items

    Birthright Conspectus (1995)
    Birthright mousepad
    Birthright t-shirt

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

    Dragon 218, p10, Tarazin the Gray (June 1995)
    Dragon 219, p102, What's a Wizard to Do? (July 1995)
    Dragon 220, p16, Politics of Empire or, How to Get Ahead in Anuire (August 1995)
    Dragon 221, p16, Magic of Kings, Magic of the Land (September 1995)
    Dragon 221, p24, The Ley of the Land (September 1995)
    Dragon 224, p34, Role-Playing Reviews (December 1995)
    Dragon 229, p108, Role-Playing Reviews (May 1996)
    Dragon 230, p30, Fire In the Five Peaks (June 1996)
    Dragon 230, p75, Rogue's Gallery (June 1996)
    Dragon 232, p8, Weapons of the Waves (August 1996)
    Dragon 233, p92, The Rod of Seven Parts, World by World (September 1996)
    Dragon 233, p109, Role-Playing Reviews (September 1996)
    Dragon 236, p30, The Ruin of Adlersburg (December 1996)
    Dragon Annual 1, p89, Guilds of Cerilia (December 1996)
    Dragon 240, p38, Goddess of Shadows, Guild of Thieves (October 1997)
    Dragon 241, p28, Chronicle of Cerilia: A Timeline for the Birthright Campaign (November 1997)
    Dragon Annual 2, p74, Cry Havoc: Converting War Cards to Battlesystem Rules (December 1997)
    Dragon 245, p70, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Relics (March 1998)
    Dragon 247, p46, Heroes of Cerilia (May 1998)
    Dragon 247, p104, Roleplaying Reviews (May 1998)
    Dragon 248, p50, The Dragon of Vstaive Peak (June 1998)
    Dragon 251, p20, Sage Advice (September 1998)
    Dragon 315, p74, Birthright: Bloodlines for D&D 3.5 (January 2004)

    Dungeon Magazine

    Dungeon 59, p8, Seeking Bloodsilver (May 1996)

    Polyhedron Newszine

    Polyhedron 108, p9, Races of Cerilia, Part I (June 1995)
    Polyhedron 109, p10, Races of Cerilia, Part II (July 1995)
    Polyhedron 111, p15, A Kingdom for Every Player (September 1995)
    Polyhedron 130, p18, Strange Bedfellows (June 1990)

    Electronic releases

    Official web site

    Web articles and downloads

    An Introduction to Birthright
    Birthright Campaign: The (Rather Amusing) Official Playtest Notes
    Domain Sourcebooks: An Insider's View
    A Timeline of the Birthright World
    Birthright Pronunciation Guide
    Wizards Celebrates Birthright’s Anniversary (January 2002)
    Birthright Memories (January 2002)

    Spellfire cards

    Base set (4th edition)

    40: Realm of the White Witch
    41: The Battle-Fens
    42: The Giantdowns
    43: The Sphinx
    44: The Mistmoor
    45: Tarvan Waste
    46: Black Spear Tribes
    47: Thurazor
    48: The Sielwode
    49: The Five Peaks
    50: Cariele
    51: Boeruine
    52: Rhuobhe
    100: The Celestial Jewel of Sarimie
    101: Points East Trading Company
    102: The Thorn Throne
    103: Peaceful Seas of Nesirie
    104: Sarimie's Temple of Fortune
    105: Boeruine Trading Guild
    106: Taeghan Outfitters
    107: Straits of Aerele Shipping
    108: Grovnekvic Forest
    343: Apocalypse
    344: The Harpy
    345: The Magian
    346: Serpent
    347: Chernevik
    348: Cidre Bint Corina
    349: Adan El-Mesir
    350: Rahil the Falcon
    351: Arlando El-Adaba

    Birthright expansion set

    1: Roesone
    2: Ilien
    3: The Spiderfell
    4: The Gorgon's Crown
    5: Avanil
    6: Ghoere
    7: Tuarhievel
    8: Mur-Kilad
    9: Baruk-Azhik
    10: The Impregnable Heart of Haelyn
    11: Tower of the Sword Mage
    12: Imperial City of Anuire
    13: The Heartland Outfitters
    14: Proudglaive
    15: Kal-Saitharak
    16: Magical Source
    17: The Maze of Maalvar the Minotaur
    35: Alertness
    36: Animal Affinity
    37: Battlewise
    39: Divine Wrath
    40: Regeneration
    41: Touch of Decay
    42: Unreadable Thoughts
    43: Death Touch
    44: Detect Life
    45: Invulnerability
    47: Wintering
    48: Emperor's Crown of Anuire
    49: Kingstopper
    64: The Gorgon
    65: The Spider
    66: Banshegh
    67: The Lamia
    68: The Siren
    69: The White Witch
    70: The Hag
    71: Cerilian Dragon
    72: The Shadow World
    73: Divine Right
    83: Lord Cronal
    84: Grimm Graybeard
    85: Teodor Profiev
    86: Darien Avan
    87: Caliedhe Dosiere
    88: Tomkin Dross
    89: The Elf Prince Fhileraene
    90: Tie'skar Graecher, the Goblin King
    91: The Noble Outlaw
    92: High Mage Aelies
    93: The Sword Mage
    94: The Wizard
    95: Nadia Vasily
    96: Moergan
    97: Barak the Dark
    98: Jana Orel
    99: The Flower of Roesone
    100: Gwenyth the Bard
    9 (of 25): The Count of Müden
    10 (of 25): The Wizardess Carrie
    11 (of 25): The Pontifex of the Southern Coast
    12 (of 25): Olaf the Sly
    13 (of 25): Targoth the Unclean
    14 (of 25): Rhuobhe Manslayer
    15 (of 25): Kaeriaen Whiteheart
    16 (of 25): Adara Addlepate
    17 (of 25): The Blood of Azrai
    18 (of 25): Taxation

    Draconomicon expansion set

    9: Mount Deismaar

    Nightstalker expansion set

    8: UnderCerilia
    9: The Vampire's Realm
    40: El-Hadid
    41: Kelda Auslawsen
    42: Moriad
    71: The Vampire

    Dungeons expansion set

    2: Dungeon of the King
    12: Torture Room, The
    21: Might of the Blood Right
    29: Cities of the Sun
    37: The Ogre
    39: Zaranda Star
    60: Cannon Ball
    92: City Shield
    22 (of 25): Chaos Lord

    Inquisitions online expansion set

    11: Adventurers' Guild
    16: The Enchantress
    36: Morgan Rynes
    73: The King's Justice
    98: Claws of the Wolf

    Millennium online expansion set

    29: Corruption
    31: Absorb Spell
    33: Law & Order
    35: Desperate Consultation

    Chaos online expansion set

    5: Gib Cram
    18: The Warmonger
    29: Curse of the Wolves Blood

    Conquest online expansion set

    24: Blood of Azhul
    30: All Hail the King!
    51: Krijeydif
    53: Gib Suan
    60: Pawnmaster

    Organized play

    AD&D 2nd Edition convention adventures

    Blood of Four Kings (Gencon 1995)
    The Long Road Home (Birthright Benefit, Winter Fantasy 1996)
    There is a Tide (Birthright Benefit, Gencon 1996)

    Adventurer's Guild adventures

    Of Varsks and Winter Witches (1Q1998)
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