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    Greyhawk Collector's Guide

    Welcome to the Greyhawk Collector's Guide!

    This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Greyhawk campaign setting.

    The World of Greyhawk is, in many ways, the original D&D setting. It is the place where Gary Gygax's own campaign took place out and (arguably) the first setting to get product support from TSR. Unfortunately, over the years, TSR's (and later WotC's) support for Greyhawk was rather erratic. With Gary's departure from TSR, the company focussed on the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance and released only a relatively small number of Greyhawk products. Those that were released often met with very mixed reactions from fans of the setting (Castle Greyhawk, for example).

    After WotC acquired TSR and decided to launch D&D 3rd Edition, Greyhawk became the default setting. Despite this, actual Greyhawk material sold during the 3rd Edition era was minimal. Instead Greyhawk references were scattered throughout the core line of 3rd Edition products; in some cases, these were unfortunately inconsistent with existing lore for the setting. But 3rd edition support for Greyhawk was only minimal when it came to off-the-shelf products. More than two thousand Living Greyhawk adventures were produced between the launch of the campaign at Gencon 2000 and its conclusion at Origins 2008.

    This Collector's Guide doesn't include the large number of generic D&D products over the years which contain only passing references to Greyhawk personalities and magic items. Since Greyhawk has provided D&D with proper names for many spells and magic items, a truly thorough inventory of products with Greyhawk references would include the majority of all D&D books. This Collector's Guide does include some unofficial material that nonetheless has some links to Greyhawk. This includes Gary Gygax's Castle Zagyg series, some of Rob Kuntz's works, and Gary's Sagard series of novels.

    Thanks to Greyhawk expert Allan Grohe for taking a look at some early drafts of this Guide, and for offering several suggestions and advice on Greyhawk lore. Special thanks also to Brett Easterbrook, whose Living Greyhawk research added a number of additional adventures to that section.

    This was the twelfth installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

    The Greyhawk Collector's Guide has been split into two parts: part 1 and part 2.

    Collector's Guides: 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 4th Edition, Next, Al-Qadim, Birthright, Blackmoor, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Kingdoms of Kalamar, Lankhmar, Miscellaneous, Mystara, Oriental Adventures, Planescape, Ravenloft, Spelljammer

    Original D&D products


    Supplement I: Greyhawk (February 1975)

    BECMI D&D products

    Related material

    B1: In Search of the Unknown (monochrome cover November 1978, colour cover 1981, PDF)
    The Rogues Gallery (some NPCs, January 1980)
    X1: Isle of Dread (April 1981, PDF)
    DA1: Adventures in Blackmoor (October 1986)
    DA2: Temple of the Frog (December 1986, PDF)
    DA3: City of the Gods (March 1987)
    DA4: The Duchy of Ten (June 1987)
    AC11: The Book of Wondrous Inventions (November 1987)

    AD&D 1st Edition products


    The World of Greyhawk (May 1980)

    Boxed sets

    World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting (October 1983)

    Hardcover books

    Greyhawk Adventures (August 1988, PDF)


    WG4: The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (July 1982, PDF)
    WG5: Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure (July 1984)
    WG6: Isle of the Ape (January 1985)
    WG7: Castle Greyhawk (January 1988, PDF)

    Related material

    S1: Tomb of Horrors (monochrome cover June 1978, colour cover 1980)
    G1: Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (July 1978)
    G2: The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (July 1978)
    G3: Hall of the Fire Giant King (July 1978)
    D1: Descent into the Depths of the Earth (September 1978)
    D2: Shrine of the Kuo-Toa (September 1978)
    D3: Vault of the Drow (monochrome cover September 1978, colour cover 1981, PDF)
    T1: The Village of Hommlet (monochrome cover July 1979, colour cover 1981, PDF)
    S2: White Plume Mountain (monochrome cover August 1979, colour cover December 1980)
    S3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (February 1980)
    C1: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (monochrome cover May 1979, colour cover February 1981, PDF)
    Q1: Queen of the Demonweb Pits (June 1980, PDF)
    C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness (June 1980, PDF)
    A1: Slave Pits of the Undercity (October 1980)
    G1-2-3: Against the Giants (March 1981, PDF)
    D1-2: Descent into the Depths of the Earth (April 1981, PDF)
    A3: Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords (May 1981)
    A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (May 1981)
    L1: The Secret of Bone Hill (June 1981, PDF)
    A2: Secret of the Slavers' Stockade (July 1981)
    U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (October 1981, PDF)
    I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City (November 1981, PDF)
    R1: To the Aid of Falx (January 1982)
    R2: Investigation of Hydell (February 1982)
    R3: Egg of the Phoenix (March 1982)
    S4: The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (June 1982, originally published as "Lost Caverns of Tsojconth" 1976)
    N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God (November 1982, PDF)
    U2: Danger at Dunwater (November 1982, PDF)
    UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave (March 1983, PDF)
    EX1: Dungeonland (April 1983, PDF)
    EX2: Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (April 1983, PDF)
    R4: Doc's Island (May 1983)
    L2: The Assassin's Knot (September 1983, PDF)
    U3: The Final Enemy (October 1983, PDF)
    UK2: The Sentinel (February 1984, PDF)
    UK3: The Gauntlet (March 1984, PDF)
    T1-4: The Temple of Elemental Evil (August 1985, PDF)
    A1-4: Scourge of the Slavelords (May 1986)
    GDQ1-7: Queen of the Spiders (September 1986)
    S1-4: Realms of Horror (August 1987)
    L3: Deep Dwarven Delve (included in the Silver Anniversary TSR Collector's Edition, August 1999, PDF)
    S1-4: Dungeons of Dread (March 2013)
    A0-4: Against the Slave Lords (June 2013)

    AD&D 2nd Edition products

    Boxed sets

    The City of Greyhawk (July 1989)
    Greyhawk Wars (December 1991)
    From the Ashes (October 1992)
    Return to the Tomb of Horrors (July 1998)

    Monster collections

    MC5: Monstrous Compendium Greyhawk Appendix (April 1990)


    WGR1: Greyhawk Ruins (July 1990)
    WGR2: Treasures of Greyhawk (June 1992)
    WGR3: Rary the Traitor (missing maps; July 1992)
    WGR4: The Marklands (January 1993)
    WGR5: Iuz the Evil (March 1993)
    WGR6: The City of Skulls (May 1993)
    Ivid the Undying (Electronic release, March 1995)
    Player's Guide to Greyhawk (June 1998, PDF)
    The Adventure Begins (July 1998, PDF)
    The Scarlet Brotherhood (March 1999)


    WG8: Fate of Istus (February 1989)
    WG9: Gargoyle (March 1989)
    WG10: Child's Play (August 1989)
    WG11: Puppets (December 1989)
    WG12: Vale of the Mage (January 1990)
    WGA1: Falcon's Revenge (March 1990)
    WGA2: Falconmaster (June 1990)
    WGA3: Flames of the Falcon (October 1990)
    WGA4: Vecna Lives! (December 1990, PDF)
    WGS1: Five Shall Be One (February 1991)
    WGS2: Howl from the North (September 1991)
    WGQ1: Patriots of Ulek (March 1992)
    WGM1: Border Watch (missing text; August 1993)
    Return of the Eight (May 1998, PDF)
    Lost Tombs 1: The Star Cairns (September 1998)
    Lost Tombs 2: Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad (October 1998)
    Lost Tombs 3: The Doomgrinder (November 1998)
    Return to the Keep on the Borderlands (June 1999)
    Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff (August 1999)
    Return to White Plume Mountain (November 1999)
    Slavers (April 2000)

    Related material

    Castles (Castle Hart, October 1990)
    SJR6: Greyspace (November 1992)
    Book of Artifacts (Rod of Seven Parts, September 1993)
    Dead Gods (Vault of the Drow, November 1997)
    Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four (Blindheim, Amazon, Shade, Slow Shadow) (November 1998)
    The Shattered Circle (January 1999)
    TSR Jam (The Return of the Pick-Axe, March 1999)
    Bastion of Faith (Heironeous, December 1999)
    Guide to Hell (L'Ordre de la Croix-Rose Veritas, December 1999)
    Die Vecna Die! (June 2000)

    D&D 3.X products


    Gazetteer (September 2000, also available in a limited edition RPGA version)
    Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (November 2000)

    Hardcover books

    Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (August 2007, PDF)

    Adventure path

    The Sunless Citadel (September 2000, PDF)
    The Forge of Fury (November 2000, PDF)
    The Speaker in Dreams (January 2001, PDF)
    The Standing Stone (April 2001, PDF)
    Heart of Nightfang Spire (August 2001, PDF)
    Deep Horizon (November 2001, PDF)
    Lord of the Iron Fortress (January 2002, PDF)
    Bastion of Broken Souls (March 2002, PDF)

    Other adventures

    The Fright at Tristor (2000)

    Related material

    Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (June 2001, PDF)
    Deities and Demigods (The D&D Pantheon, April 2002)
    Epic Level Handbook (Epic NPCs of Greyhawk, July 2002, PDF)
    Complete Divine (Other Greyhawk Deities, May 2004, PDF)
    The Shackled City Adventure Path (July 2005, also available in a Limited Edition version)
    Savage Tide Player's Guide (August 2006)
    Drow of the Underdark (Erelhei-Cinlu, May 2007)
    Expedition to the Demonweb Pits (The Demonweb, April 2007, PDF)

    D&D 4th Edition products

    Hardcover books

    Revenge of the Giants (September 2009)
    Tomb of Horrors (July 2010)

    Novels and fiction

    Greyhawk Adventures

    Saga of Old City (October 1985, hardcover March 2008, also part of the Gord the Rogue series)
    Artifact of Evil (February 1986, also part of the Gord the Rogue series)
    Mika Trilogy, Volume One: Master Wolf (March 1987)
    Mika Trilogy, Volume Two: The Price of Power (August 1987)
    Mika Trilogy, Volume Three: The Demon Hand (February 1988)
    The Name of the Game (June 1988)
    The Eyes Have It (August 1989)

    Sagard series

    The Ice Dragon (1985)
    The Green Hydra (1985)
    The Crimson Sea (1985)
    The Fire Demon (1986)

    Gord the Rogue series

    Sea of Death (May 1987)
    Night Arrant (September 1987)
    City of Hawks (October 1987)
    Come Endless Darkness (February 1988)
    Dance of Demons (November 1988)

    Classic series

    Against the Giants (July 1999)
    White Plume Mountain (October 1999)
    Descent into the Depths of the Earth (June 2000)
    The Temple of Elemental Evil (May 2001)
    Queen of the Demonweb Pits (October 2001)
    Keep on the Borderlands (November 2001)
    The Tomb of Horrors (February 2002)

    Generic series

    The Savage Caves (July 2002)
    The Living Dead (August 2002)
    Oath of Nerull (September 2002)
    City of Fire (November 2002)
    The Bloody Eye (January 2003)
    Treachery's Wake (March 2003)
    Plague of Ice (May 2003)
    The Sundered Arms (July 2003)
    Return of the Damned (October 2003)
    The Death Ray (December 2003)

    Miscellaneous novels

    Quag Keep (September 1979, reprinted May 2006)
    Nightwatch (May 1990)
    Return to Quag Keep (December 2005)
    Quag Keep & Return to Quag Keep Omnibus (2006)

    Other products

    Miniature reprints

    Greyhawk Adventures (July 1999)
    World of Greyhawk (2000)


    Living Greyhawk Journal 0 (August 2000)
    Living Greyhawk Journal 1 (September 2000)
    Living Greyhawk Journal 2 (November 2000)
    Living Greyhawk Journal 3 (February 2001)
    Living Greyhawk Journal 4 (May 2001)
    Living Greyhawk Journal 5 (March 2002)


    Endless Quest 10: Circus of Fear (July 1983)
    AD&D Adventure Gamebook 2: The Ghost Tower (May 1985)
    Endless Quest 4: Siege of the Tower (June 1994)
    Endless Quest 10: Bigby's Curse (September 1995)

    Coloring books

    The Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album (June 1979)

    Coffee table books

    The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination (Hardcover August 1994, paperback July 1995)
    30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)


    In the Shadow of Dragons 1: The Last of My Father (March 2001)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 2: The Belly of the Lone Heath (May 2001)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 3: Through the Darkness of Anasteo (July 2001)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 4: The Lies That Bind (September 2001)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 5: Guardian of the Dragonhold (November 2001)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 6: An Eclipse of Stolen Blood (January 2002)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 7: Wrapped in Betrayal's Kiss (March 2002)
    In the Shadow of Dragons 8: Where Strangers Once Stood... (May 2002)
    Tempest's Gate 1: Born of Fire (December 2001)
    Tempest's Gate 2: Forged in Tears (January 2002)
    Tempest's Gate 3: Tempered in Fellowship (February 2002)
    Tempest's Gate 4: Sheathed in Justice (March 2002)
    Vecna: Hand of the Revenant (January 2002)
    Black & White 1: Once a Thief (July 2002)
    Black & White 2: New Friends, Old Enemies (August 2002)
    Black & White 3: Woodwych (September 2002)
    Black & White 4: Lambs to the Slaughter (October 2002)
    Black & White 5: The Return (November 2002)
    Black & White 6: Coming Home (January 2003)
    Where Shadows Fall 1 (July 2003)
    Where Shadows Fall 2 (September 2003)
    Where Shadows Fall 3 (December 2003)
    Where Shadows Fall 4 (February 2004)
    Where Shadows Fall 5 (June 2004)

    Computer games

    The Temple of Elemental Evil (September 2003)
    The Temple of Elemental Evil Strategy Guide (2003)


    1993 TSR Master Catalog ("The World of Greyhawk Campaign", January 1993)


    Greyhawk "Keeping the Balance" T-shirt
    Greyhawk "Circle of Eight" T-shirt
    Living Greyhawk T-shirt
    Greyhawk logo cloth patch
    Dungeon Warduke T-Shirt (2003?)

    Promotional items

    Greyhawk "Experience the Adventure" window cling
    Greyhawk stickers
    The Catacombs of the Necromancers (or a Dozen Sarcophagi) (Loose page promotion for Return to the Tomb of Horrors, 1998)
    Greyhawk XP cards
    Olidammara's dice (2002)
    Fist of Emirikol (2003)
    Dragon/Dungeon Warduke Static Window Cling (2005)
    Dungeon Magazine Age of Worms Art Print (2005?)


    World of Greyhawk Minifigs

    WoG-01: Amazon Infantry (swords, flails)
    WoG-02: Amazon Infantry (axes, spears, bows, pole‐arms)
    WoG-03: Amazon Cavalry (spears, bows)
    WoG-04: Amazon Cavalry (swords, axes)
    WoG-05: Berserker Mercenaries (swords, spears, javelins)
    WoG-06: Hireling Men‐at‐Arms (axes, spears, bows)
    WoG-07: Men‐at‐Arms of the Watch (axes, spears, bows)
    WoG-08: Infantry of the Guilds (spears, crossbows)
    WoG-09: Cavemen (spears, clubs)
    WoG-10: Valley Elf Infantry (axes, swords)
    WoG-11: Valley Elf Infantry (bows, spears)
    WoG-12: Valley Elf King & Guards (pole‐arms)
    WoG-13: Valley Elf Cavalry (lances)
    WoG-14: Valley Elf Cavalry (swords, bows)
    WoG-15: Mounted Knights (lances, swords, axes)
    WoG-16: Knights on Foot (swords, axes, pole‐arms)
    WoG-17: Freeholder Infantry (spears, bows)
    WoG-18: The Steadfast Pike (pikes)
    WoG-19: Free City Foot (spears, swords, bows)
    WoG-20: Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (swords, spears)
    WoG-21: Zombie & Skeleton Infantry (assorted weapons)
    WoG-22: Goblin Infantry (swords, axes)
    WoG-23: Goblin Infantry (bows, crossbows, catapults)
    WoG-24: Goblin Chieftain & Guards (spears, pole‐arms)
    WoG-25: Human Forest Warriors (swords, axes, spears, pole‐arms)
    WoG-26: Human Forest Warriors (bows, crossbows, slings)
    WoG-27: Mounted Knights (lances, axes, swords)
    WoG-28: Heavy Missile Infantry (bows, crossbows)
    WoG-29: Light Missile Infantry (bows, crossbows, slings)
    WoG-30: Mounted Knights (lances, maces, swords)
    WoG-31: Knights on Foot (swords, axes, pole‐arms)
    WoG-32: Freeholder Infantry (spears, bows)
    WoG-33: Esquire (Medium) Horse (lanes, swords, axes)
    WoG-34: Brethren Foot Guards (spears)
    WoG-35: Hierarch, Headsman & Amazon Captive on Torture Stake
    WoG-36: Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (swords, bows)
    WoG-37: Ice or Snow Barbarian Foot (axes, spears)
    WoG-38: Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (spears)
    WoG-39: Ice or Snow Barbarian Cavalry (spears, scything axes)
    WoG-40: Mounted Knights (lances, maces, swords)
    WoG-41: Brigand Infantry (swords, spears, bows)
    WoG-42: Halfling Fighters (swords, axes, spears, bows)
    WoG-43: Wandering Adventurers (magic‐user, cleric, bard, halfling‐thief)
    WoG-44: Heroic Mercenary Foot (axes, spears, bows)
    WoG-45: Heroic Mercenary Foot (swords)
    WoG-46: Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (swords)
    WoG-47: Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (short swords, spears)
    WoG-48: Heroic Mercenary Cavalry (morning stars, bows)
    WoG-49: Elite Death‐Guard Cavalry (lances)
    WoG-50: Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (lances)
    WoG-51: Overking's Heavy Guard Cavalry (axes, swords)
    WoG-52: Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (spears, axes, blow‐pipes)
    WoG-53: Overking's Heavy Guard Foot (pole‐arms, swords)
    WoG-54: Wyvern
    WoG-55: Harginn ‐ Elemental Grue (elemental of plain of fire)
    WoG-56: Iuz Enthroned & Evil Halflings (evil demi‐god & minions)
    WoG-57: Dragonnel & Lancer
    WoG-58: Dragonnel & Archer
    WoG-59: Dragonnel & Pole‐Axeman
    WoG-60: Magnus Dragonnel
    WoG-61: Dragonnettes
    WoG-62: Giant Spider, Rats and Beetles
    WoG-63: Flying Dinosaurs & Armored Dinosaur
    WoG-64: Aquatic Dragonnel
    WoG-65: Monster Stoppers (catapult, dart thrower)
    WoG-66: Unicorns, Beasts & Hounds
    WoG-67: Elite Death Guard Cavalry (axe, sword)
    WoG-68: Orcs (sword, pole-arms, bows)
    WoG-69: Gnolls (swords, pole-arms, bows)
    WoG-70: Half‐Orcs (various weapons)
    WoG-71: Mounted Men‐at‐Arms of the Watch
    WoG-72: Rovers of the Barrens


    Rules and rules expansions

    88339: Starter Set (2001)
    17861: The Ghostwind Campaign (2002)
    88010: Blood & Darkness (2002)
    88580: Fire & Ice (2002)
    88000: Core Rulebook (PDF release, 2002)

    Faction boxes

    17863: Attack of the Drow: Kilsek Set 4 Faction Box (2002)
    88340: Ravilla Faction Box (2001)
    88341: Ahmut's Legion Faction Box (2001)
    88342: Drazen's Horde Faction Box (2001)
    88343: Mordengard Faction Box (2001)

    Combo boxes

    17858: Shadow Lurkers: Mercenary Set 2 Combo Box
    88020: Scythe & Slaughter: Ahmut's Legion Set 1 Combo Box
    88030: Brute Force: Drazen's Horde Set 1 Combo Box
    88040: Furious Steel: Mordengard Set 1 Combo Box
    88570: Fear & Fury: Ahmut's Legion Set 2 Combo Box
    88720: Savage Strike: Drazen's Horde Set 2 Combo Box
    88750: Stone & Thunder: Mordengard Set 2 Combo Box
    88766: Mordengard Combo Box
    88767: Ravilla Combo Box
    88768: Ravilla Combo Box
    88769: Drazen's Horde Combo Box
    88770: Dark Spawn: Naresh Set 2 Combo Box
    88772: Thalos Combo Box
    88773: Naresh Combo Box
    88790: Snake & Scale: Ravilla Set 2 Combo Box
    88810: Avenging Light: Thalos Set 2 Combo Box

    Thalos faction

    17610: Half‐elf Cleric
    88100: Human Swiftwing Disciple
    88160: Human Conscript (x2)
    88345: Human Sorcerer
    88360: Pulverizer
    88362: Hammerer
    88447: Half‐elf Sorcerer
    88450: Aasimar Cleric
    88510: Human Warrior (x2)
    88700: Human Paladin
    88701: Human Glaiver/Human Marine
    88702: Gnome Infiltrator (x2)
    88800: Human Paladin of Stratis
    88880: Human Templar
    88930: Ogre Penitent

    Mordengard faction

    88070: Dwarf Raider (x2)
    88130: Dire Badger
    88320: Dwarf Thunderlasher
    88348: Dwarf Cleric
    88354: Dwarf Legionnaire (x2)
    88359: Stone Spike
    88410: Dwarf Ranger
    88473: Dwarf Lightning Lancer (x2)
    88540: Stonechild
    88716: Dwarf Fighter
    88718: Dwarf Scorcher/Dwarf Shock Trooper
    88740: Dwarf Hammer Priest
    88850: Dwarf Zealot
    88900: Ice Paraelemental
    88999: Dwarf People's Guard (x2)

    Ahmut's Legion faction

    88050: Halfling Sneak
    88110: Slaughterpit Zombie Gnoll
    88300: Crazed Minotaur Cultist
    88347: Half‐Orc Fighter
    88353: Battered Skeletal Troll
    88358: Skeletal Orc (x2)
    88380: Ghoul (x2)
    88459: Zombie Minotaur
    88460: Skeletal Dwarf Soldier (x2)
    88550: Human Shadow Priest
    88709: Human Death Cleric
    88710: Skeletal War Dog (x2)
    88712: Zombie Troglodyte (x2)
    88820: Gallowsgaunt
    88881: Skeletal Equiceph
    88940: Half‐Orc Assassin

    Ravilla faction faction

    17609: Spiked Felldrake
    88090: Horned Felldrake
    88150: Gray Elf Warsinger
    88330: Gray Elf Warrior (x2)
    88346: Wood Elf Ranger (Female)
    88357: Centaur Trooper
    88440: Spitting Felldrake
    88441: Wood Elf Starstike Archer (x2)
    88530: Gray Elf Snakestrike Duelist
    88706: Gray Elf Wizard
    88707: Wood Elf Scout/Grey Elf Duelist
    88708: Crested Felldrake (x2)
    88780: Half‐Dragon Mage
    88870: Gray Elf Imperial Noble
    88920: Wood Elf Skirmisher (x2)

    Drazen's Horde faction

    88060: Owlbear
    88120: Goblin Trooper (x2)
    88280: Bugbear Trooper
    88349: Hobgoblin Fighter
    88355: Orc Berserker
    88361: Ogre Trooper
    88390: Ogre Delver
    88461: Ettin Trooper
    88520: Orc Trooper
    88590: Hobgoblin Adept
    88713: Orc Druid
    88714: Goblin Scout (x2)
    88715: War Ape
    88830: Dire Boar
    88882: Orc Champion
    88970: Orc Gangfighter (x2)

    Kilsek faction

    88310: Drow Warrior
    88890: Drow Archer

    Naresh faction

    88080: Gnoll Archer
    88140: Abyssal Skulker
    88344: Hyena (x2)
    88250: Gnoll Ranger
    88356: Abyssal Ravager
    88370: Tiefling Fighter
    88430: Gnoll Warrior
    88434: Gnoll Monk
    88474: Werewolf Trooper
    88500: Howler
    88703: Demonic Gnoll Adept
    88704: Abyssal Maw
    88705: Gnoll Trooper
    88760: Abyssal Eviscerator
    88860: Demonic Gnoll Archer
    88910: Gnoll Cleric

    No Faction

    88400: Otyugh
    88467: Werebear Trooper
    88490: Grimlock Trooper (x2)
    88585: Ogre Mercenary
    88730: Azer Trooper
    88840: Hell Hound
    88990: Salamander Trooper

    D&D Miniatures

    Harbinger 12/80: Sword of Heironeous
    Harbinger 14/80: Jozan, Cleric of Pelor
    Dragoneye 27/60: Druid of Obad-Hai
    Dragoneye 30/60: Cleric of Nerull
    Archfiends 13/60: Cleric of Kord
    Archfiends 45/60: Aspect of Demogorgon
    Archfiends 46/60: Aspect of Lolth
    Giants of Legend 26/72: Mordenkainen the Mage
    Giants of Legend 33/72: King Snurre
    Giants of Legent 39/72: Scarlet Brotherhood Monk
    Giants of Legend 52/72: Lareth the Beautiful
    Aberrations 5/60: Cleric of St. Cuthbert
    Deathknell 31/60: Aspect of Nerull
    Deathknell 45/60: Warpriest of Hextor
    Angelfire 52/60: Bugbear Champion of Erythnul
    Underdark 13/60: Aspect of Kord
    War Drums 28/60: Aspect of Hextor
    War Drums 60/60: Warduke
    Unhallowed 32/60: Blood Golem of Hextor
    Uhhallowed 57/60: Thrall of Blackrazor
    Night Below 13/60: Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant
    Dungeons of Dread 3/60: Cleric of Pelor
    Against the Giants 8/60: Doresain, the Ghoul King
    Dangerous Delves 3/40: Aspect of Vecna
    Savage Encounters 19/40: Graz'zt

    Magazine articles

    Dragon Magazine

    Dragon 1, p28, The Gnome Cache (June 1976)
    Dragon 2, p6, The Gnome Cache (August 1976)
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    Red Hand of Doom Adapted Adventure (October 2006)
    Hellspike Prison Adapted Adventure (October 2006)
    Fields of Ruin Adapted Adventure (November 2006)
    Regional Adventure Updates (November 2006)
    Regional Adventure Updates (December 2006)
    Regional Adventure Updates (December 2006)
    Regional Adventure Updates (January 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (January 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (January 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (February 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (February 2007)
    2007 Core Update (February 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (March 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (April 2007)
    Red Hand of Doom FAQ (May 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (May 2007)
    Core Adventure Update (May 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (May 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (June 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (September 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (October 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (October 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (November 2007)
    Regional Adventure Updates (November 2007)
    Core Adventure Update (January 2008)
    Regional Adventure Updates (March 2008)
    Regional Adventure Updates (June 2008)

    Campaign News

    Gran March AR Modification (March 2003)
    Meta-Org Access Benefits (January 2004)
    Circle Changes (September 2004)
    Living Greyhawk in 595 CY (January 2005)
    Regions: A Place to Call Home (February 2005)
    Spring 2005 Campaign Documents (March 2005)
    Conversion Errata and Clarification (March 2005)
    Regional/Metaregional Adventures (August 2005)
    Regional/Metaregional Descriptions (August 2005)
    Core Plot Arc Schedule (August 2005)
    2006 Core Update (December 2005)
    LGCS Draft Discussion Begins (February 2006)
    LGCS Draft Discussion Ends (February 2006)
    Ratik Returns! (April 2006)
    LGCS 596 CY Available Now (April 2006)
    More Play Opportunities on the Horizon (April 2006)
    High-Level Option Coming Soon (April 2006)
    DM's Challenge High-Level Option (October 2006)
    Ratik's Back (October 2006)
    Greyhawk Ruins (December 2006)
    Core Adventure Writing (January 2007)
    LGCS Draft Discussion Begins (February 2007)
    Expanding LG Play Options (May 2007)
    Ratik and Perrenland Resize (July 2007)
    Play More in Living Greyhawk (August 2007)
    News and Updates for 2008 (December 2007)
    Outcomes On Bright Sands (March 2008)
    Castle Greyhawk Adapted! (April 2008)
    The Final Core AR! (June 2008)

    Diplomacy Check

    General News and Rumor Control (February 2004)
    Failed Save vs. Bestow Confusion (March 2004)
    Summer's Divine (April 2004)
    To Serve the Greater Good (May 2004)
    Campaign Survey Continued (July 2004)
    Origins Report (August 2004)
    Fall into Adventure (September 2004)
    Gen Con UK Report (October 2004)
    Gen Con So Cal Report (December 2005)
    Whispers on the Wind (April 2005)
    Summer Tales (July 2005)
    Gen Con Indy Preview (August 2005)
    Fall Fables (October 2005)
    Winter Tales (November 2005)
    Tales for a New Year (December 2005)
    Shadow of Dread Spiral Summary (December 2006)
    Burning Embers (February 2007)
    Whispers in the Wind (March 2007)
    Strange Days Indeed... (April 2007)
    Restless Nights (May 2007)
    A Sudden Turn of Events (August 2007)
    Backlash (September 2007)
    End of Days (October 2007)
    Lost time and Lost Memories (November 2007)

    Dispel Confusion

    Dispel Confusion Vol. 1 No. 1 (May 2005)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 1 No. 2 (July 2005)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 1 No. 3 (September 2005)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 1 No. 4 (October 2005)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 2 No. 1 (January 2006)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 2 No. 2 (March 2006)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 2 No. 3 (September 2006)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 2 No. 4 (December 2006)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 3 No. 1 (January 2007)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 3 No. 2 (February 2007)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 3 No. 3 (March 2007)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 3 No. 4 (July 2007)
    Dispel Confusion Vol. 3 No. 5 (August 2007)
    Greyhawk Ruins Dispel Confusion (August 2007)

    Game Tips

    Ready the Adventure! (January 2004)
    Paperwork (February 2004)
    Be Prepared! (March 2004)
    Setting the Scene (March 2004)
    Optional Tasks (April 2004)
    More than Hack and Slash (May 2004)
    Overcoming Damage Reduction (May 2004)
    Off Track (June 2004)
    Gold Above the Cap (June 2004)
    The Final Word (July 2004)
    Changing Sizes (July 2004)
    Castle Greyhawk, A Found Journal (August 2004)
    The Well-Equipped Adventurer (August 2004)
    Castle Greyhawk at Gen Con Indy (September 2004)
    Gen Con So Cal Preveiw (November 2004)
    The Greyhawk Grumbler (February 2008)
    The Greyhawk Grumbler #2 (April 2008)
    The Greyhawk Grumbler #3 (June 2008)

    Intro to Writing

    Write it Down (February 2004)
    Traps (March 2004)
    Dire Boxed Text (April 2004)
    By Hook or Crook (May 2004)
    Adventure Scaling (June 2004)
    Writer's Block (July 2004)
    The Editor's Pen (October 2004)
    What the EL? (January 2005)

    Mysterious Places

    The Kingdom of Keoland (May 2003)
    Places of Mystery I (January 2004)
    The Bonewood and Chathold (February 2004)
    Fading Lands (March 2004)
    Azharadian's Tomb and the Ship of Fools (April 2004)
    Piecing Together the Splintered Sun (June 2004)
    Realm of Dust (June 2004)
    The Brightlands (August 2004)
    Rumours and Whispers of the Flanaess (September 2004)
    The Glorioles (October 2004)
    Glorvardum (November 2004)
    Haven of the Sun (December 2004)
    Jungle of Lost Ships (January 2005)
    The Fields of Padyr (May 2005)
    Castle Karistyne (June 2005)
    Mines of Father Eye (June 2005)
    Rumours and Whispers of the Flanaess (July 2005)
    Highport: City of Chains (August 2005)
    Kalstrand: City of Gold (September 2005)
    Rumours and Whispers of the Flanaess (October 2005)
    Scant: A City Enslaved (November 2005)
    The Duchy of Berghof (December 2005)
    Central Flanaess (September 2006)
    Tenser and the Fortress of Unknown Depths (October 2006)
    Lost City of the Suloise (December 2006)
    The Choking City (January 2007)
    Echo Crypt (February 2007)
    Blackwall Keep (March 2007)
    Pascorel (April 2007)
    The Griffon's Nest (May 2007)
    Ford Keep (June 2007)
    Narwell (August 2007)
    Doomgrinder (October 2007)
    Pelgaryn (October 2007)
    Safeton (November 2007)
    The Lands of Robilar (January 2008)
    The Isle of Lost Souls (April 2008)
    The Stone Ring of Greyhawk (April 2008)
    Dominions of the Flannae (April 2008)
    The Cauldron of Night (May 2008)

    Power Groups

    Knights of the Watch (Part 1) (May 2005)
    Knights of the Watch (Part 2) (July 2005)
    Silent Ones (July 2006)
    Knights of the Hart (September 2006)
    Knights of Furyondy (October 2006)
    Knights of the High Forest (November 2006)
    Knights of Veluna (December 2006)
    Druids of the Old Faith (January 2008)
    The Directing Oligarchs of Greyhawk (April 2008)

    Miscellaneous web articles and downloads

    Border Watch errata
    Gates in the World of Greyhawk
    Suel Lich
    Greyhawk Magical Items (1995)
    L2. The Assassin's Knot (December 2000)
    Cliffhangers Adventures: The Tower of Lore (January 2001)
    EX1-2: Dungeonland and The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (January 2002)
    The Splintered Mind: Rebels of the Scarlet Brotherhood (June 2002)
    Random Encounters: The Cult of Tharizdun (May 2004)
    Adventures: White Plume Mountain (Revised) (December 2005)
    Tomb of Horrors (Revised) (October 2005)
    Outside the Mountain — A Web Enhancement for the Revised White Plume Mountain (September 2006)
    Luck of the Draw (September 2006)
    Future Tech Meets Fantasy (October 2006)
    Return to the Temple of the Frog (February 2007)
    Adventures: The Head of Vecna (April 2007)
    Previews for August and Beyond: The Green Dragon Inn (August 2007)
    Prestige Class: Suel Arcanamach (August 2007)

    Collector's cards

    1991 set

    77: Seragrimm
    78: Drendar
    109: Salem Ironring
    110: Bartolus Menk
    111: Donorow
    112: Borak
    177: Princess Linea
    178: Hettman Dorbin Tsurin
    179: Mika
    180: Sysania
    214: Griffon
    215: Waldo
    223: Zadoc
    224: Tyrinon
    299: Mist Wolf
    300: Sea Zombie
    301: Swordwraith
    304: Quagmiela, Green Dragon
    305: Kilian
    321: Tysiln San
    345: Emerentia, Gold Dragon
    346: Anuirin
    355: Trystan
    356: Miles
    357: Thorvid
    359: Yara
    409: Trent
    494: Mordenkainen
    532: Vampiric Mist
    534: Yeth Hound
    537: Sabrita, Shadow Dragon
    539: Crypt Thing
    572: Kech
    574: Hook Horror

    1992 set

    12: Beastman
    13: Bonesnapper
    16: Dragonnel
    21: Anton's Vorpal Blade
    24: The Fisher's Trident of Fish Command
    26: Tulen's Plate Mail of Etherealness
    28: The Modified Talisman of Zagy
    30: Quaal's Mystical Feather Token
    57: Vordraz
    59: Wulgar Harrowsun
    71: Grey Agathena
    77: Pandaro (The Fox)
    83: Jennak Firehand
    91: Terilonilae Tai-Koris
    94: Aeshallara Corwin
    104: Pyn Trillos
    106: Dohnibor
    109: Brogan Steele
    114: Perigon
    120: Checklist 81-120
    145: Louie Dulama's Alchemy Jug
    150: Theodolus's cloak of Arachnida
    155: Korr's Book of Infinite Spells
    165: Mordenkainen
    166: Bigby
    167: Nystul
    168: Otto
    169: Drawmij
    170: Otiluke
    171: Rary the Traitor
    172: Tenser
    173: Jallarzi Sallavarian
    175: Tasup
    192: Joshua DeSaville
    194: Kiara of Chendl
    198: Belladonna Glasei
    201: Fizbot Soulhammer
    202: Grott Whakdit
    207: Fedorana
    213: Ray-el
    215: Sir Tolam
    220: Raz
    224: The Resplendent Crynar Randal
    225: Denderorn
    263: Phandore's Wand of Fire
    264: Osmal's Staff of the Woodlands
    302: Lyssa Kuballa
    308: Forsythe
    314: Korr Breakstone
    329: Kamal the Quiet
    330: Faelirith
    331: Stormsmith
    332: Osmal Havendish
    333: Theodolus
    339: Vigir Jarlsson
    342: Nikelti
    343: Twissa the Bent
    348: Khareef
    354: Grendena
    355: Phandore Oaktree
    356: Cain Blizzard
    357: Glenola Oaktree
    359: Checklist 401-440
    372: Mist Dragon - Great Wyrm
    373: Skulk
    375: Grung
    379: Mite
    380: Necrophidius
    383: Wethilion's Time Bomb
    414: Garril Sotman
    417: Willara
    432: Stephie
    439: Snythe Clobertin
    447: Irongrod
    515: Hwesta's Talisman of Memorization
    526: Greyhawk Dragon
    527: Cloud Dragon
    543: Pyros Silverbane
    545: Saskan
    550: Stobon
    556: Wethilion
    562: Kekond
    563: Lecitalma
    564: Snorpocis
    568: Ginsese
    569: Dovanalo
    574: Logan
    580: Amuro
    585: Thalessa
    596: Solus of the Dim Forest
    599: Checklist 521-560
    617: Grell
    618: Hook Horror
    619: Taer
    620: Sea Zombie
    623: Pax's Medallion of Spell Exchange
    664: Barnabas
    668: Gratillonius
    671: Kramer Haldus
    672: Malfea Magekiller
    683: Jallin/Teela
    712: Louie Dulama
    713: Gordon Shumer
    735: Thalios (Maltus Vindir)
    743: Abbolt Nebbathra
    9 (of 11): Gh'alar (Gencon promotional card)

    1993 set

    11: Green Lady Nenioc
    54: Marska Armstrong
    93: De'Naire Pruhl
    96: Allaranzal
    99: Golgomere
    102: Trehuger of Gnarley Wood
    116: Kyuss, Son of
    160: Zander of the Iron Hills
    161: Kelth of the Iron Hills
    182: Scarecrow
    183: Spanner
    186: Ashley's Net of Entrapment
    217: Tara Armstrong
    246: Kyrie's Mask of Disguises
    249: Helena Armstrong
    260: Kyrie
    269: Marissa Octavia Tancred
    270: Janus "Bad Penny" Winthwil
    272: Flynn Oakplume
    295: Morgani's Half Plate Horse Barding +1
    307: Morgan Ravenstar
    315: Ashley the Grey
    328: Killian
    352: Bradlie's Leather Armor +1
    355: Gnaash's Hat of Stupidity
    366: Lythia Elaewyn
    367: Chubbukoku
    369: Vilarus the Showman
    370: Jarnia "Nimblefingers"
    377: Otter
    385: Checklist 331-385
    388: Sir Duane Govindana
    389: Ahlaege
    390: Shadow
    391: Sheerah Nissassa
    392: Captain Gahalatine Bascher
    393: Dorian
    394: Draga
    395: Arant Quovant Garday
    396: Charissa
    398: Giant-kin, Voadkyn
    400: Needleman
    406: Karelia's Wand of Illusion
    415: Bradlie Tagart
    424: Ferret
    437: Noland Tagart
    440: Checklist 386-440
    451: Kingdom of Furyondy
    452: The Great Kingdom
    453: Horned Society
    454: Lands of Iuz
    455: The Kingdom of Nyrond
    456: The Shield Lands
    457: Archclericy of Veluna
    458: The Free City of Greyhawk
    459: Viscounty of Verbobonc
    473: Karelia Cogrinder
    481: Phil Krisp
    486: Gnaash
    25 (of 60): Loran (rare card set)

    Spellfire cards

    Base set (0th-3rd edition)

    60: Tergoz Tenhammer
    111: Free City of Greyhawk
    112: The Lands of Iuz
    113: The Pomarj
    114: Hold of the Sea Princes
    115: Yeomanry
    116: Blackmoor
    117: The Horned Society
    118: The Wolf Nomads
    119: Sterich
    120: Nyrond
    121: Veluna
    122: Furyondy
    123: Great Kingdom
    124: Temple of Elemental Evil
    125: Greyhawk Ruins
    126: Perrenland
    127: Keoland
    128: Celene
    129: the Bright Desert
    130: Theocracy of the Pale
    131: Bone March
    132: The Duchy of Urnst
    133: The Sea Barons
    134: Bissel (replaced with Hookhill in 3rd edition)
    135: The Scarlet Brotherhood
    136: Irongate (replace with Iron Hills in 3rd edition)
    137: Principality of Ulek
    138: County of Sunndi
    139: Duchy of Tenh
    140: Burneal Forest
    141: Castle Hart
    142: Arms of Horned Society (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    143: Arms of Iuz (only in 0th and 1st editions)
    144: Arms of Greyhawk (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    145: Arms of Great Kingdom (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    146: Arms of Furyondy (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    147: Arms of Nyrond (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    148: Skull Keep
    149: Fortification
    152: Codex of the Infinite Planes
    154: Hordes of Castle Greyhawk
    155: Skeletal Horse (replaced with Lich Conclave in 3rd edition)
    156: Eye & Hand of Vecna
    157: Orb of Dragonkind
    158: Baba Yaga's Hut
    159: Chariot of Lyrx
    160: Cup of Al-Akbar
    161: Rary the Traitor
    162: Mordenkainen
    163: Tysiln San
    164: Otto
    165: Mika the Wolf Nomad
    166: Lolth, the Spider Queen
    167: Iuz the Evil
    170: Sysania
    171: Kiara
    172: Hettman Tsurin
    176: Tyrinon
    177: Quagmiela the Dragon
    178: Seragrimm the Just (only in 0th and 1st editions)
    180: Berserker Wrath (only in 3rd edition)
    181: Wolf Nomads
    185: Thorvid
    187: Nenioc
    188: Young Gold Dragon
    189: Arch-Druid
    191: Griffon (only in 0th and 1st editions)
    194: Winged Horror
    196: Rangers of Hornwood
    199: Ren's Crystal Ball
    209: Arms of Veluna (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    216: Arms of Shield Lands (Ancient Arms… in 3rd edition)
    218: Johydee's Mask (only in 0th and 1st edition)
    220: Rod of Dispel Magic
    426: Tapestry of the Stag (only in 1st edition)
    429: The Barbarian's Decree (only in 1st edition)
    430: The Abyssal Vortex (only in 1st edition)

    Base set (4th edition)

    14: Sterich
    15: Nyrond
    16: Furyondy
    17: Temple of Elemental Evil
    18: Greyhawk Ruins
    19: Perrenland
    20: Duchy of Tenh
    21: Hell Furnaces
    22: Free and Independent City of Dyvers
    23: Spindrift Islands
    24: Stonefist Hold
    25: Ull
    26: Valley of the Mage
    82: Fortification: Rampart
    83: Fortification: Bastion
    84: Fortification: Parapet
    85: Fortification: Bailey
    86: Fortification: Curtain Wall
    87: Fortification: Inner Wall
    88: Fortification: Bulwark
    89: Fortification: Barricade
    90: Fortification: Breastwork
    256: Thorvid
    257: Hettman Tsurin
    258: Tyrinon
    265: Lich Conclave
    266: Winged Horror
    267: Mature Gold Dragon
    274: Mike the Wolf Nomad
    275: Mordenkainen
    276: Drawmij
    283: Sysania
    284: Nenioc
    285: Arch-Druid
    298: Diamond
    299: Emerald
    300: Topaz
    451: Ren's Crystal Ball
    452: Codex of the Infinite Planes
    453: Eye and Hand of Vecna
    454: Cup of Al-Akbar
    488: Iuz, Avatar of Evil
    489: Lolth, the Spider Avatar
    504: Sea of Dust

    Ravenloft expansion set

    29: Spell Book of Drawmij

    Artifacts expansion set

    3: Iron Flask Tuerny Merciless
    4: Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty
    5: Machine of Lum the Mad
    6: Queen Ehlissa's Marvelous Nightingale
    7: Sword of Kas
    8: Talisman of Al'Akbar
    9: Teeth of Dalhvar-Nar
    35: Artifact Vault
    36: Artifact Champions
    73: Zielesch, Ancient Green Dragon
    76: Drawmij
    81: Erital Kaan-Ipzirel
    89: Hell Furnaces
    1 (of 20): Mace of Cuthbert
    6 (of 20): Onad the Weasel

    Powers expansion set

    12: Kelsur Brighteye
    23: Lyr of the Mists
    41: Bonemaster, Avatar of Nerull
    42: Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus
    43: Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz

    Underdark expansion set

    8: UnderOerth
    17: Cavern of the Gods
    59: The West Wind
    67: Invasion of the Undead
    71: The Uncaring, Avatar of Boccob
    93: Ellorelloran
    96: Fowron, the Giant
    3 (of 25): The Hoof of Auroch
    4 (of 25): The Ring of Gaxx
    19 (of 25): Oogly the Half-Orc

    Runes & Ruins expansion set

    1: Isle of the Ape
    26: Tenser's Castle
    28: Bigby the Great
    29: Tenser the Arch Mage
    32: Lord Robilar
    34: Vecna the Arch Lich
    35: Kas the Terrible
    36: Grimslade the Gray
    11 (of 25): Kuroth's Quill

    Draconomicon expansion set

    5: Griff Mountains
    6: Vesve Forest
    13: The Mistmarsh
    37: Greyhawk Dragon
    5 (of 25): Cron the Black

    Nightstalkers expansion set

    1: The Vast Swamp
    2: The Bandit Kingdom
    10: Thieve's Guild
    12: Guild Shop
    14: Assassin's Guild
    28: The Guildmaster
    35: Turin Deathstalker
    36: Simpkin "The Weasel" Furzear
    51: Book of the Dead
    53: Trumpet of Doom
    69: Winslow the Lich
    21 (of 25): Gib Irod

    Dungeons expansion set

    6: Labyrinth of Castle Greyhawk
    19: Spells from the Grave
    30: Border Post
    31: Border Garrison
    45: Tyvorg the Frost Giant
    55: Boiling Oil
    58: Battering Ram
    95: Drawmij's Beneficent Polymorph
    8 (of 25): Aliki
    12 (of 25): Telarie Willowind
    17 (of 25): The Builder
    19 (of 25): Rary's Apprentice

    Inquisitions online expansion set

    1: Castle Arborgate
    10: Village of Nulb
    23: Karistyne
    25: Jerome Kazinskaia
    28: Sarana
    29: Kiri Allavesse
    37: Otiluke
    38: Nystul
    39: Jallazari Sallavarian
    40: Treemon Crosse

    Millennium online expansion set

    21: Doomgrinder
    49: Barracks of the City of Greyhawk
    85: The Yatils

    Chaos online expansion set

    15: Hextor
    16: Tummbutt, the Faerie Dragon
    19: Avatar of Osprem

    Conquest online expansion set

    44: Romeis Gianthammer
    54: Gib Remuab, the Chase Hunter

    International products

    This section is reserved for future use.

    Organized play

    Miscellaneous convention adventures

    Tomb of Horrors (Origins I, July 1975)
    Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (1976)
    Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (Origins II, July 1976)
    Lost Tamoachan: The Hidden Shrine of Lubaatum (Origins V, June 1979)
    Deep Dwarven Delve (Gencon XII, August 1979)
    The Investigation of Hydell (AD&D Masters, Gencon XIII, August 1980)
    To the Aid of Falx (AD&D Open, Gencon South, 1981)
    Egg of the Phoenix (AD&D Open, Gencon XIV, August 1981)
    Doc's Island (AD&D Open, Gencon XIV, August 1981)
    The Dwarven Quest for the Rod of Seven Parts (AD&D Open, Gencon East II, June 1982)
    The Maze of Xaene (AD&D Open, EastCon, June 1983)
    Treasure of the Dragon Queen (Northeaster 2, April 1984)
    Quest for the Golden Orb (Origins, June 1984)
    Isle of the Ape (AD&D Master's, 1985)
    City of Brass (DragonCon 1, September 1987)
    Finger of the Wind (D&D Open, Gencon, August 2000)
    Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil (Winter Fantasy 2001)
    The Quest for Pain's Memory (Winter Fantasy 2002)

    Adventurer's Guild adventures

    Return of the Pick-Axe (2Q1998)
    Ill Omens (3Q1998)
    A Second Chance (3Q1998)
    The Trouble With Derro (4Q1998)
    Mission Brief 6106 SD XXXIV: Scarlet Brotherhood operative eyes only (1Q1999)
    The Displaced (2Q1998)
    Emissaries (3Q1999)
    Dragotha's Lair (4Q1999, also available for download)
    Crossbows & Crossbones (PDF, April 2000)

    Living Greyhawk


    Core scenarios

    COR1-00: The Citadel
    COR1-01: Dragon Scales at Morningtide
    COR1-02: The Reckoning
    COR1-03: River of Blood
    COR1-04: Fires of the Storm Tower
    COR1-05: Brendingund's Bride
    COR1-06: The Forbidden Choice
    COR1-07: Brendingund's Blood
    COR1-08: The Future's Bright
    COR1-09: Swamp Things
    COR2-01: As He Lay Dying
    COR2-02: Brendingund's Brood
    COR2-03: Amidst the Mists and Coldest Frosts
    COR2-04: Birthday Bash
    COR2-05: Beneath the Veil
    COR2-06: Finder's Keepers
    COR2-07: Ashes of Innocence
    COR2-08: Echo
    COR2-09: The Final Reckoning
    COR2-10: Forgotten Echoes
    COR2-11: Escape from Tenh
    COR2-12: The Plague of the Third Season
    COR2-13: Into the Dying Lands
    COR3-01: The Hidden Fortress
    COR3-02: Return to the Isles
    COR3-03: Fury of a Cold Man's Heart
    COR3-04: By Cunning and Forced Cause
    COR3-05: Circle of Sin
    COR3-06: Witch Hunt
    COR3-08: A Man With Nothing
    COR3-09: Face Value
    COR3-10: Sepulchre of the Wizard-King
    COR3-11: Forlorn Memories
    COR3-12: Endgame
    COR3-13: Traitor's Road
    COR3-14: Hunt for the Rogue
    COR3-15: Nine Lives
    COR3-16: Lerara
    COR3-17: When Orcs Attack
    COR3-18: Through Nature to Eternity
    COR3-19: Folly
    COR4-01: Shedding Scales
    COR4-02: The Stone Man's Puzzle
    COR4-03: Tropical Intrigue
    COR4-04: Red Tide
    COR4-05: Crystal Caverns of the Cairn Hills
    COR4-06: Duke of the Dust
    COR4-07: Full Circle to Oblivion
    COR4-08: The Letter
    COR4-09: A Tiger? In Ahlissa?
    COR4-10: Riddle of the Dust
    COR4-11: Crimson Thorns
    COR4-12: Key to the Grave
    COR4-13: A Wretched Soul
    COR4-14: Sympathy for the Baatezu
    COR4-15: War of the Dust
    COR4-16: The Frozen Spire
    COR4-17: Real Hero Blues
    COR4-18: In Never Rains in Nyrond
    COR4-19: That Which Was Not Meant To Be Known
    COR4-20: Like Salt on an Open Wound
    COR5-01: The Stone Man's Missive
    COR5-02: The Voice of Reason
    COR5-03: Atonement
    COR5-04: Desecrators of the Lord's Tomb
    COR5-05: A Marked Man
    COR5-06: Blood on Bright Sands
    COR5-07: Rings Within Rings
    COR5-08: Clipping Wings
    COR5-09: Gateway to the Bright Sands
    COR5-11: Dark Deceit on Bright Sands
    COR5-12: Return to the Undercity
    COR5-13: The Price of Power
    COR5-14: All Roads Lead to Rauxes
    COR5-15: Immortal Longings
    COR5-16: Here Comes the Sun!
    COR5-17: Time's Tide of Bright Sands
    COR5-18: Kusnir
    COR5-19: Retrubution
    COR5-20: Phantoms on Bright Sands
    COR6-01: A Story For Another Day
    COR6-02: Rallying Point for the Bright Sands
    COR6-03: Riders of the Grave
    COR6-04: A Long Way For A Little Knowledge
    COR6-05: The Barbarous Coast
    COR6-06: Elegy for a Broken King
    COR6-07: From the Dust
    COR6-08: Catching Breath
    COR6-09: Beneath the Bright Sands
    COR6-10: Murder in Elmshire
    COR6-11: Return to the Storm Tower
    COR6-12: The Calm Before the Storm
    COR6-13: Tears for Bright Sands
    COR6-14: Cloud of Darkness
    COR6-15: The Shrouded Shores of Abanfyl
    COR6-16: Dominion Over Bright Sands
    COR6-17: Something of Value
    COR6-18: Storm Ebb
    COR6-19: Heir Aberrant
    COR6-20: Shades of Grey
    COR7-01: Wrath of the Tomb of Horrors
    COR7-02: Bitter Fruit
    COR7-03: Second Chances from True Lies
    COR7-04: Freak of Nature
    COR7-05: City of Malice
    COR7-06: Drowning by Numbers
    COR7-07: Storm Harvest
    COR7-08: Sins of the Father
    COR7-09: Past Debts
    COR7-10: The Dark Gem
    COR7-11: Hidden Cache
    COR7-12: Heart's Desire
    COR7-13: Journey to the Hidden Shrine
    COR7-14: The Densac Queen
    COR7-15: Taking Flight
    COR7-16: Divided We Stand
    COR7-17: Rivalry and Treachery
    COR7-18: Into the Mist
    COR7-19: Wrath of the Slavelords
    COR7-20: Murder in the River Quarter
    COR8-01: Machinations
    COR8-02: Raiders of the Chaos Fields
    COR8-03: Aspirations
    COR8-04: Bridge Over Svartjet
    COR8-05: Pyre of the Righteous
    COR8-06: Entrapment
    COR8-07: Celebrations
    COR8-08: Lost Souls Eternal
    COR8-09: Ruins of Slumber
    COR8-10: Chains of Darkness
    COR8-11: Restoration & Empire
    COR8-12: Foundations
    CORS1-01: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil I
    CORS1-02: Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil II
    CORS2-01: The Fright at Tristor (reissue)
    CORS2-02: Isles of Woe
    CORS3-01: Assault on the Vault
    CORS3-02: Dust of the Dead World
    CORS3-03: Return to the Ghost Tower of Inverness
    CORS4-01: And All Things Come to Dust
    CORS4-02: Here There Be Dragons
    CORS4-03: Castle Greyhawk
    CORS4-04: Mad God's Key
    CORS5-01: The Jungle of Lost Ships
    CORS5-02: Mines of the Eye
    CORS5-03: Secrets of Tsojcanth
    CORS6-01: The Hanging Glacier
    CORS6-02: Pits of Azak-Zil
    CORS6-03: Shadows of the Dread Spiral
    COR6I-01: Beneath the Rushmoors
    COR6I-01: The Rushmoors Have Eyes
    CORS7-01: The City of Brass: The Burning Mansion
    CORS7-02: Rise of the Spider Queen
    CORS7-03: Into White Plume
    CORS8-01: Whispers of the Obsidian Citadel
    CORS8-02: Wheels Within Wheels
    CORSP4-02: Dragon Lore Prophecies
    CGR7-01: Ruins of Discovery
    CGR7-02: The Silent Barracks
    CGR8-01: Crypts of the Forgotten
    CGR8-02: Shatterstone

    Adaptable scenarios

    ADP1-01: A Chance Run-In
    ADP1-02: A Chance at Fortune
    ADP1-03: A Chance to Serve
    ADP1-04: What Lies Beneath
    ADP1-05: Festival Knight
    ADP1-06: Snake in the Grass
    ADP1-07: An Afternoon Outing (two parts)
    ADP1-08: A Plea From Beyond the Grave
    ADP1-09: Sinkhole
    ADP1-10: An Evil Morning
    ADP2-01: Descent into Darkness
    ADP2-02: Scent of a Demon

    Adapted scenarios

    ADP6-01: Fane of the Drow
    ADP6-02: Hellspike Prison
    ADP6-03: The Red Hand of Doom
    ADP6-04: Fields of Ruin
    ADP7-01: Dragondown Grotto
    ADP7-02: Scourge of the Howling Horde
    ADP7-03: The Frostfell Rift (Part 1)
    ADP7-04: The Frostfell Rift (Part 2)
    ADP7-05: Barrow of the Forgotten King
    ADP7-06: Expedition to the Demonweb Pits (three parts)
    ADP8-01: The Sinister Spire
    ADP8-02: Fortess of the Yuan-ti
    ADP8-03: Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk (four parts)

    DM's Challenges scenarion

    DMC1-01: Horrors Never Die, Part 1
    DMC1-02: Horrors Never Die, Part 2
    DMC1-03: Horrors Never Die, Part 3
    DMC1-04: Horrors Never Die, Part 4
    DMC2-01: Wail of the Banshee, Part 1
    DMC2-02: Wail of the Banshee, Part 2
    DMC2-03: Wail of the Banshee, Part 3

    Introductory scenarios

    INT7-01: Ambition's Folly
    INT7-02: Trial by Fire
    INT7-03: A Dead Man's Job
    INT7-04: Ritual of the Damned


    Living Greyhawk web site
    The Lost Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (August 2000)
    Living Greyhawk Deities (March 2005)
    Blight on Bright Sands Sourcebook (April 2005)
    Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook (May 2007)
    Greyhawk Ruins Sourcebook (2007)

    Metaregion I: The Sheldomar Valley

    Metaregional scenarios

    SHE3-01: Have Tome – Will Travel
    SHE3-02: Good Things Come in Small Packages
    SHE3-03: Shades of Grey
    SHE3-04: Sterich Burning
    SHE3-05: Righting the Wrongs
    SHE3-06: Seeking the Wronged
    SHE3-07: The Wrongs Corrected
    SHE4-01: Red Rendezvous
    SHE4-02: Check the Fine Print
    SHE4-03: Breaking Point
    SHE4-04: Fundamentals of Dweomercraft
    SHE4-05: Advanced Dweomercraft
    SHE4-06: Dark Clouds Over Istivin
    SHE4-07: A Matter of Trust
    SHE5-01: Sounds of Silence
    SHE5-02: Take A Giant Step
    SHE5-03: The Prophet's Voice
    SHE5-04: A Cup O'erturned
    SHE5-05: Eye of the Storm
    SHE5-06: A Study in Contrasts
    SHE6-01: Flesh Torn Asunder
    SHE6-02: Brooding Boughs
    SHE6-03: Things to do in Bissel When You're Dead
    SHE6-04: A Book Unburned
    SHE6-05: Into the Unknown
    SHE6-06: Steeped in Atrocity
    SHE6-07: Sight Unseen
    SHE7-01: Three to One's Wonder
    SHE7-02: A Whispered One's Return
    SHE7-03: Night of Madness
    SHE7-04: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    SHE7-05: Bones of Contention
    SHE7-06: Prophecy
    SHE7-07: Topaz is Forever
    SHE7-I1: Domino Theory
    SHE7-I2: Rangers Lead the Way
    SHE8-01: Severance
    SHE8-02: A Sight for Sore Eyes
    SHE8-03: Bloodlines
    SHE8-IN1: Above and Below

    Bissel scenarios

    BIS1-01: Winter Wonderland
    BIS1-02: The Quest for the Alabaster Palace
    BIS1-03: The Feast of Fate
    BIS1-04: A Walk in the Woods
    BIS1-05: A Deadly Bloom
    BIS1-06: A Baron's Tax
    BIS1-07: Blind Faith
    BIS1-08: Barrier Brew
    BIS1-09: The Barrenford Festival
    BIS1-10: A Knife in the Dark
    BIS2-01: Legacy of the Mask
    BIS2-02: Totem
    BIS2-03: The Bodkin
    BIS2-04: All That Withers
    BIS2-05: Chasing the Crown
    BIS2-A1: Wizardly Plans
    BIS2-A2: Armored Caravan
    BIS2-A3: One Fine Morning
    BIS2-A4: The Horror Under Wrekin
    BIS2-B1: Death to Flesh
    BIS2-B2: Unwanted Visitors
    BIS2-IN2: Grand Festival of Bissel
    BIS2-IN3: A Baron's Fate
    BIS3-01: Old Friends and Fens
    BIS3-02: Shadows in the Woods
    BIS3-03: Oakstaff
    BIS3-04: First Comes Marriage
    BIS3-05: Circles of Life
    BIS3-06: Loyal to a Fault
    BIS4-01: Murder in Pellak
    BIS4-02: Two Halves of the Whole
    BIS4-03: Face of the Enemy
    BIS4-04: Such a Great Weight of Water
    BIS4-05: Darkest Depths
    BIS4-06: Shadows Unearthed
    BIS4-07: Legions of Extinction
    BIS4-08: Keeps Your Friends Close
    BIS4-IN3: A Little Help for Our Friends
    BIS5-01: That's Rhomstaff!
    BIS5-02: Occupation
    BIS5-03: Trials and Triumphs
    BIS5-04: Uncovered Truths
    BIS5-05: Strange Bedfellows
    BIS5-06: Vanity and Vexation
    BIS5-07: Evard
    BIS5-IS1: Lizards in the Mist
    BIS5-IS2: A Day at the GAP
    BIS5-IS3: Words of Wisdom
    BIS5-IS4: Faith No More
    BIS5-IN1: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about War (But Were Afraid to Ask)
    BIS5-IN2: Battle of Sholem
    BIS5-IN3: Closing Arguments
    BIS5-IN4: Thornward
    BIS6-01: Splitting Heirs
    BIS6-02: Seeking Refuge
    BIS6-03: Back Taxes
    BIS6-04: Face of Copper
    BIS6-05: The Unauthorized Biography of Lady Constance Lendel
    BIS6-06: Opportunity NOCs
    BIS6-07: Grace Under Fire
    BIS6-IN1: All Roads Lead…
    BIS6-IN2: We're Gonna Party Like it's CY 595
    BIS6-IN3: Forests for the Trees
    BIS6-IN4: Barons Gone Wild
    BIS6-IN5: If on a Winter's Night an Adventurer...
    BIS7-01: It Always Rains on the Damned
    BIS7-02: Caravan
    BIS7-03: All That For a Bag of Silver?
    BIS7-04: Dark Heart of the Forest
    BIS7-05: Bastille
    BIS7-06: The Golden Masque
    BIS7-07: Radiance and Resolution
    BIS7-08: Under a Platinum Sky
    BIS7-IN1: Advantage of Numbers
    BIS7-IN2: Acceptable Losses
    BIS7-IN3: Unwelcome Guests
    BIS7-IN4: Embers of the Most Holy
    BIS7-IN5: Steady Currents Beneath Still Waters
    BIS7-IN6: The Tenth Day
    BIS8-01: A Terrible Thing to Waste
    BIS8-02: Wealth Beyond the Measure of Coin
    BIS8-03: Battle of the Bands
    BIS8-04: Flailing in the Dark
    BIS8-05: Necromancers on Ice
    BIS8-06: All Good Things

    Geoff scenarios

    GEO1-01: Runaway
    GEO1-02: Cat and Mouse
    GEO1-03: Gifts of the Fey
    GEO1-04: The Gonfalon of Gyuff
    GEO1-05: A Little Bit of Wood
    GEO1-06: Return of the Grand Duke
    GEO1-07: Shadows of a Fallen Star
    GEO1-08: Floating Down the River
    GEO1-09: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
    GEO1-10: Shhh...
    GEO1-11: Feather and Foul
    GEO1-12: A Pressing Matter
    GEO2-01: A Wise Man's Son
    GEO2-02: Veins of Trust
    GEO2-03: The Last of Nine
    GEO2-04: A Flower For A Giant's Grave
    GEO2-05: One Good Turn
    GEO2-06: Summer's Passing
    GEO2-00: Interactive - Jailbreak
    GEO3-01: A Small Knowing Soul
    GEO3-02: Mourning of a Risen Son
    GEO3-03: Curiousity Killed the Cat
    GEO3-04: A Break in the Silence
    GEO3-05: Debts Past Due
    GEO3-06: Rites of Eternal Spring
    GEO4-01: A Necessary Evil
    GEO4-02: A Stormy Night in Hochoch
    GEO4-03: Grace as Pure as Snow
    GEO4-04: Forest of Stone
    GEO4-05: Vision of a Lighted Path
    GEO4-06: Winter of Discontent
    GEO4-07: Return to Barrier Peaks
    GEO4-08: Massacre at Clear Sky
    GEO4-M01: The Castle of the Cloud Giant Patriarch
    GEO5-01: The Mantle of Heroes
    GEO5-02: Love as Bright as Blood
    GEO5-03: The Weight of Words
    GEO5-04: Facets of Power
    GEO5-05: A Key With No Teeth
    GEO5-06: Fate of Heroes
    GEO5-07: Bound in Clockwork
    GEO5-08: Sorrow as Deep as Night
    GEO5-09: Citadel of the Storm King
    GEO5-IS1: Never Tarry
    GEO5-IS2: Heroes Never Die
    GEO5-IS3: An Echo in the Darkness
    GEO5-IS4: Wagon Wheels
    GEOSpec5-01: From the Front
    GEOI5-01: Reverse Dungeon
    GEOI5-02: A Home in the Downlands
    GEOI5-05: Stormbreak
    GEO6-01: Shattered Houses
    GEO6-02: Dead Silence
    GEO6-03: A Dark Realm Divided
    GEO6-04: Delusions of Grandeur
    GEO6-05: A Gathering of Shadows
    GEO6-06: A Gathering of Storms
    GEO6-07: Lady of Oak and Oracles
    GEO6-IS1: Grace as Pure as Snow
    GEO6-IS2: Child's Play
    GEO6-IS3: The Old Ways
    GEO7-01: By Light of Twain Moons
    GEO7-02: Blood Feud
    GEO7-03: Breath of the Ancients
    GEO7-04: The Orb of War
    GEO7-05: A Whisper of Thunder
    GEO7-06: Spearbreaker
    GEO7-07: The Great Game
    GEO7-08: Grey Matter
    GEO7-IS1: Six Swords For Hire
    GEO7-IS2: The Hills are Alive
    GEO7-IS3: Pointed Arguments
    GEO8-01: Prince of the Oytwood
    GEO8-02: Whisper in the Wind
    GEO8-03: Where All Shadows Lie
    GEOIntro-01: Gifts of the Fey
    GEOIntro-02: Strangers in the Night
    GEOIntro-03: Lions in Hand
    GEOIntro-04: Fruit off the Vine

    Gran March scenarios

    GRM1-01: Into the Rushmoors
    GRM1-02: Caravan Duty
    GRM1-03: Horse Play
    GRM1-04: Ruins of Velstar Keep
    GRM1-05: Under Siege
    GRM1-06: A Deadly Beginning
    GRM1-07: Lesser of Two Goods
    GRM1-08: Tears of Blood
    GRM1-09: Strange Deadfellows
    GRM1-10: Fading Vision
    GRM1-11: The Festival of Bathilda
    GRM1-12: Field Maneuvers
    GRM1-IN1: A Day at Fort Endurance
    GRM2-01: Eyes on Orlane
    GRM2-02: The mines of Loras Ma
    GRM2-03: Midnight Dawn
    GRM2-04: The Free Band
    GRM2-05: Depth Perception
    GRM2-06: The Patrol (voided)
    GRM2-07: Malficius Ex Malficius (voided)
    GRM2-IN1: Exercise in Futility
    GRM2-IN3: Sewers of Seneshta
    GRM2-IN4: Battle of Orlane
    GRM2-IN5: A Dirty Job
    GRM3-01: The Toecutter
    GRM3-02: Rotting on the Vine
    GRM3-03: Shades of the Past
    GRM3-04: A Night in Birnham Woods
    GRM3-05: It Stalks the Night
    GRM3-06: Training Camp
    GRM3-07: Rustling in the Reeds
    GRM3-08: Trick of the Eye
    GRM3-09: In the Blink of an Unseeing Eye
    GRM3-IS1: Pilgrimage
    GRM3-IS2: The Gnome Who Cried Mole
    GRM3-IS3: The Militia Games
    GRM3-IN1: A Growfest Wedding
    GRM3-IN2: PRB and Wizards Conclave
    GRM3-IN3: Giant Slayers
    GRM4-01: Homecoming
    GRM4-02: The Royal Road to Hookhill
    GRM4-03: Ripe for the Picking
    GRM4-04: Justice!
    GRM4-05: Operation Black Night
    GRM4-06: Harvest Time
    GRM4-07: A Lack of Focus
    GRM4-08: Getting the Point in the End
    GRM4-IS1: A Week in the Life
    GRM4-IN1: A Simple Errar
    GRM4-IN4: To Fall Upon Honor
    GRM4-IN7: A Knight in Ander's Falls
    GRM4-IN8: Paved with Good Intention
    GRM5-01: The Commandant's Parlor
    GRM5-02: Enemy of my Enemy
    GRM5-03: Pruning at the Root
    GRM5-04: The Lines are Blurred
    GRM5-05: Familiar Territory
    GRM5-06: Family Fortunes
    GRM5-07: Justice Be Done
    GRM5-08: Up a Winding Stair
    GRM5-IS1: The Whispered Path
    GRM5-IN1: The Commandant's Fist
    GRM5-IN2: Trouble at Tribulation
    GRM5-IN3: The Lich Queen's Vengeance
    GRM5-IN4: In the Eleventh Hour
    GRM6-01: All That Is Secret and Hidden
    GRM6-02: Family Values
    GRM6-03: Crystal Clear
    GRM6-04: Curtains Drawn Around
    GRM6-05: The Trouble with Weeds
    GRM6-06: War of the Undying
    GRM6-07: Athenaeum
    GRM6-08: Coming Home
    GRM6-IS2: Exigency
    GRM6-IN1: Mound of Trouble
    GRM6-IN2: Notorious F.A.T.
    GRM6-IN3: The Depths of Haradaragh
    GRM7-01: Gnome Friends
    GRM7-02: Gullet
    GRM7-03: Who Sleeps Upon Your Bed
    GRM7-04: The Thread Within
    GRM7-05: Currents
    GRM7-06: The Order of Underworld Travelers
    GRM7-07: To Prove the Warm Affection
    GRM7-08: Thrall
    GRM7-09: The Lost and the Found
    GRM7-IN1: Stuck in the Muck
    GRM7-IN2: The Hard Road to Peace
    GRM7-IN3: Troubled Waters
    GRM7-IN4: By Right of Conquest
    GRM7-IN5: Hammerstrike
    GRM7-IN6: Hammerfall
    GRM7-IS1: Inauspicious
    GRM8-01: Consequences
    GRM8-02: Pest Control
    GRM8-03: Witness
    GRM8-04: Deceit
    GRM8-05: Quorum
    GRM8-IN1: Vanguard
    GRM8-IN2: Cattail Celebration

    Keoland scenarios

    KEO1-01: March Through Keoland
    KEO1-02: Little Reconnaissance
    KEO1-03: Charting the Course
    KEO1-04: Never Mined
    KEO1-05: All That Glitters
    KEO1-06: Evil in the Woods
    KEO1-07: Deathmarch
    KEO1-08: Warts and All
    KEO1-09: Dreadfog
    KEO2-01: Fleeing The Scene
    KEO2-02: Down Trodden
    KEO2-03: Stuck In A Moment
    KEO2-04: Illegal Aliens
    KEO2-05: Royal Rescue
    KEO2-06: Hunt In The Hool
    KEO2-07: Getting There Is Half The Fun
    KEO2-08: Pemlo's Lambic
    KEO3-01: The Tomb of Tloques-Popolocas
    KEO3-02: Predators and Prey
    KEO3-03: Will of the People
    KEO3-04: Of Witches and Warlocks
    KEO3-05: Crimes of the Heart
    KEO3-06: Chain Reaction
    KEO3-07: Old Secrets Never Die
    KEO3-08: A Little War: Prelude
    KEOI3-01: Precious Cargo
    KEOI3-02: Struck Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    KEOI3-03: Escape from Waldone Mountain
    KEOI3-04: Runaway Bride
    KEO3INT: Chamber of Souls
    KEO3INT: Gradsul by Gaslight
    KEO3INT: I Created a Monster
    KEO3INT: Victims & Villains
    KEO3INT: The Purloined Scroll Tube
    KEO3INT: Raiders of the Lost Tamoachan
    KEO3-IN: Uny-Con 2003
    KEO3-IN: Crookhollow Blues
    KEO3-IN: Dark Shadows over Gradsul
    KEO3-IN: Von Reiklande's Crypt
    KEO3-IN2: A Safe Haven?
    KEO3-IN?: The Mystery of Sir Mandison Laeveaole
    KEO4-01: Hope, Entwined
    KEO4-02: Active Imagination
    KEO4-03: Lasting Deeds
    KEO4-04: The Rain, the Wind, and the Night
    KEO4-05: A Dance at Midnight
    KEO4-06: Knights of Futures Past
    KEO4-07: In the Footsteps of the Fallen
    KEOI4-01: Hide and Seek
    KEOI4-02: Hool Goes There
    KEO4-IN1: COSCON Interactive: Secrets and Lies
    KEO4-IN2: Fog of War
    KEO4-IN3: The Dragon Hunters
    KEO4-IN4: Death by Chocolate
    KEO4-IN?: Winter's Turning
    KEO4-IN?: Cryllor: Secrets and Lies
    KEO5-01: For Want of a King
    KEO5-02: Twisted Chaos
    KEO5-03: Closure and Disclosure
    KEO5-04: Burning Brightly
    KEO5-05: The Madness of King Jorgos
    KEO5-06: A Tale of Two Lions
    KEO5-07: The Thin Edge of the Wedge
    KEOI5-01: Fast Times at Ravonnar High
    KEOI5-02: The Unwanted Ones
    KEOI5-03: Clearing Out the Chapterhouse
    KEO5-IN1: The Siege of Westkee
    KEO5-IN2: Secrets of the Sea Princes
    KEO5-IN3: Stokerfel Manor
    KEO5-IN4: Mission Implausible
    KEO5-IN5: Welcome to New Silverdeep
    KEO6-01: Like a Leech
    KEO6-02: Forest of Ribbons
    KEO6-03: Baby's Breath
    KEO6-04: Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
    KEO6-05: Pemlo's Legacy
    KEO6-06: The Price of Hospitality
    KEO6-07: Forest of Scales
    KEO6-08: By Virtue or Venture
    KEOI6-1: Forest Iron
    KEOI6-2: Wasteland
    KEO6-IN1: A View from the Edge of Madness
    KEO6-IN2: 20,000 Leagues Under the Azure Sea
    KEO6-IN4: Guild Wars
    KEO6-IN5: An End to Tranquility
    KEO6-IN6: The Rushmoors Have eyes
    KEO6-IN7: Out of the Forest and Into the Fire
    KEO6-IN8: Out of the Wood and Into the Fire
    KEO7-01: Herald of Woe
    KEO7-02: Mist Taken
    KEO7-03: To Catch a Thief
    KEO7-04: Castlefall
    KEO7-05: Face of the Scourge
    KEO7-06: A Bright Scaled Horror
    KEO7-07: The Stalkyard
    KEO7-08: Forest of Caverns
    KEO7-09: Thick as Thieves
    KEOI7-1: A New Brew
    KEOI7-5: The Makaster Code
    KEO7-IN1: Deep into the Oerth
    KEO7-IN2: Look Who is Coming to Dinner
    KEO7-IN3: The Grotto of Sodden Shadows
    KEO7-IN4: Up the Creek
    KEO7-IN5: The Makaster Code
    KEO7-IN6: All Along the Watchtower
    KEO7-IN7: The Battle of Halfway
    KEO8-01: Forest of the Outlands
    KEO8-02: The Daunting Spire
    KEO8-03: Forest of Two Kingdoms
    KEO8-04: The Secret
    KEO8-05: The Last Stand
    KEO8-06: Aftermath
    KEO8-IN1: Forest Besieged
    KEO8-IN2: For Hool the Bell Tolls
    KEO8-IN3: Scouting the Dread
    KEO8-IN4: The Stone's Flow
    KEO?INT: Blood Moon Over Gradsul
    KEO?-IN?: Counterstike
    KEO?-IN?: With her Pearly Whites…
    KEO?-IN?: The Tomb of Doom

    Principality of Ulek scenarios

    ULP1-01: Find My Son
    ULP1-02: Spies Like Us
    ULP1-03: Crypt of Promise
    ULP1-04: Downward
    ULP1-05: Tomb Raiders
    ULP1-06: The Rescuers
    ULP1-07: Spyder's Quest
    ULP1-08: To Rejoin an Empire
    ULP1-09: At the Edge of the Abyss
    ULP1-10: Hoch Jebline
    ULP1-11: Two Heads are Better than One
    ULP1-12: Only the Beginning
    ULP1-A: A Day in the Hills
    ULP1-B: Lost Children
    ULP1-C: Walking Dead
    ULP2-01: From All Sides
    ULP2-02: Further Downward
    ULP2-03: Plea To An Empire
    ULP2-04: Mountain Manor
    ULP2-05: From The Isles
    ULP2-06: Fort Stonewall
    ULP2-07: Messengers
    ULP2-08: Vanished
    ULP2-A: The Piper
    ULP2-B: Cave-in
    ULP2-C: Out of This World
    ULP2-D: The Dark Alchemist (Part 1)
    ULP2-E: The Dark Alchemist (Part 2)
    ULP2-I01: Invasion of the Lortmils
    ULP2-I02: The Coin Festival
    ULP3-01: Old Tales
    ULP3-02: Recon
    ULP3-03: Even Further Downward
    ULP3-04: Wrapped in Death
    ULP3-05: Jailbreak
    ULP3-06: A Romantic Interlude
    ULP3-07: The Key
    ULP3-08: Lost Dwarves
    ULP3-I01: March of the Dead
    ULP3-I02: Journey to Ascension
    ULP3Intro-01: Find My Son
    ULP3Intro-02: Boot Camp
    ULP3Intro-03: Gone Missing
    ULP3Intro-04: Spelunking
    ULP4-01: Even Further Downward Still
    ULP4-02: Axe of Corond
    ULP4-03: Dark Trade
    ULP4-04: Ring of Death
    ULP4-05: Death to Undeath
    ULP4-06: Just Bring It!
    ULP4-07: Chasing Smoke
    ULP4-08: Legacy of Blood
    ULP4I-01: Spring Festival
    ULP4I-02: Cry of Despair
    ULP4I-03: Hunt for the Warlord
    ULP4I-04: The Fharlangathion
    ULP4I-05: Message Board
    ULP4Intro-01: Skin Trade
    ULP4Intro-02: Homeward Bound
    ULP4Intro-03: Company Store
    ULP4Intro-04: Heartless
    ULP5-01: Storms Over the Azure Sea
    ULP5-02: Gem of Life
    ULP5-03: Mind Games
    ULP5-04: Persuasion
    ULP5-05: Under the Influence
    ULP5-06: Signs and Portents
    ULP5-07: The Canticle of Fate
    ULP5-08: Flotsam and Jetsam
    ULP5-09: Traveling Tales
    ULP5I-01: Evanescence
    ULP5I-02: When Rivers Run Dry
    ULP5I-03: Jolly Roger on the Horizon
    ULP5I-04: Brothers in Arms
    ULP5I-05: Striking While the Iron is Hot
    ULP5I-06: Preying on Hope's Deliverance
    ULP5Intro-01: Parting Gifts
    ULP5Intro-02: Mildowney's Magnificent Menagerie
    ULP5Intro-03: Curtain Call
    ULP5Intro-04: Irony
    ULP6-01: Written in Stone
    ULP6-02: Hook, Line, and Sinker
    ULP6-03: Flesh and Mettle
    ULP6-04: Mixed Messages
    ULP6-05: Family Troubles
    ULP6-06: Mind Your Elders
    ULP6-07: Return Favors
    ULP6I-01: Jolly Roger in the Mists
    ULP6I-02: Operation: Rampart
    ULP6I-03: Two If By Sea
    ULP6I-04: The Bloody Rock
    ULP6I-05: The Day Of Broken Blades
    ULP6Intro-01: Prose and Cons
    ULP6Intro-02: The Paper Chase
    ULP6Intro-03: The Cold Distance
    ULP7-01: Sudden Death
    ULP7-02: Through Enemy Eyes
    ULP7-03: Against the Dying of the Light
    ULP7-04: Broken Chains
    ULP7-05: Find My Dad
    ULP7-06: Portents of the Matron
    ULP7-07: Pieces of Eight
    ULP7-08: Downward: Rock Bottom
    ULP7-09: Chill
    ULP7I-01: Pipes and Principle
    ULP7I-02: Something Old, Something New
    ULP7I-03: Rites of Passage
    ULP7I-04: The Black Threads of Fate
    ULP7I-05: Undisputed
    ULP7I-06: Undisputed Revelry
    ULP7Intro-01: That Old Familiar Feeling
    ULP7Intro-02: School Daze
    ULP7-MINI01: What Goes Up
    ULP7-MINI02: The Latest Buzz
    ULP7-MINI03: Drinking Buddies
    ULP7-MINI04: Faith and Stone
    ULP7-MINI05: Road to Havenhill
    ULP7-MINI06: At Death's Door
    ULP8-01: Words of Wisdom
    ULP8-02: Sundered Bonds
    ULP8-03: The Mind of a Spyder
    ULP8-04: Serious Inquiries Only
    ULP8-INT02: Shards of Shattered Darkness

    Yeomanry scenarios

    YEO1-01: Masking the Truth
    YEO1-02: Throwing Stones
    YEO1-03: Blighted Winds
    YEO1-04: Rogue Rescue
    YEO1-05: Charting the Course
    YEO1-06: Cold Blooded
    YEO1-07: Hole in the Wall
    YEO1-08: Fell Creatures
    YEO2-01: The Fires Of Truth
    YEO2-02: Stomping Grounds
    YEO2-03: Echoes of a Distant Thunder
    YEO2-04: Heir Unapparent
    YEO2-05: Fleeing The Scene
    YEO2-06: Scarlet Waters
    YEO2-07: Giants In The Earth
    YEO2-08: The Hole Truth
    YEO3-01: Guard Dogs
    YEO3-02: In Darkness, Despair
    YEO3-03: Sticks and Stones
    YEO3-04: Crimson Skies
    YEO3-05: A Friend In Need
    YEO3-06: Rhythm of Drums
    YEO3-07: Squeal Like a Pig
    YEO3-IS1: Masking the Truth
    YEO4-01: Flesh and Spirit
    YEO4-02: Petals
    YEO4-03: Dust to Dust
    YEO4-04: Season of the Wolf
    YEO4-05: Whispers of Deceit
    YEO4-06: By Brick and Mortar
    YEO4-07: The Heart of Betrayal
    YEO4-08: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
    YEO4-IS1: Thickets Dirge
    YEO5-01: Attack Dogs
    YEO5-02: Shield of Fury, Shield of Faith
    YEO5-03: Break My Bones
    YEO5-04: Prophecies of Ash
    YEO5-05: Into the Scarlet Flames
    YEO5-06: Broken Spear
    YEO5-07: Blighted Souls
    YEO5-IN1: Redemption
    YEO5-IN2: All Debts Paid
    YEO5-IS1: Here Comes the Bride
    YEO6-01: Night, Knight
    YEO6-02: Seeking Scarlet Glory
    YEO6-03: Of My Enemy
    YEO6-04: Blood Shadows
    YEO6-05: The Menagerie
    YEO6-06: Howl at the Moon
    YEO6-IN1: Missing!
    YEO7-01: A Curious Diversion
    YEO7-02: Skin Deep
    YEO7-03: Another Bride
    YEO7-04: Dusty Tomes
    YEO7-05: Honor Among Friends
    YEO7-06: A Betrayal Most Foul
    YEO7-07: Dark Gate Stalkers
    YEO7-IN1: Barroom Brawl
    YEO7-IS1: Guards for Hire
    YEO8-01: A Widow's Tears
    YEO8-02: Opposing Forces
    YEO8-03: Wanted – Citizen – Dead or Alive
    YEO8-05: Finders, Keepers
    YEO8-06: An Ebon Spike
    YEO8-IN1: There Will Be Blood
    YEO8-IN2: Desperate Measures

    Metaregion II: Velverdyva, Tuflik and Fals Trade Route

    Metaregional scenarios

    VTF3-01: Nor Crystal Falls
    VTF3-02: Undertow
    VTF3-03: Between Mitrik and a Hard Place
    VTF3-04: Hunt Club
    VTF3-05: Firestorm
    VTF3-06: A Smile in the Mist
    VTF3-07: Midnight in the Garden of Law and Chaos
    VTF4-01: Flicker
    VTF4-02: Conflagration
    VTF4-03: Whirlpool of Madness
    VTF4-04: Insideous Malfeasance
    VTF4-05: The Air Node
    VTF4-06: Storm of the Millenium
    VTF4-07: Sticks and Stones
    VTF5-01: Bonds of Light and Darkness
    VTF5-02: Reaping the Darkness
    VTF5-03: Once Upon a Time in the West
    VTF5-04: Secrets and Lies
    VTF5-05: Whispering Harm
    VTF5-06: Faith and Love
    VTF6-01: Fault Lines
    VTF6-02: Touched by an Angel
    VTF6-03: Red on the Horizon
    VTF6-04: Faire Trade
    VTF6-05: Autumn
    VTF6-06: The Earth Dragon Cometh
    VTF7-01: Glass Beads
    VTF7-02: Ascent
    VTF7-03: In the Arms of Angels
    VTF7-04: Mint Collections
    VTF7-05: Underhandedness
    VTF7-06: Left Unsaid
    VTF7-07: Storm Season
    VTFINT7-02: Ley of the Land
    VTF8-01: The Storm
    VTF8-02: Red Skies in the Morning
    VTF8-03: A Mother's Love

    City of Dyvers scenarios

    DYV1-01: Dine and Dash
    DYV1-02: Dish Best Served Cold
    DYV1-03: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
    DYV1-04: Fair Play
    DYV1-05: Setting the Stage
    DYV1-06: Bunny Go Down the Hole
    DYV1-07: Corsairs
    DYV1-08: Blinded by the Darkness
    DYV1-09: Bragging Rights
    DYV1-10: The Power of Gold
    DYV2-01: Strike!
    DYV2-02: Everyman's Dream
    DYV2-03: Out of the Blue
    DYV2-04: Eloped!
    DYV2-05: The King of Box Town
    DYV2-06: A Crime of Faith
    DYV2-07: Will You Be Mine?
    DYV2-08: Hard Evidence
    DYV3-01: Feather, Feather, Where is the Feather?
    DYV3-02: Funeral for a Friend
    DYV3-03: Tickling the Tail of the Dragon
    DYV3-04: Splintered Timbers
    DYV3-06: One for Those Long Gone
    DYV3-07: Dock Work
    DYV3-08: A Cure for What Ails Thee
    DYV3-09: Exile
    DYVIntro3-01: Zendrelda's Tower
    DYVIntro3-02: High Stakes
    DYV4-01: Legacy of Elemental Evil
    DYV4-02: Basement Cleaning
    DYV4-03: Urban Renewal
    DYV4-04: A Dream Given Form
    DYV4-05: Tiptoeing Among Dragons
    DYV4-06: A House Divided
    DYV4-07: Tides of Tambrosh
    DYV4-08: Linchpin
    DYVIntro4-01: The Trade
    DYVIntro4-02: City of Sales
    DYVIntro4-03: Lion of Westguard
    DYVI4: Portal to the Shadow Realm
    DYV5-01: Setting in the West
    DYV5-02: Rising in the East
    DYV5-03: Dining With The Dragon
    DYV5-04: No More!
    DYV5-05: Riposte
    DYV5-06: Matters of the Heart
    DYV5-07: End of the Line
    DYV5-08: Casualties of War
    DYV5-09: What Know You of Peace
    DYVIntro5-01: Maraven Inn
    DYVIntro5-02: A House, A Door, A Dilemma
    DYVIntro5-03: Nature's Child
    DYVIntro5-04: Exoneration
    DYVI5: Weekend in Dyvers Interactive
    DYVINT5-03: East vs. West
    DYVINT5-05: Old Debts of Old Wicked
    DYVINT5-06: The Riddle of Bainbridge Manor
    DYV6-01: Festival of the Blood Moon
    DYV6-02: Into the Dragon's Maw
    DYV6-03: Forevergreen
    DYV6-04: The Dyvisive Deep
    DYV6-05: Black as Night
    DYV6-06: Walpurgis: The Dark Night
    DYV6-07: Knave of Box Town
    DYV6-08: In Search of Blackthorn
    DYVIntro6-01: Profits From Beneath the Waves
    DYVIntro6-02: Darkwood
    DYVIntro6-03: A Sailor's Life For Me
    DYVIntro6-04: Last Laugh
    DYVINT6-01: The Raising of Southguard
    DYVINT6-02: Fallen Hero, Risen God
    DYVINT6-03: Festival of the Sea
    DYVINT6-04: Festival of the Sea (?)
    DYVINT6-05: Ruins of Lidaere and Winter in the Westlands
    DYV7-01: Vanguard
    DYV7-02: Chain of Lies
    DYV7-03: Dyvisions
    DYV7-04: Throw Open the Gates of Heaven
    DYV7-05: The Angry Wood
    DYV7-06: Siggoran's Gambit
    DYV7-07: The Dyvide
    DYV7-08: Crow's Nest
    DYV7-09: Darkness Cometh
    DYVINT7-02: In Defense of Tricaster
    DYVINT7-03: Shore Leave
    DYV8-01: A Small Problem
    DYV8-02: Broken Circle
    DYV8-03: Wake the Dead
    DYV8-04: Gleaning the Cubes
    DYV8-05: Dyvinity
    DYV8-06: Plain Facts
    DYVINT8-01: The End
    DYVINT?: One Day War
    DYVINT?: Invasion of Admundfort

    Ekbir scenarios

    EKB2-01: La Légende de Glendaloch
    EKB2-02: Les Griffes du Morskmogil
    EKB2-03: Un Parfum de Rose
    EKB2-01M: Assassins!
    EKB3-01: Piégés d'avance
    EKB3-03: Consumé par son Amour
    EKB3-04: Les Ombres d'Abn Toubkal
    EKB3-01M: L'Appel du Bassin (originally EKBS3-02)
    EKB3-02M: La Tour d'Atios
    EKB3-03M: Raid sur Talbeyir
    EKB3-01S: Le Complot (Les Hautes-Eaux)
    EKB4-01: Le Fugitif
    EKB4-02: Pour une Poignée d'Etoiles
    EKB4-03: Les Tours Naissantes
    EKB4-04: Le Retour de Zuoken
    EKB4-01M: Reconnaissance sous-marine à Atios
    EKB4-02M: Le Roi des Tritons
    EKB5-01: Dans l'Ombre de la Haine
    EKB5-02: Le Chant du Tocsin
    EKB5-03: La Proie pour l'Ombre
    EKB5-04: Retour à Castel Ashir
    EKB5-05: La Mission Tusmane
    EKB5-06: La Mission Ekbirienne
    EKB5-07: Un Fil la Patte
    EKB5-08: En Etat De Grace
    EKB5-01I: Grand Sourire, Grande Guele
    EKB5-02I: Et pour quelques coupes de plus
    EKB5-03I: La Légende de Glendaloch
    EKB5-01M: Les Maitres des Squales
    EKB6-01: Une Bouteille à la Mer
    EKB6-02: Le Cadeau d'Al'Zarad
    EKB6-03: Le Secret du Chevalier noir
    EKB6-04: Une Lumière dans la Nuit
    EKB6-05: L'île du Sang
    EKB6-06: Infestation
    EKB6-07: Force et Honneur
    EKB6-01I: L'Escorte
    EKB6-02M: Le Monastère de Glendaloch
    EKB6-01S: Le Défi du Prince
    EKB6-03S: Les Larmes des Anges
    EKB6-01X: Les Poèmes de
    EKB7-01: Les Profundes de Rocfaille
    EKB7-02: Ames Perdues
    EKB7-03: Dans les griffes du Tigre
    EKB7-04: L'Héritage
    EKB7-01S: L'Exode de Murenshi
    EKB7-02S: Le Choc des Titans
    EKB8-01: La Relique
    EKB8-02: En Terre Ennemie
    EKB8-01S: Mélodie en Sous-sol
    Backstab 33: La Mort et son Cheval Blanc
    Backstab 34: La Guerre de la 73e sourate
    Backstab 36: Histoire de Mines
    Le Cor d'Irian

    Ket scenarios

    KET1-01: A Favour
    KET1-02: Fallen Hero
    KET1-03: Trail of Fears
    KET1-04: Search for the Lost
    KET1-05: Thicker than Water
    KET2-01: Tale of One City
    KET2-02: Shockwave
    KET2-03: Fish Out Of Water
    KET2-04: Treasure Hunt
    KET2-05: Diamonds in the Rough
    KET2-06: Valley of the Lost
    KET3-01: Lowest of the Low
    KET3-02: And Battles to be Won
    KET3-03: Into Thin Air
    KET3-04: Sneers of the Mind
    KET3-05: Broken Faith
    KET3-06: Burned Flour in High Dough
    KET3-07: Bounty Hunt
    KET3I-01: Secrets of the Past
    KET3I-02: Choices
    KET3I-03: Do You Take This Man?
    KET3I-04: On the Road Again
    KET4-01: The Rescue of Sanjar the 'Low'
    KET4-02: That Which Remains
    KET4-03: Double Dog Dare
    KET4-04: Water the Meadows
    KET4-05: Oracle
    KET4-06: At the Feet of the Dragon
    KET4-07: The Darkeye Hour
    KET4-08: Ruin
    KET4-09: All's Fair
    KET4I-01: Of Dragons, Demigods, and Ancient Times
    KET5-01: Choices of the Dragon
    KET5-02: Recruitment Drive
    KET5-03: The Missing
    KET5-04: All the Grafsmen
    KET5-05: Redemption
    KET5-06: Lesser Children
    KET5-07: Lifting the Latch
    KET5I-01 Best Man for the Job
    KET6-01: The Prize
    KET6-02: Rules of Engagement
    KET6-03: Closing the Deal
    KET6-04: Stones
    KET6-05: Honest Work
    KET6-06: The Patriots Post
    KET6-07: The Good of All
    KET6I-01: Old Man Mullah Had a Shrine
    KET7-01: Balance of Secrets
    KET7-02: The Wicked Returns
    KET7-03: Balance of Harmony
    KET7-04: 5th Name
    KET7-05: Like Bees to Honey
    KET7-06: Balance of Peace
    KET7-07: Balance of Ket
    KET7-08: Blot Out the Sun
    KET7-09: A Thorny Issue
    KET8-01: Visible Means
    KET8-02: Crossing the Threshold
    KET8-03: Blood of the True
    KET8-04: This Old House
    KET8-05: Priorities
    KET8-06: The Empty Throne

    Tusmit scenarios

    TUS2-01: Flophouse
    TUS2-02: The Hills Are Alive
    TUS2-03: The Galda Coast
    TUS2-04: Forest of Retribution
    TUS2-05: Better Off Forgotten
    TUS2-06: Light The Flame
    TUS2-07: Fallen From The Sky
    TUS2-08: Historical Restoration
    TUS2-INT01 - Elimination
    TUS3-01: The Haunted House of Bin-Khadji
    TUS3-02: Rise of the Ur-Flan
    TUS3-03: And So it Begins...
    TUS3-04: The Flames of War
    TUS3-05: Temple of the Dragon
    TUS3-I01: The Pashas Birthday
    TUS3-I02: A Day in The Park
    TUS3-I03: Big Troubles In Little Tusmit
    TUS3-I04: Sailing The Tuflik River
    TUS3-INT01: Trial Of The Dragon
    TUS3-INT02: La Chicane Dans Le Voisinage
    TUS3-INT03: Festival Games
    TUS3-INT04: Visite Divine
    TUS3-INT05: Dark Risings/L'eveil Des Tenebres
    TUS3-INT06: Exalted Pains/Soucis Exaltes
    TUS4-01: Spoils of War
    TUS4-02: Grave Consequences
    TUS4-03: A Very Good Year
    TUS4-04: My Big Fat Tusman Wedding
    TUS4-05: Secrets of the Dragon
    TUS4-06: Daoud, Where's My Cart
    TUS4-07: Eyes on the Prize
    TUS4-08: All's Fair
    TUS4-I01: Ignorance is No Excuse
    TUS4-I02: Tricks of the Trade
    TUS4-I03: Miss Khundgeniality
    TUS4-I04: Sorry for the Meal
    TUS4-INT401: All the Pasha's Horses and all the Pasha's Men
    TUS4-INT402: Promenons-nous dans le Bois
    TUS4-INT403: In Love and War
    TUS4-INT404: 22 Short Mods about Tusmit
    TUS4-INT405: Rebellion
    TUS4-INT406: Stoned as a Rock
    TUS5-01: Plague of the Dead
    TUS5-02: Dancing out with the Starlit Mage
    TUS5-03: Strands of Faith
    TUS5-04: Brothers in Arms
    TUS5-05: Strife and Chaos
    TUS5-06: The Tusman Job
    TUS5-07: The Ekbirrian Job
    TUS5-08: Injustice for All
    TUS5-09: Dance on a Volcano
    TUS5-I01: Riders of the Tusman Hills
    TUS5-I02: Rebellion Outbreak
    TUS5-I03: Misplaced Childhood
    TUS5-I04: Horse Keepers
    TUS5-INT01: The Dirty Half-Dozen
    TUS5-INT02: Trial Of The Dragon
    TUS5-INT03: Run To The Hills
    TUS5-INT04: Out of the Frying Pan
    TUS5-INT05: Last Stand in the Sehla
    TUS5-INT06: Festival of the Harvest
    TUS5-INT07: Treasures of Tusmit
    TUS5-INT08: Revenge
    TUS5-INT09: Udgru Challenge
    TUS6-01: Gambling with Fate
    TUS6-02: It Came from the Udgru
    TUS6-03: Spy Games
    TUS6-04: Arcane Fate
    TUS6-05: Blaze of Glory
    TUS6-06: Sowing the Seeds
    TUS6-07: Dancing out with the Moonlit Knight
    TUS6-08: All this for a Wedding
    TUS6-09: Fell in Disgrace
    TUS6-I01: The Tusman Camel
    TUS6-I02: Timing Need
    TUS6-I03: Home Alone
    TUS6-INT01: Spy Vs Spy
    TUS6-INT02: Tales Of The Ashes
    TUS6-INT03: Unravelling The Fabric Of Tusmit
    TUS6-INT04: The Meeting
    TUS7-01: The Seven League Strike
    TUS7-02: Bringing the Rain...
    TUS7-03: Faithfully Correct
    TUS7-04: The Roots of Chaos
    TUS7-05: Rising Ire
    TUS7-06: Tending the Fields
    TUS7-07: The Stone Gardens
    TUS7-INT01: Seeds Of Hate
    TUS7-INT02: Trials
    TUS8-01: Reaping the Harvest
    TUS8-02: One More for the Road
    TUS8-03: Lovers in a Dangerous Time
    TUS8-04: In Umbra Draconis
    TUSINT5-01: The Dirty Half-Dozen
    TUSINT5-02: Trial of the Dragon
    TUSINT5-05: Last Stand in the Sehla
    TUSINT5-06: Festival of the Harvest
    TUSINT5-07: Spy Games
    TUSINT5-08: Treasures of Tusmit
    TUSINT6-01: Spy vs Spy
    TUSINT6-02: Tales of the Ashes
    TUSINT6-03: Unravelling the Fabric of Tusmit
    TUSINT7-01: Seeds of Hate
    TUSINT7-02: Trials

    Veluna scenarios

    VEL1-01: Mines of Austor
    VEL1-02: Under the Streets
    VEL1-03: Poachers Will Be Shot
    VEL1-04: Like Water Under the Bridge
    VEL1-05: Leuko's Last Stand
    VEL1-06: Fields of Peren
    VEL1-07: The Delivery
    VEL1-08: Bodach Invasion
    VEL1-09: The Dig
    VEL2-01: It's A Kinda Magic
    VEL2-02: A Cup of Tears
    VEL2-03: In Darkness Lurks
    VEL2-04: The Spectre of Lorridges
    VEL2-05: The Catacombs of Mitrik
    VEL2-06: Under A Blood Red Sky
    VEL2-07: The Return To Shandalanar
    VEL2-08: What's Behind This Crate?
    VEL3-01: Lost Secret of the Lortmils
    VEL3-02: The Wing of a Butterfly
    VEL3-03: A Family Affair
    VEL3-04: Shrouded in Mist
    VEL3-05: Spire of Herion's Malice
    VEL3-06: Eye Hand Coordination
    VEL3-07: Pixie in a Bottle
    VEL3-08: Escape from Shandalanar
    VEL3-09: The Accursed Rings
    VELINT3-01: Of Mines and Men
    VELINT3-02: The Bishops Gift
    VELINT3-03: Crimson Steeple
    VELINT3-04: Ad Populum
    VEL4-01: Whispers in the Dark
    VEL4-02: Sins of the Father
    VEL4-03: War of the Rings
    VEL4-04: Enemy of My Enemy
    VEL4-05: Heart of Darkness
    VEL4-06: A Harvest of Souls
    VEL4-07: Behind Enemy Lines
    VEL4-08: Shadow of the Serpent
    VEL4-09: Shattered Faith
    VELINT4-01: What a Tangled Web
    VELINT4-02: Prejudice and Pride
    VELINT4-03: Divided We Fall
    VELINT4-04: Snow Storm
    VEL5-01: The Beast Within
    VEL5-02: Key to Reason
    VEL5-03: The Forgotten
    VEL5-04: Blood Money
    VEL5-05: The Lost
    VEL5-06: Fangs of the Serpent
    VEL5-07: A is for Anarchy
    VEL5-08: The Reaping (Part 1)
    VEL5-09: The Reaping (Part 2)
    VEL6-01: Release the Hounds
    VEL6-02: Scum and Villainy
    VEL6-03: Circular Logic
    VEL6-04: Shadowdancing
    VEL6-05: The Fox and the Hounds
    VEL6-06: The Dark Path
    VEL6-07: The Ever-Turning Path
    VEL6-08: Hearts Lament
    VEL6-09: Whither Shandalanar
    VELINT6-01: Misunderstood
    VELINT6-02: Widow's Lament
    VEL7-01: Beneath the Rock
    VEL7-02: Idle Hands
    VEL7-03: Unlamented
    VEL7-04: Chasing Keys
    VEL7-05: Hound at Bay
    VEL7-06: Border Watch
    VEL7-07: Harbinger of Shadows
    VEL8-01: One Dirty Job
    VEL8-02: Nature vs. Nurture
    VEL8-03: A Day at the Museum
    VEL8-04: The Planting
    VEL8-05: Essence of Peace

    Verbobonc scenarios

    VER1-01: Noble Ambitions
    VER1-02: Giants on the Move
    VER1-03: Gift of Beauty
    VER1-04: How Greenway Was My Valley
    VER1-05: Games Afoot
    VER1-06: Forest of Mysteries
    VER1-07: Knocking on the Keep
    VER1-08: Abbey of Intrigue
    VER1-09: Knights and Days
    VER1-10: For Man Nor Beast
    VER2-01: Enemy Within
    VER2-02: Granite Keep
    VER2-03: A Friend In Need
    VER2-04: Goblin Krown
    VER2-05: Silver Moon
    VER2-06: Glory Town
    VER2-07: Master of Puppets
    VER2-08: Griffon's Blood
    VER3-01: Armor Class
    VER3-02: How Much Wood Would...
    VER3-03: Glory Dimmed
    VER3-04: A Matter of Love
    VER3-05: Something's Rotten in Eglath
    VER3-06: Never Read Somebody's Diary
    VER3-07: Decision At Sheernob
    VER3-08: Mirror in the Quagmire
    VERIntro3-01: Cat Burglar
    VERIntro3-02: A Hunting We Will Go
    VERIntro3-03: Teeth of the Storm
    VER4-01: So Things Come to Confusion
    VER4-02: A Costly Gamble
    VER4-03: Glory's Warriors
    VER4-04: Ship of Fools
    VER4-05: Dwarven Dawn
    VER4-06: A Fool's Errand
    VER4-07: Reunification
    VER4-08: Beauty and Two Beasts
    VER4-09: Wicked Three
    VERIntro4-01: It's Never That Simple
    VERIntro4-02: Jorens Tomb
    VERIntro4-03: Sewer Rats
    VERIntro4-04: Seen and Not Seen
    VER5-01: Deep in the Lortmils
    VER5-02: Fallen Hero
    VER5-03: Minions of Shadow and Fire
    VER5-04: Fool's Gold
    VER5-05: A Swan-Like Ending
    VER5-06: In the Viscount's Secret Service
    VER5-07: Crown Fire
    VERIntro5-01: Roses and Red, Violets are Blue
    VERIntro5-02: A Debt to Pay
    VERIntro5-03: RubyFalls
    VER6-01: The Discontent of Our Winter
    VER6-02: Delve the Wizards Dungeon
    VER6-03: Castle Estival
    VER6-04: Sign of the Black Orchid
    VER6-05: Reclamation
    VER6-06: The Ties That Bind
    VER6-07: Ride the Merchant's Highway
    VERIntro6-01: Paper Chase
    VERIntro6-02: The Forsest for the Trees
    VERS6-01: Crewel Intentions
    VER7-01: Cleanse Thy House
    VER7-02: Storm the Dragon's Bastion
    VER7-03: Mourning Glory
    VER7-04: Hidden Within Halls of Iron
    VER7-05: The Lion and the Dragon
    VER7-06: The Swan and the Crow
    VER7-07: A Bitter Pill
    VER7-08: Race the Spirit's Lightning
    VER7-09: Jinxed
    VERIntro7-01: Small Souvenirs
    VER8-01: Mediation
    VER8-02: Crypt Things
    VER8-03: Darkness is Unbound
    VER8-04: Bred to the Bone
    VER8-05: Quisling
    VER8-06: Noble Ambitions
    VERI8-01: Investiture
    VERI8-02: Assault on Castle Greyfist

    Zeif scenarios

    ZEF6-01: Out of Water
    ZEF6-02: Left for Dead
    ZEF6-03: Honor
    ZEF6-04: Generosity
    ZEF6-05: Family
    ZEF6-06: Piety
    ZEF6-07: Into the Drink
    ZEF6-08: That Look
    ZEF6-09: All This for a Wedding
    ZEFI6-01: Mouqollad al-Zeif
    ZEFI6-02: Do Dragons Cry?
    ZEFI6-03: The Sultan's Birthday
    ZEFI6-04: Sailing the Tuflik River
    ZEFI6-05: The "Wurst" Festival Ever!
    ZEFI6-06: Daima Mcehver
    ZEF6-I01: The Dragon
    ZEFS6-01: Sorry to Barge In
    ZEF7-01: Parshadon
    ZEF7-02: Tide of Battle
    ZEF7-03: Inner Turmoil
    ZEF7-04: You Break It, You've Bought It!
    ZEF7-05: Korsan
    ZEF7-06: Deliverance
    ZEF7-07: Deep Six
    ZEF7-08: Killing Time in Kurteq
    ZEF8-01: Dry Land
    ZEF8-02: She's All Washed Up
    ZEF8-03: Last Splash
    ZEF8-04: Getting There is Half the Fun
    ZEF8-05: All Good Things
    ZEFS7-06: The Grand Tournament of Zeif

    Metaregion III: Iuz's Border States

    Metaregional scenarios

    IUZ3-01: Across the Border
    IUZ3-02: Experimentation
    IUZ3-03: Fractures
    IUZ3-04: Burning Cliffs
    IUZ3-05: Obsession
    IUZ3-06: Every Passing Breeze
    IUZ3-07: Infiltration
    IUZ4-01: Dorakaa
    IUZ4-02: Madness Falls
    IUZ4-03: Chasing Trouble
    IUZ4-04: Walking in His Shoes
    IUZ4-05: Stepping into the Parlor
    IUZ4-06: Shadows of a Dread City
    IUZ4-08: Shattered Reflections of a Frozen Twilight
    IUZ4-09: A Little Soul Searching
    IUZ5-01: Portal of Hate
    IUZ5-02: Playing Both Sides
    IUZ5-03: Lost but not Forgotten
    IUZ5-04: Plane Thinking
    IUZ5-05: The Mission is Everything
    IUZ5-06: Spy Gnome
    IUZ5-07: Tides of War
    IUZ6-01: The Great Northern Expedition
    IUZ6-02: Blue Scales, Red Secrets
    IUZ6-03: The Cup Runs Dry
    IUZ6-04: Acid Test
    IUZ6-05: The Madhouse
    IUZ6-06: Drach Treielabone
    IUZ6-07: Stone Cold
    IUZ6-08: Over the River And Through the Woods
    IUZ7-01: The Seven Tests of Irinna Qu'lla
    IUZ7-02: Affinity & Discord
    IUZ7-03: Horde and Hoard
    IUZ7-04: Blue with Envy
    IUZ7-05: Know Thy Enemy
    IUZ7-06: Northern Lassitude
    IUZ7-07: Any Means
    IUZ8-01: End of the Line
    IUZ8-02: Final Words

    Bandit Kingdoms scenarios

    BDK1-01: The Package
    BDK1-02: Bleeding Moon
    BDK1-03: The Fortress
    BDK1-04: Angry Bones
    BDK1-05: Peiper's Ferry
    BDK1-06: Elven Connection
    BDK1-07: Torrock's Lair
    BDK1-08: "X" Marks the Spot
    BDK1-09: The Bender
    BDK1-10: Up Close and Personal
    BDK1-11: The Evil From Beyond
    BDK1i-01: A Night in Rookroost
    BDK1i-02: In Desperate Need
    BDK1i-03: The Great Hunt
    BDK1i-04: A Marriage Made in Hell
    BDK2-01: The Gauntlet
    BDK2-02: Trouble At Ankheg Springs
    BDK2-03: Body and Soul
    BDK2-04: Rising Shadow
    BDK2-05: Retribution
    BDK2-06: Fifty Silver Ingots
    BDK2-07: Spirits of Vengeance
    BDK2-08: The Quick and The Dead
    BDK2i-01: Blood and Silver
    BDK2i-02: Founding Day
    BDK2i-03: Evil, Most Foul
    BDK2i-04: Evil Tidings
    BDK2i-05: The Great Hunt
    BDK2i-06: The Return...
    BDK3-01: Pawn
    BDK3-02: Alhaster Fog
    BDK3-03: Trouble at Baco Canyon
    BDK3-04: Torrock's Bane
    BDK3-05: High Ho Silver
    BDK3-06: Quick 'n' Easy
    BDK3-07: The Pale Lady
    BDK3-08: Change in the Air
    BDK3a-01: The Artonsamay Falcon
    BDK3a-02: Johrase Jailbreak
    BDK3a-03: You've Got Missive
    BDK3a-04: Disappearance of Innocence
    BDK3i-01: Rebellion?!?
    BDK3i-02: Shadowkeep
    BDK3i-03: The Road to Perdition
    BDK3i-04: The Great Hunt
    BDK3i-05: Coming of the Road
    BDK4-01: Let Loose the Hounds
    BDK4-02: Trouble at Centaur Mesa
    BDK4-03: A Hin of Trouble
    BDK4-04: Emissary
    BDK4-05: Torrock's Legacy
    BDK4-06: Scales and Secrets
    BDK4-07: Of Friends, Friars and Foes
    BDK4a-01: Swamped
    BDK4i-01: Dogs of War
    BDK4i-02: The Siege of Hallorn
    BDK4i-03: Old Enemies, New Friends
    BDK4i-04: It Came From the Deep
    BDK4i-05: The Demon Inside
    BDK4i-06: Into Riftcrag
    BDK4i-07: Where Angels Fear to Tread
    BDK4m-01: The Rules of Impoundment
    BDK4m-02: On Kobold Farms
    BDK4m-03: A Stroll in the Woods…
    BDK4s-01: A Stitch in Time
    BDK4s-02: Strangers in the Night (mis-numbered as "BDK4s-01")
    BDK4s-03: The Two Gentlemen of Veluna
    BDK4s-04: To Save a Friend
    BDK5-01: The Body
    BDK5-02: Trouble at Dragon Rift
    BDK5-03: The Secret Ingredient
    BDK5-04: Leather Bound Tome
    BDK5-05: The Art of Deception
    BDK5-06: Necropolis of the Endless Dawn
    BDK5-07: Ebongleam
    BDK5-08: Hirelings
    BDK5a-01: Voice in the Dark
    BDK5a-02: Of Men and Beasts
    BDK5a-03: The Mad Mage
    BDK5i-01: A Weird Experience
    BDK5i-02: Closure
    BDK5i-03: The Battle of the Bazaar
    BDK5i-04: New Beginnings
    BDK5i-05: All for Hok?
    BDK5i-06: Scratch My Back
    BDK5i-07: Dawn's End
    BDK5s-02: We're On a Mission from Some God?
    BDK5s-??: Wanna Fight?
    BDK5s-??: Return to Mercy's Bluff
    BDK6-01: That Which Slept
    BDK6-02: Of Gauntlets, Gambits and Graves
    BDK6-03: Trouble at the Gul Bortha
    BDK6-04: The Last Word
    BDK6-05: Grass Roots
    BDK6-06: Never Stir the Wasp's Nest
    BDK6-07: Love Letter
    BDK6-08: Of Ruin, Restitution, and Revival
    BDK6-09: To Bleed or to Die
    BDK6a-01: Badgered by Problems
    BDK6a-02: Two Sides to Every Story
    BDK6a-03: The Final Sundering (unreleased)
    BDK6a-04: A General Errand
    BDK6i-01: The Great Hunt
    BDK6i-02: Of Weapons, War, and Woe
    BDK6i-03: Tomb of Thieves
    BDK6i-04: Master of Rooks
    BDK6i-05: A Heroic Return
    BDK6i-06: A Place to Call Home
    BDK6i-07: As the Worm Crawls
    BDK6i-08: The Count of Dahlvier
    BDK6i-09: Negative Outcome
    BDK6s-01: Mother of my Child
    BDK6s-02: To Honor a Friend
    BDK6s-03: Natural Healing
    BDK7-01: The Halfling
    BDK7-02: In A Manor of Seeking
    BDK7-03: Return to Steelborne Meadows
    BDK7-04: Proof of Loyalty
    BDK7-05: The Work of Thieves
    BDK7-06: Trouble at Harpy Hollow
    BDK7-07: The Mausoleum
    BDK7-08: Little Bit o' Payback
    BDK7a-01: Perpetual Motion
    BDK7i-01: Through the Silver Mines
    BDK7i-02: The Villainy of the Baron of Wormhall
    BDK7i-03: The Ruins of Stonehill Fortress
    BDK7i-03A: Demonic Possessions (Azzagat)
    BDK7i-03P: Demonic Possessions (Pazunia)
    BDK7i-03P: Assault on Wraith Keep
    BDK7i-04: The Madness of the Baron Ulik
    BDK7i-05: Bandits in the County
    BDK7i-06: Celebration in the Caves
    BDK7i-07: Barren's Secrets
    BDK7i-08: Abyss Bound Soul (aka Soul Train)
    BDK7i-09: Decision: Hallorn
    BDK7s-01: An Elf in Need
    BSK7s-02: Red Blooded Man
    BDK8-01: The Scourge
    BDK8-02: Trouble Everywhere You Go
    BDK8-03: Brute Cold Force (unreleased)
    BDK8-04: For Country, Kings, Friends, and Neighbors
    BDK8-05: The Demon That You Know (unreleased)
    BDK8i-01: For the Fellreev!
    BDK8i-02: Loot Free or Die Hard
    BDK8i-03: To Save a Soul (unreleased)
    BDK8i-04: All Evil Things...
    BDK8i-05: The Demon that You Know (unreleased)
    BDK?s-??: A Charming Person Indeed
    BDK?s-??: The Once and Future Human
    BDK?s-??: Theories of Relativity
    BDK?s-??: Ghost
    BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary (April 2012)

    Furyondy scenarios

    FUR1-01: Deep Pearl
    FUR1-02: Shadows on the March
    FUR1-03: Murder Most Elven
    FUR1-04: Not All It's Crocked Up to Be
    FUR1-05: Parable for the Growers
    FUR1-06: Tales from the Hart
    FUR1-07: The Splintered Cudgel
    FUR1-08: Bring on the Knight
    FUR1-09: Bronzeblood Haunt
    FUR1-10: Sins of the Mothers
    FUR1-11: Inheritance
    FUR1-12: Swords and Plowshares
    FUR2-01: A Common Defense
    FUR2-02: The Best Laid Plans
    FUR2-03: Sheltering Wings
    FUR2-04: In The Wee Hours
    FUR2-05: Sleep of Death
    FUR2-06: More Than Gold
    FUR2-07: Redstone
    FUR3-01: Redemption
    FUR3-02: Operation: Molag
    FUR3-03: Heart of the Kingdom
    FUR3-04: The Lost Code of Akanadel
    FUR3-05: Reflections
    FUR3-06: Eclipse
    FUR3-07: Assault on Molag
    FUR3-08: Return to Bronzeblood
    FURIntro3-03: Tears of Garastheth
    FURI3-01: Couriers
    FURI3-02: Hero for a Day
    FUR4-01: The Fall of Molag
    FUR4-02: Death of a Knight
    FUR4-03: Bells in Gold
    FUR4-04: Broken Dreams
    FUR4-05: An Armor Tale
    FUR4-06: Shadow of the Sun
    FUR4-07: Under the Pale Moon
    FUR4-08: Mysteries Below
    FUR4-09: Errant Son
    FUR4-10: Set in Stone
    FURIntro4-01: Out in the Woods
    FURIntro4-02: Oracle's Heir
    FURIntro4-03: Wreath of the Dead
    FURI4-04: Search for the Truth Part 2
    FUR5-01: Ties of Loyalty
    FUR5-02: Herb Hunting
    FUR5-03: Time will Tell
    FUR5-04: A Mine. A Plan. A Canard. Pandemonium.
    FUR5-05: Of Blood and Bones
    FUR5-06: The Falcon
    FUR5-07: Arrow from the Reach
    FUR5-08: Be Still My Beating Heart
    FURIntro5-01: Downpour
    FURIntro5-02: Baffle 'Em With Bards
    FURI5-04: Festering Wounds
    FUR6-01: Master of Bronzeblood
    FUR6-02: Crop Circles
    FUR6-03: Shadows on the Coast
    FUR6-04: When We First Practice
    FUR6-05: Darkest Night
    FUR6-06: Invocation and Intrigue
    FUR6-07: Conjuring Trouble
    FUR6-08: The Dread Witch Project
    FUR6-S01: Meals on Feet
    FUR6-S02: A Rustic Tale
    FURI6-01: Revivification
    FURI6-02: Waves of Peace
    FURI6-03: We're Going Where?
    FURI6-04: Arcane Elements
    FUR7-01: Tune of Transmutation
    FUR7-02: Keep Your Friends Close
    FUR7-03: Illusions and Dreams
    FUR7-04: Gullkeep Ruins
    FUR7-05: Cry in the Dark
    FUR7-06: Where Angels Fear to Tread
    FUR7-07: Of Noble Spirit
    FUR7-08: Stake Survey
    FUR7-09: Deep Ambitions
    FURI7-01: The Girding of Bronzeblood
    FURI7-02: Scouring the Diadem
    FURI7-03: Every End Has a Beginning
    FURI7-05: Temple of the Bee
    FUR8-01: Alliances
    FUR8-02: Caravan
    FUR8-03: Duplicity Divined
    FUR8-04: Blood on Trail
    FUR8-05: Mazed and Confused
    FUR8-06: An Uncommon Defense
    FURI8-01: Boots on the Ground
    FURI8-03: Selection and Sedition
    FURIntro6-01: Meals on Feet
    FURIntro6-02: A Rustic Tale
    FURIntro7-01: A Growing Crisis
    FURIntro7-02: The Beginning

    Highfolk scenarios

    HIG1-01: A Path Less Traveled
    HIG1-02: Deep in Vesve
    HIG1-03: Of Elven Make
    HIG1-04: Grave Disturbance
    HIG1-05: Burning Way
    HIG1-06: Power of Choice
    HIG1-07: Highway, Low Way
    HIG1-08: What's a Half-orc to Do?
    HIG1-09: Out on the Hunt
    HIG1-10: Grave occurrence
    HIG1-11: A Gnomes Affair
    HIG1-12: Winter Tears
    HIG2-01: The Shadows Part
    HIG2-02: Eyes In The Dark
    HIG2-03: Fires of Vengeance
    HIG2-04: Grave Consequences
    HIG2-05: Kinsmen
    HIG2-06: Love Is Bittersweet
    HIG2-07: Dark & Restless Dreams
    HIG2-08: Knife In The Wound
    HIG3-01: As Luck Would Have It
    HIG3-02: Face of a Thousand Scars
    HIG3-03: Siege
    HIG3-04: Ghostly View
    HIG3-05: Burn Away the Endless Night
    HIG3-06: Brother Against Brother
    HIG3-07: Woman and Children First
    HIG3-08: The Evil Within
    HIG4-01: Demon Spawn
    HIG4-02: Losing the War We've Won
    HIG4-03: Axes in the Night
    HIG4-04: Sour Grapes
    HIG4-05: The Spirit and the Hold
    HIG4-06: All the Empty Places of the World
    HIG4-07: Cult of the Stone Serpent
    HIG4-08: Harmony of a Wicked Fate
    HIG4-09: The Cauldron of Despair and Hope
    HIG5-01: Pooling Resources
    HIG5-02: Goblin Knights
    HIG5-03: All Good Things
    HIG5-04: Primal Urges
    HIG5-05: For the Purity of Music
    HIG5-06: Desires of an Empty Heart
    HIG5-07: A Deal Gone Cold
    HIG5-08: Vengeance Delivered
    HIG5-09: Twilight
    HIG5-I01: Unity
    HIG5-I02: A Sepulcher of Secrets
    HIG5-S01: The Heroes' Challenge
    HIG6-01: Faerie Fire
    HIG6-02: Antipathy
    HIG6-03: Heavy Upon a Heart
    HIG6-04: A Wheat for Your Thoughts
    HIG6-05: A Column of Five
    HIG6-06: First Comes the Running
    HIG6-07: The Root of the Problem
    HIG6-08: Dusk
    HIG6-09: Racial Enemies
    HIG7-01: Luck Lost
    HIG7-02: Against the Grain
    HIG7-03: Lost in the Dark
    HIG7-04: Rose and Pearl
    HIG7-05: Midnight
    HIG7-06: Black Magic Halfling
    HIG7-07: Faerly Moot
    HIG7-08: Familiar Territory
    HIG7-09: Anathema
    HIG8-01: To a Dead Queen's Court
    HIG8-02: Intertwined
    HIG8-03: Lies of Iron
    HIG8-04: Coming through the Rye
    HIG8-05: Thicker Than Water
    HIG8-06: Dawn
    HIGA-02: A Path Less Wandered
    HIGA-03: Scavenger Hunt
    HIGA-04: Shindig
    HIGB-01: Which Way Did They Go
    HIGB-02: Trouble Brewing
    HIGC-02: Organizational Problems
    HIGC-03: Who Goes There
    HIGC-04: A Fistful of Grain
    HIGD-01: Boys' Night Out
    HIGD-02: Hey Diddle Diddle
    HIGD-03: A New Day Dawns on Weeping Willow
    HIGD-04: The Death of Innocence
    HIGE-01: Finding My Way

    Perrenland scenarios

    PER1-01: Pig Tales
    PER1-02: Chasing the Ox
    PER1-03: Vortrote's Legacy
    PER1-04: The Voorman's Daughter
    PER1-05: Night of Steel
    PER1-06: Varday
    PER1-07: Denzel's Kurgen
    PER1-08: Promises to Keep
    PER1-09: Pots of Knowledge
    PER2-01: History Repeating
    PER2-02: Into the Hills
    PER2-03: Mordenkainen's House of Chocolate
    PER2-04: Wyvern Hunt
    PER2-05: Ghosts at the Waterside
    PER2-06: Bandits
    PER2-07: Watering Hole
    PER2-08: Dark Waves
    PERI2-01: Keeping One's Head
    PERI2-02: Feestelijk Voorjaar
    PER3-01: The Pfaltzgraf's Fury
    PER3-02: Wild Goose Chase
    PER3-03: The Yeti's Tooth
    PER3-04: Tinderbox
    PER3-05: Lost Souls
    PER3-06: Highway Robbery
    PER3-07: Under the Hills
    PER3-08: A Dark God's Laughter
    PERIS3-01: Roodbergs Be Damned
    PERIS3-02: The Dance of Nerull
    PERI3-01: When the Sun Sets in Brebenward
    PERI3-02: Fresh Air Mountain Views
    PERI3-03: Darker Waves
    PERM3-01: The Baffling Mystery of the Missing Settlers
    PER4-01: Moradin's Forge
    PER4-02: Mind Games
    PER4-03: Brother Mine
    PER4-04: Battles in the Yatils
    PER4-05: Regicide
    PER4-06: The Hollows Unveiled
    PER4-07: A Nation Mocked
    PER4-08: A Furgotten Business
    PER4-09: One Jen Too Many
    PERIS4-01: A Horse of a Different Colour
    PERIS4-02: Zombie Monastery
    PERIS4-03: Cries of Shame
    PERIS4-04: Cooper vs. Cobbler
    PERI4-01: There Are No Dragons in Brebenward
    PERI4-03: Loose Ends
    PERI4-04: A Nation Mocked
    PERI4-0?: Sepia Follies
    PERM4-01: Quite Contrary
    PERSM4-01: Special: Dark Risings
    PERSM4-02: Tryouts
    PERSM4-03: Seeker of the Sleeping Fist
    PER5-01: I Dream of Janni
    PER5-02: Hell's Gloom
    PER5-03: Fear of the Heart
    PER5-04: A Pit Too Far
    PER5-05: Black Blood
    PER5-06: Beneath The Citadel
    PER5-07: Dark Days In Deed
    PER5-08: Bitter Winds, Brother's Sorrow
    PER5-09: Land Rights for Little People
    PERIS5-01: Miss Khundgeniality
    PERIS5-02: Between a Rhennee and a Hard Place
    PERIS5-03: Scrambled Eggs
    PERIS5-04: An Evening at Laufgen
    PERI5-01: Brebanward Rising
    PERI5-03: An Ill Wind
    PERI5-04: Return to the Temple of Incabulos
    PERSM5-01: The Five Masters
    PERSM5-02: Silver is Better Than Gold
    PERSM5-03: The Purity of Sound
    PER6-01: Skating on Thin Ice
    PER6-02: Under Naelvs Hill
    PER6-03: The Fate of the Lina Gersiten
    PER6-04: Death's Fury
    PER6-05: Dark Star
    PER6-06: The March Of The Hollows
    PER6-07: The Schwarzestadt Heresy
    PER6-08: Brother's Love Lost
    PER6-09: Relief Mission
    PERIS6-01: An Axe to Grind
    PERIS6-02: Supply Run
    PERI6-01: Jor-Russ 'What Lies Beneath'
    PERi6-02: Perfect Match
    PERI6-03: The March of the Hollows
    PERI6-04: Force Tenh from Stadgau
    PERM6-01: Broken Spears
    PERM6-02: Lifesavers
    PERSM6-02 On With The Show
    PERSM6-03: Love's Loss at Riberlund
    PERSM6-04: To Bite the Hand that Feeds
    PER7-01: Where Roodbergs Fear to Tread
    PER7-02: Needle in a Haystack
    PER7-03: Discord's Harmony
    PER7-04: In the Court of the Famine Queen
    PER7-05: The Jasmine Index
    PER7-06: The Diadem of Kir Russ (Part 1)
    PER7-07: The Diadem of Kir Russ (Part 2)
    PER7-08: The Diadem of Kir Russ (Part 3)
    PERIS7-02: Lost Voice
    PERIS7-03: Matthias' Missing Materials
    PERIS7-04: Heads of the Family
    PERI7-01: Journey of the Lyre
    PERI7-02: Reveling Embers
    PERI7-03: Haro's Wedding
    PERM7-01: Qadi's Ransom
    PER8-01: Waves of Tidal Fury
    PER8-02: Greatest Show on Oerth
    PER8-03: Return to the Quaglands
    PER8-04: Signed in Blood and Sap
    PER8-05: The Hus Factor
    PERI8-01 My Big Fat Perrender Wedding
    PERSM8-01: Heart of Stone
    PERSM8-02: By Courage Tempered
    PERSM8-03: Tail's End
    PERSM8-04: Love Story

    Shield Lands scenarios

    SHL1-01: Lifeline
    SHL1-02: Temple of the Burning Man
    SHL1-03: In the Name of the Father
    SHL1-04: The God Below
    SHL1-05: Enter the Naga
    SHL1-06: The Bleak Shore of Axeport
    SHL1-07: Cult of Torment
    SHL1-08: The Fallen
    SHL1-09: Lord Torkeep's Request
    SHL1-10: The Portal
    SHL1-11: The Invisible Hand
    SHL1-12: The Eldritch Wave
    SHL2-01: A Message From Ringland
    SHL2-02: The Moon Gatherer
    SHL2-03: Beyond The Pale
    SHL2-04: Secrets Within
    SHL2-05: A Plague Upon You
    SHL2-06: Dark Moons Rising
    SHL2-07: Obsidian
    SHL3-01: The Lonely Tower
    SHL3-02: The Patron of Bright Sentry
    SHL3-03: The Moonlight Arrives
    SHL3-04: A Light in the Dark
    SHL3-05: Blood Alliances
    SHL3-06: A Chink in the Armor
    SHL3-07: Noble Intentions
    SHL3-08: In a Cold Grave
    SHL4-01: The Good Oerth
    SHL4-02: In the Service of the Lady
    SHL4-03: End of the Path
    SHL4-04: A Deepening Malice
    SHL4-05: If the Towers Should Fall
    SHL4-06: The Banners of Torkeep
    SHL4-07: Better off Dead
    SHL4-08: May the Axe Grow Great
    SHL4-Intro1: Just Can't Stop
    SHL4-Intro2: Small Time Trouble
    SHL4-Intro3: Bad Influence
    SHL4-Intro4: The Cave
    SHL5-01: A Dirty Little Job
    SHL5-02: As Long As We're Here
    SHL5-03: The Book of Dark Alchemy
    SHL5-04: More Than We Bargained For
    SHL5-05: The Man from D.Y.V.E.R.S.
    SHL5-06: Running Out of Time
    SHL5-07: Where the Pirates Arrrre
    SHL5-08: On Solid Grounds
    SHL5-Intro1: The Only Good Orc...
    SHL5-Intro2: Behind Enemy Lines
    SHL5-Intro3: No Honest Dealings
    SHL5-Intro4: Spelunking the Scragholme Cave
    SHL6-01: Blood and Rain
    SHL6-02: Knightly Distractions
    SHL6-03: Ghosts of Admundfort
    SHL6-04: Cricket on the Hearth
    SHL6-05: A Very Bad Day
    SHL6-06: Iuz Strikes Back
    SHL6-07: Secrets of the Dead Mind
    SHL6-08: Shadows of Memory
    SHL6-I02: The Summoner's Ball
    SHL6-I04: Rumble on the Ritensa
    SHL6-I05: Basic Training
    SHL6-Intro1: Book Delivery
    SHL7-01: Falling into Shadows
    SHL7-02: Shadows of the Mindflayer King
    SHL7-03: Shadows of Intrigue
    SHL7-04: Shadows of Captivity
    SHL7-05: Shadows of Nevermore
    SHL7-06: Wraithwood
    SHL7-07: Home Sweet Home
    SHL7-08: Rights and Wrongs
    SHL7-I01: The Brotherhood Forms
    SHL7-Intro1: A Few Bad Apples
    SHL8-01: Love's Price
    SHL8-02: Shield Mage's Tower
    SHL8-03: Shattered Spires
    SHL8-04: Love's Redemption
    SHL8-05: Wrongs and Rights
    SHL8-06: Bitter Tears
    SHL8-I01: The Chaos at Law's Forge
    SHL8-I02: The Battle of Law's Forge

    Metaregion IV: Nyrond and Her Environs

    Metaregional scenarios

    NMR3-01: Xerbo's Fury
    NMR3-02: Business is Business
    NMR3-03: Blind Faith, Muted Voices
    NMR3-04: The Wealth of Nations
    NMR3-05: Norebo's Luck & Bralm's Embrace
    NMR3-06: All is Well and Stabled
    NMR3-07: Gruumsh's Retort
    NMR4-01: Big Game Hunt
    NMR4-02: Balancing Acts
    NMR4-03: Open Market
    NMR4-04: Turns of the Spiral
    NMR4-05: Baby Steps
    NMR4-06: Syrul's Slander
    NMR4-07: The Eye of Gruumsh
    NMR5-01: Under the Boughs
    NMR5-02: Natural Enemies
    NMR5-03: Borne Upon an Ill Wind
    NMR5-04: The Charity of Friends
    NMR5-05: Winds of Change
    NMR5-06: The Forsaken Valley
    NMR5-07: Corruption of the Heart
    NMR5-08: Fighting the Headwind
    NMR6-01: The Blighted Star
    NMR6-02: The Mad Baron of Pikemaster
    NMR6-03: Privilege of the Dead
    NMR6-05: Gift of the Tempest
    NMR7-01: The Village
    NMR7-02: The Wake of the Tempest
    NMR7-03: Draconic Dreams
    NMR7-04: Signs and Portents
    NMR7-05: Raking Leaves
    NMR7-06: Eye of the Tempest
    NMR8-01: Draconic Schemes
    NMR8-02: Heresy's Blood
    NMR8-03: Heresy's End
    NMR8-04: The Battle for Claw Point

    County of Urnst scenarios

    URC1-01: Secret of Zodal's Temple
    URC1-02: Mysteries of Crystal Springs I
    URC1-03: Tear of Pelor
    URC1-04: Road to Radigast
    URC1-05: Mysteries of Crystal Springs II
    URC1-06: Mean and Devious
    URC1-07: Exposing Kyuss
    URC1-08: Mysteries of Crystal Springs III
    URC1-09: Jeux De Vagues
    URC1-10: Drowning in Darkness
    URC1-I01: Lupine Confusion
    URC2-01: Orge Island
    URC2-02: Deserted Dominion
    URC2-03: Stone Road Murders
    URC2-04: Mysteries of Crystal Springs IV
    URC2-05: Operation Ixworth
    URC2-06: Servant of the Prophet
    URC2-07: Over Hill and Dale
    URC2-08: Once An Eagle
    URC3-01: Brotherhood of the Oath
    URC3-02: Mystery of Mystmoor
    URC3-03: The Truth Lies in Trigol
    URC3-04: The Eyes of the Beholder
    URC3-05: Woman and Children First
    URC3-06: Flames of Ventnor
    URC3-07: Good Intentions
    URC3-08: Winds of Change
    URC4-01: Beneath the Crossroads
    URC4-02: The Making of a Lord
    URC4-03: The Crossroads
    URC4-04: The Lordmakers
    URC4-05: Restoration (Part 1)
    URC4-06: Restoration (Part 2)
    URC4-07: The Past Shall Haunt Us
    URC4-08: Cold Trails
    URC4-S01: Help Wanted
    URC4-S02: Overdue Books
    URC5-01: Bounties Over Brotton
    URC5-02: Fine Kettle of Fish
    URC5-03: Eternal Love
    URC5-04: That Which Lurks
    URC5-05: Miner Mishap
    URC5-06: Rising Sons
    URC5-07: Hired Swords (or "Finding a Needle in the Swamp")
    URC5-I01: Last Defense of the Franzgard
    URC5-I02: Rivalry at Richfest
    URC5-I03: Blood of the Firstborn
    URC5-I04: Broken Altars
    URC5-S01: A Day Late and a Doggie Short
    URC5-S02: Playing for Keeps
    URC5-S03: They're Only Kobolds
    URC5-S04: Smooth as Silk
    URC6-01: Death of a Bird
    URC6-02: A Shot in the Dark
    URC6-03: Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme
    URC6-05: The Bull and the Swan
    URC6-06: Enemy of My Enemy
    URC6-07: Connections
    URC6-08: Tainted Passion
    URC6-09: A Game of Pawns
    URC6-I01: Prison Break
    URC6-I02: The Defense of Durwich
    URC6-I03: Blast from the Past
    URC6-I04: More Revelry at Richfest
    URC6-I05: Squabbling Nobles
    URC6-I06: Riot in Radigast
    URC6-M01: Festival of Hope
    URC6-S01: Into the Dreerwode
    URC6-S02: Fetch
    URC6-S03: Family Ties
    URC7-01: The Mare of Applebee
    URC7-02: Chasing the Darkness
    URC7-03: The County Strikes Back
    URC7-04: Lord of the Castle
    URC7-05: Through the Gloaming
    URC7-06: Suffer the Children
    URC7-07: Where the Sun Don't Shine
    URC7-08: Alive!
    URC7-09: Blood on the Bayou
    URC7-I01: Reclaiming Ventnor
    URC7-I02: Return of the Mad Lich
    URC7-I03: Bandits of Urnst
    URC7-I04: Trolls of the Aelinvudd
    URC7-I05: Harvest time in the County of Urnst
    URC7-I06: War in the Fennelmore
    URC7-M01: Dreadkeep
    URC7-M02: The Prospector
    URC7-M03: Wolves of the Aelinvudd
    URC7-M04: Tear Down the Wall!
    URC7-M05: Down on the Bayou (part 1)
    URC7-M06: Winter in the Aelinvudd
    URC7-M07: The Will
    URC7-M08: The Secret Garden
    URC7-M09: Mad Dane's Hunt
    URC7-S01: Pip!
    URC7-S02: Don't Bug Me!
    URC8-01: Shadow of the Viper
    URC8-02: Redemption
    URC8-03: Leviathan Rising
    URC8-04: The Witches of PikeMaster
    URC8-05: The Black Man of the Swamp
    URC8-06: To Catch a Bird
    URC8-I01: Father of the Bride
    URC8-I02: In the End...
    URC8-M01: A Cry For Help

    Duchy of Urnst scenarios

    URD1-01: Kruknik
    URD1-02: To Save the Scouring Wind
    URD1-03: Road to Sete
    URD1-04: Coriner Gala
    URD1-05: The Night Where Nothing Happened
    URD1-06: Last Dance at Heron House
    URD1-07: Fools' Gold
    URD1-08: Mired in Gosferd
    URD1-09: On the Rocks
    URD1-10: Never the Same Thing Twice
    URD1-11: Incident at Kiddeky Crossing
    URD1-12: Firemane
    URD1-I01: An Empty Seat
    URD1-M01: Folly by the Sea
    URD2-01: Dust In The Wind
    URD2-02: Mystic Bay
    URD2-03: Three Days From Sunset
    URD2-04: Bright Prospects
    URD2-05: Theft of a Flower
    URD2-06: A Current Affair
    URD2-07: Lonely Harbour
    URD2-08: Freedom's Price
    URD3-01: Stone Heart
    URD3-02: Test of Faith
    URD3-03: Spring Cleaning
    URD3-04: A Friend in Need
    URD3-05: Plague of Rage
    URD3-06: Crop Circles
    URD3-07: The Purloined Letters
    URD3-08: Rising Shadows
    URD3-I01: No Holds Bard
    URD3-I02: Live to Love Again
    URD3-I03: Good for What Ales You
    URD3-I04: Overdue Books
    URD3-I0?: Wind of Change
    URD4-01: Feudal Dispositions
    URD4-02: Breakfast of Champions
    URD4-03: Irreconcilable Differences
    URD4-04: Water Stilled
    URD4-05: Shaken, Not Stirred
    URD4-06: Ye of Little Faith
    URD4-07: Seh No More
    URD4-08: Catspaw
    URD4-09: Lucky's Bane
    URD4-I02: Assault on the Iron Citadel
    URD4-I0?: To Find Courage
    URD5-01: Silent Watch
    URD5-02: What's Mine is Mine
    URD5-03: The Contenders
    URD5-04: With A Twist
    URD5-05: Standing Silent in the Shadows of Castle Seh
    URD5-06: A Family Affair
    URD5-07: Tears of the Sun
    URD5-08: The End of the Line
    URD5-I01: Amongst the Hills
    URD5-I02: The Rules of Engagement
    URD5-I03: Dead in the Water
    URD5-I04: An Empty Throne
    URD6-01: An Accidental Murder
    URD6-02: Forged in the Vale
    URD6-03: Brother Rat
    URD6-04: Heart of the Sun
    URD6-05: Desperate Measures
    URD6-06: Under a Stern Gaze
    URD6-07: Balancing the Scales
    URD6-08: Food for Thought
    URD6-I02: The Vale Be Saved
    URD6-I04: 7th Night Where Nothing Happens
    URD7-01: In the Face
    URD7-02: Soul of the Sun
    URD7-03: Caveat Emptor
    URD7-04: Skin Deep
    URD7-05: A Plague on Both Your Houses
    URD7-06: Justice
    URD7-07: Last Man Standing
    URD7-08: Good Intentions
    URD7-I02: The Atherlea Jubilee
    URD7-M0?: Armed and Dangerous
    URD7-S04: Heroes to Ashes
    URD8-01: Something Old, Something New
    URD8-02: Everybody Loves Seoman
    URD8-03: Veiled in Iron
    URD8-04: A Storm on the Horizon
    URD8-05: Blood Runs Thicker Than Water
    URD8-I02: The Allies of My Enemies

    Nyrond scenarios

    NYR1-01: Mail Call
    NYR1-02: You Ain't From Around Here
    NYR1-03: Whisper
    NYR1-04: Cattle Call
    NYR1-05: Answering the Call
    NYR1-06: Slim Pick'ens
    NYR1-07: The Great Pie Fest
    NYR1-08: Book Wyrm
    NYR1-09: Dog Days of the Stone Boys
    NYR1-10: The Great Scavenger Hunt
    NYR1-11: The Temple of Love
    NYR2-01: Grappled Quarry
    NYR2-02: Returned Mail
    NYR2-03: Patriots or Felons?
    NYR2-04: If It Isn't One Thing…
    NYR2-05: Silence of the Gnomes
    NYR2-06: …It's Another - A Ransom Gone Wrong
    NYR2-07: The Outpost
    NYR2-08: A Long Road Back
    NYR2-I02: A Day in the life of Rel Mord
    NYR2-I03: Crisis at Castle Von Flessern
    NYR2-I04: Battle of Mowbrenn
    NYR2-I05: Pirates of Mithat
    NYR3-01: Curse of Almor
    NYR3-02: A Trip to the Barren Keep
    NYR3-03: Monkey Business
    NYR3-04: Gnome Way Out
    NYR3-05: Heironeous Impressions
    NYR3-06: Beyond the Wisteria Tree
    NYR3-07: To Catch a Falling Star
    NYR3-08: Run Up the Colors
    NYR3-09: Kiss of Incabulous
    NYR3-I01: Festival at Castle von Flessern
    NYR3-I02: Assault on Almor
    NYR3-I03: A Day in the Life of Rel Mord II
    NYR3-I04: Force of Nature
    NYR3-I05: The Bishop's Wife
    NYR3-S01: The Revenant of Rel Mord
    MYR3-S02: Several Shades of Grey
    NYR3-S03: Pillars of the Gnatmarsh
    NYR3-M01: The Road to Appolled
    NYR4-01: Towers of the Abbor-Alz
    NYR4-02: In the Streets of Oldred
    NYR4-03: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
    NYR4-04: Heironeous Assumptions
    NYR4-05: Onyxgate
    NYR4-06: Heironeous Conclusions
    NYR4-07: And All the Kings Men
    NYR4-I01: The Adventurer's Ball, The
    NYR4-I02: To Koboldly Where Gnome has Gone Before
    NYR4-I03: Battle of Broken Hill, The
    NYR4-I04: Murder at the Arcane Wanderer
    NYR4-I05: A Day in the Life of Rel Mord III - The Royal Wedding
    NYR4-I06: Return of the Kobold
    NYR4-I07: Incursion into the Bone March II (Nyrond Strikes Back)
    NYR4-I08: The Kobold Always Rings Thrice
    NYR4-I09: Raiders of the Lost Temples
    NYR4-M01: The Fate of Appolled
    NYR4-M02: The Scarlet Shores of Fairwind Bay
    NYR4-M04: Return of the Kobold
    NYR4-S01: Flying Pigs and Other Strange Things
    NYR4-S02: A High Price to Pay
    NYR4-S03: Extracurricular Activites
    NYR4-S04: Modern Love
    NYR5-01: Don't Cry for Me Nyrond
    NYR5-02: Divine Right
    NYR5-03: For the Duchess of Woodwych
    NYR5-04: The Mad Duke
    NYR5-05: Shadows of Insurrection
    NYR5-06: Road to Rel Mord
    NYR5-07: Return to Heartland
    NYR5-08: Town Under Seige
    NYR5-I01: A Lady in Need
    NYR5-I02: To Coin A Phrase
    NYR5-I03: Battle of the Prophecy
    NYR5-I04: Velvet Glove, Iron Fist
    NYR5-I05: Heart of the Storm
    NYR5-I06: Escape From Castle von Flessern
    NYR5-I07: Metamorphosis
    NYR5-I08: For King and Country
    NYR5-I09: A Harvest of Heroes
    NYR5-I10: How the Baatezu Stole Needfest
    NYR5-S01: A Tale to Tell in Taverns
    NYR5-S02: The Ratcatchers Guild
    NYR5-S03: Swans of the Duntide
    NYR5-S04: A Murder in Heartland
    NYR5-M01: Of Strife, Solace and Flame
    NYR5-M02: Releash the Dogs of War
    NYR6-01: Quality of Mercy
    NYR6-02: A Trip to the Glacier
    NYR6-03: A Heartland Homecoming
    NYR6-04: Kelwyn's Keys
    NYR6-05: Death of a Sailor
    NYR6-06: The Uninvited Guests
    NYR6-07: The Rent is Due
    NYR6-08: Heartland Expecting
    NYR6-09: The House of Entrell
    NYR6-I01: Gears of Commerce
    NYR6-I04: A Festival in Heartland
    NYR6-I05: The Mists of Relmor Bay
    NYR6-I06: Dancing with the Baatezu
    NYR6-M01: A Lament in Entrell
    NYR6-S01: Making Your Marque
    NYR6-S02: Demons are Upon Us
    NYR6-S03: A Coronation Celebration
    NYR6-S04: Deserters
    NYR7-01: Faith and Conviction/Birds of the Old Faith
    NYR7-02: Abbey of Ice
    NYR7-03: Requiem to Maglubiyet
    NYR7-04: On the Take
    NYR7-05: A Pirate's Trail
    NYR7-06: Forgotten Temple of Shumhanrhu
    NYR7-07: In Faith For Entrell – Calinnes se Entrell
    NYR7-08: Tinderbox
    NYR7-09: To Mourn with Entrell
    NYR7-I01: The Karnaakh Strike Back
    NYR7-I02: Althar's Call
    NYR7-I03: Trumpeter
    NYR7-I04: Entrell: The Light of the Elves and the Sword of Dawn
    NYR7-I05: Secrets Beneath Castle Von Flessern
    NYR7-I06: Nessermouth
    NYR7-M01: The Chains That Bind Us
    NYR7-M02: Entrell: The Sign of the Jackal
    NYR7-M03: Davben's Book
    NYR7-M04: Crossroads
    NYR7-S01: A Mole in the Organization
    NYR7-S02: A Haunting on Kingg's Hill
    NYR7-S03: Heroic Blues
    NYR7-S04: Fueling the Fires
    NYR8-01: Beneath Abyssal Seas
    NYR8-03: Children of Malice
    NYR8-04: The Battle for Claw Point
    NYR8-05: Along Came a Spider
    NYR8-06: Moonlit Road to Salvation
    NYR8-I01: Althar's Fate
    NYR8-I02: Final Stand
    NYR8-M01: The Last Traitor
    NYR8-M02: The Heart of Almor

    Pale scenarios

    PAL1-01: Holy Word
    PAL1-02: The Absence of Law
    PAL1-03: (P)al(e)ientology
    PAL1-04: Prelude to the Past
    PAL1-05: Alliance Reborn
    PAL1-06: Festvalle Serendipite
    PAL1-07: Northern Brewings
    PAL1-08: Cold Comfort
    PAL1-09: Bewitched
    PAL1-10: Siege at Castle Arndulant
    PAL1-11: The Trouble with Trollops
    PAL2-01: Drawing From Life
    PAL2-02: Pale Harvest
    PAL2-03: Stitch In Time
    PAL2-04: The Sleeping Lands
    PAL2-05: The Heretic
    PAL2-06: The Claws of Evil
    PAL2-07: Appetites
    PAL3-01: In the Shadow of Death's Door
    PAL3-02: The Inquisition
    PAL3-03: Shield of Faith
    PAL3-04: Full Circle
    PAL3-05: Arms of Divine Might
    PAL3-06: Fog of War
    PAL3-07: The Champion of the Pale
    PAL3-08: Random Encounters
    PAL3-I01: Dawn Break
    PAL3-I02: Stolen Cloaks and Silent Daggers
    PAL3-I03: Battle of Silverdelve Narrows
    PAL4-01: Lost Soul
    PAL4-02: Stirring the Waters
    PAL4-03: All Which is Forgotten
    PAL4-04: Leap of Faith
    PAL4-05: Possessions in the Dust
    PAL4-06: Strands of the Gloom
    PAL4-07: The Root of Chaos
    PAL4-08: Winters Past
    PAL4-09: Retribution
    PAL4-I01: Great Hippogriff Hunt
    PAL4-I02: Dead or Alive
    PAL4-I03: Arcane Shadows
    PAL4-I04: Dawn of Power's Insight
    PAL4-I04: Taking Tenh: Standing in the Light
    PAL4-I0?: Twisting in the Wind
    PAL4-I0?: Druid Trials
    PAL4-M01: Alone Together
    PAL4-M02: Strange Bedfellows
    PAL4-M03: Demons in the Dust
    PAL4-M04: Man Ripper
    PAL5-01: The Road Less Traveled
    PAL5-02: Plight of the Emissary
    PAL5-03: Strata
    PAL5-04: Seeds of Winter
    PAL5-05: Floracon
    PAL5-06: My Brother's Keeper
    PAL5-07: Troll Winter
    PAL5-I01: The Long, Cold Watches of the Night
    PAL5-I02: Force Of Habit
    PAL5-I03: Cry Havoc!
    PAL5-M01: The Accidental Anarchist
    PAL5-M02: Shadows and Light
    PAL5-M03: Night Court
    PAL5-M04: For Love or Pholtus
    PAL5-M05: A Truffle Matter
    PAL5-M07: Exercise of Soul
    PAL5-S01: Answers From Beyond
    PAL5-S02: Who Watches the Watcher
    PAL5-S03: Weeds
    PAL6-01: Shapers of Sun and Stone
    PAL6-02: Tiger, Tiger!
    PAL6-03: A Matter of Grey Importance
    PAL6-04: Tooth and Nail
    PAL6-05: Heart of Winter
    PAL6-06: Promises in the Dark
    PAL6-07: Snow Fall
    PAL6-08: Winter Thaw
    PAL6-I01: Open Cages
    PAL6-I04: The Scouring of Pentress
    PAL6-M01: A Crisis of Command
    PAL6-M06: Blessed are the Meek
    PAL6-S01: A Celebration of Heroes
    PAL6-S02: Ante Up
    PAL6-S03: The Troll Throne
    PAL6-S06: A Line in the Snow
    PAL7-01: Orderly Encounters
    PAL7-02: Reed Carefully
    PAL7-03: Wyrm Sign
    PAL7-04: The Spirit of the Low
    PAL7-05: The Frozen Frontier
    PAL7-06: Undermining Authority
    PAL7-07: The Letter of the Law
    PAL7-M01: Ten by Ten
    PAL7-I01: Too Many Nomicons
    PAL7-I02: Fair Trade
    PAL7-I03: Neither Wind nor Snow
    PAL7-S01: How Way Leads onto Way
    PAL7-S02: Auspicious Beginnings
    PAL7-S03: Ante Up Again
    PAL7-S04: Perhaps the Better Claim
    PAL7-S05: Dirty Business
    PAL8-01: Law and Disorder
    PAL8-02: As Knight Turns Into Day
    PAL8-03: A Fan for All Treasons
    PAL8-04: ...As We Know It
    PAL8-S01: Basilica of the Holy Star
    PAL8-S04: It's the End of the World
    Experimental Tactics

    Ratik scenarios

    RTK1-01: The Best Defense
    RTK1-02: A Bounty on Scalps
    RTK1-03: Skirmish
    RTK1-04: The Sparkling Gem of the North
    RTK2-01: A Many-Faceted Gem
    RTK2-02: The Invisible Hunters
    RTK2-03: Empty Coffers
    RTK2-04: Supply Lines
    RTK2-05: Enemy Lines
    RTK3-01: Warpath
    RTK3-02: For King or Country
    RTK3-03: It's Cold
    RTK3-04: The Squire
    RTK3-05: The Ungoblin
    RTK3-06: The Whispering Tide
    RTK3-07: The Fate of Alain
    RTK3-08: The Fourth Assassin
    RKT3-M01: Scalphunt
    RTK6-01: The Fate of Alain
    RTK6-02: A Knightly Tale
    RTK6-03: Court and Causality
    RTK6-04: Those At Sea
    RTK6-S01: Plain Sailing
    RTK6-S02: Marner: Taxing Times
    RTK6-S04: The Price of Knowledge
    RTK7-01: Thin Air
    RTK7-02: The Slaughtered Unicorn
    RTK7-03: Strange Days in the Timberway
    RTK7-04: Open Waters
    RTK7-05: Warrior's Moon
    RTK7-06: Horror of the Timberway
    RTK7-07: Lost at Sea
    RTK7-08: Nobility at Needlepoint
    RTK7-S01: The Scepter of Power
    RTK7-S02: Gnomes, Badgers, and Crabs
    RTK7-S03: Where the Halflings Roam
    RTK8-01: Sacred Ground
    RTK8-02: Confrontation in the Timberway
    RTK8-03: Circles
    RTK8-04: A Deeper Darkness
    RTK8-05: The Mark of Keenan
    RTK?-01: Reflections

    Metaregion V: Splintered Sun

    Metaregional scenarios

    TSS3-01: Stonecunning
    TSS3-02: Legacy of Madness (part 1)
    TSS3-03: Legacy of Madness (part 2)
    TSS3-04: The Glory of Times Past
    TSS3-05: For the Family's Honour
    TSS3-06: The Prisoner
    TSS3-07: The Lance of Osson
    TSS3-08: Prisoners of the Calling Mines
    TSS4-01: The Verdant Trail
    TSS4-02: Blood Money
    TSS4-03: Woodland Trail
    TSS4-04: Crossfire
    TSS4-05: A Private Little War
    TSS4-06: Wind Reaping
    TSS4-07: Cat's Grace
    TSS5-01: Ten Minutes
    TSS5-02: Seeds
    TSS5-03: The Medegian Job
    TSS5-04: The Sun & The Nightingale
    TSS5-05: Midsummer Nightmare
    ESA6-01: A Knife's Edge
    ESA6-02: Shattered
    ESA6-03: River to the Sea of Choices
    ESA6-04: Gift of the Tempest
    ESA6-05: A Point of View
    ESA7-01: Wooden Ships and Souls of Iron
    ESA7-02: No Parley in the Pirates' Code
    ESA7-03: Wake of the Tempest
    ESA7-04: Head or Tails
    ESA7-05: And All the Prince's Men
    ESA7-06: Eye of the Tempest
    ESA8-01: Calling of the Mines
    ESA8-02: Old Debts

    Ahlissa (Adri/Innspa) scenarios

    AHL1-01: Willkommen im Adri
    AHL1-02: Der Ruhm Vergangener Tage
    AHL1-03: Unheil im Wald
    AHL1-04: Rauber im Adri
    AHLS1-03: Die Gestohlene Statuette
    AHL2-01: Mord im Badehaus
    AHL2-02S: Tod im Adri
    AHL3-01: Adri Fiend Follies
    AHL3-02: Der Letzte Weg
    AHL3-03: Aufruhr im Adri
    AHL3-04: Indigo
    AHL4-01: Das Gnomische Badehaus
    AHL4-02: Verseuchte Träume
    AHL4-03: Bierselig
    AHL4-??I: Ratselhafter Adri
    AHL4-??I: Gnomisches Treiben
    AHL4-??I: Wahre Liebe
    AHLS4-01: Weather Witch of the Adri
    AHLSM4-01: Dark Wings over Downslope
    AHL5-01: Totentanz
    AHL5-02: Höllenfeuer
    AHL5-03: Das Hügelgrab
    AHL5-05: Der Grimme Schnitter der Verlorenen Seelen
    AHL6-01: Das Schwarze Albino-Schaf
    AHL6-02: Ein Einfacher Auftrag
    AHL6-03: Harfenspiel
    AHL6-04: Ein Vergessener Tempel
    AHLI6-01: In Tiefster Oerde
    AHL7-01: Wild Wuchernder Adri
    AHL7-02: Ein Güldenes Herz
    AHL7-04: Der Siebte Tempel
    AHL7-06: Die Grube
    AHL7-07: Quelle des Zorns
    AHL7-08: Schatten über Herbergsbad
    AHL7-01I: Damals im Adri
    AHL7-02I: Endlich! Ein Tempel!
    AHL7-03I: Into the Light
    AHL7-02S: Vermachtnisse eines Hochkonigs
    AHL8-01: Im Gasthof "Zum Roten Eber"
    AHL8-02: Von Mittag bis Mitternacht
    AHL8-03: Drachen unter Herbergsbad
    AHL8-04: Brunnen in Flammen
    AHLE-01: Wiedersehen im Adri
    AHLE-02: Unheil über Sicherwald
    AHLE-03: Mord im Badehaus
    AHLE-04: Banditen des Adri
    AHLE-05: Totentanz
    AHLME-01: Jäger der gestohlenen Statuette
    AHLME-02: Der lachende Weinberg

    Ahlissa (Naerie) scenarios

    NAE3-01: Daughter of Idee
    NAEI3-01: The Stone Strider
    NAE4-01: The Living and the Dead
    NAE4-02: The Venomous Temple
    NAE4-03: The Apprentice
    NAE4-04: The Prince of Idee
    NAE5-01: When Nightingales Sing...
    NAE5-02: Return to Gefjon
    NAE5-03: Heart of the Wood
    NAEI5-01: In the Docks
    NAEI5-02: Under the Raven's Wing
    NAE6-01: Danour
    NAE6-02: First Bite
    NAE6-03: Legacy of the Serpent
    NAE6-04: A Fair Amount of Intrigue
    NAE6-05: Sharafon
    NAEI6-01: The Temple Below
    NAEM6-01: Fun Fair
    NAE7-01: Like Love Impatient
    NAE7-02: Demon Wishing
    NAE7-03: Incognito
    NAE7-04: Unyielding
    NAE7-05: Trail of the Serpent
    NAEI7-01: Along The Coast
    NAE8-01: Twilight Revolution
    NAE8-02: Lay Down Your Burdens
    NAE8-03: Seneschal of Idee
    NAE8-04: Bright Sun Black Lion

    Bone March scenarios

    BNM4-01: First Blood
    BNM4-02: Run Like Hell!
    BNM4-03: Bright Sun
    BNM4-04: Call to Arms!
    BNM5-01: Deadly Alliance
    BNM5-02: A Paladin on the Run
    BNM5-03: Deadly Games
    BNM5-04: Ride the Dragon
    BNMIntro1: Red Water
    BNMIntro2: Bad Lands
    BNMIntro3: Frigid Blade
    BNMIntro4: Horror Acres

    Onnwal scenarios

    A Gazetteer of Onnwal
    The Free State of Onnwal: The Players Guide for Living Greyhawk UK
    ONW1-01: Escape From Scant
    ONW1-02: To Catch a Traitor
    ONW1-03: Glaive's Gambit
    ONW1-04: Nature's Course
    ONW1-05: Last Respects
    ONW1-06: Remember the Farmers
    ONW1-07: Hunters Hunted
    ONW1-08: Rashta's Brother
    ONWS1-01: The Long Night
    ONWS1-02: Sins of the Father
    ONWS1-03: Consecrations
    ONW2-01: The Navel of the Goddess
    ONW2-02: Death by Luna's Light
    ONW2-03: Trouble at Mill
    ONW2-04: Rest in Peace
    ONW2-05: To Hunt a Traitor
    ONW2-06: The Blazing Banner
    ONW2-07: Memento
    ONW2-08: Marooned
    ONW2-06P: Pilgrims in an Unholy Land
    ONWS2-1A: The Envoy (Part 1)
    ONWS2-1B: The Envoy (Part 2)
    ONW3-01: The Prophet
    ONW3-02: Pytura
    ONW3-03: Glaives' Gathering
    ONW3-04: Shadow on the Storm
    ONW3-05: To Hell and Back
    ONW3-06: For Want of a Nail
    ONW3-07: To Kill a Kesh
    ONW3I-01: Sins of the Father
    ONW3I-07: The Brewfest
    ONWS3-01: Storm Upon the Volanots
    ONWS3-02: Siege of Tarlesan
    ONWS3-03: A Race Through Dark Places
    ONW4-01: Prisoners of War
    ONW4-02: The Hills Are Alive…
    ONW4-03: The Greatest Enemy
    ONW4-04: Return to Bigby's Modest Home
    ONW4-05: March on Gullhaven
    ONW4-06: A Strange Sacrifice
    ONWI4-01: Escape From Obelstone
    ONWI4-02: The Belonging Kind
    ONWI4-03: The Collector
    ONWS4-01: The Battle of Alertann
    ONWS4-02: Assault on Tessek's Cove
    ONWS4-03: Gates of the Gildenlea
    ONW4-I02: The Hills Are Alive
    ONW5-01: A Crisis of Faith
    ONW5-02: The Rescue
    ONW5-03: The Unplumbed Depths
    ONW5-04: The Truth in Music
    ONWI5-01: Battle for Vandrell
    ONWS5-01: Return to Gullhaven
    ONWS5-02: The Message
    ONWS5-03: For the Rescue
    ONWS5-04A: The Subservient Serpent
    ONWS5-04B: To Obelstone by Shore & Sword
    ONWS5-05A: Beacon in the Night
    ONWS5-05B: Beheading Halmarn
    ONWS5-05C: Seas Alive
    ONWS5-06A: Into the Breach
    ONWS5-06B: Walls of Scant
    ONWS5-06C: Through the Stench of Darkness
    ONWS5-06E: The Final Countdown
    ONWS5-06F: The Lord City of Scant
    ONWS5-06G: Safe as Houses
    ONWS5-06H: The Lady of Veils
    ONWS5-06I: Storming the Bastion
    ONWS5-06J: The Tal Marith
    ONWS5-07: Season of Gifts
    ONW6-01: Screams of the Damned
    ONW6-02: Spear of Destiny
    ONWI6-01: Shoreswell
    ONW7-01: Orphans of the Storm
    ONW7-02: Scars of War
    ONW7-03: Bottom of the Truth
    ONW7-04: A Flourish of Silver
    ONWS7-01: It is Dark (Path 1)
    ONWS7-02: It is Dark (Path 2)
    ONWS7-03: It is Dark (Path 3)
    ONW8-01: The Beautiful Death
    ONW8-02: Audience with the Szek (unreleased?)
    ONW?-1-2-3: Two if by Sea
    ONW?-4: Upon a Pearl
    OWN?-5: Blood Beneath the Sun

    Sea Barons

    SBN1-01: Fiori Neri
    SBN1-02: Nel Covo Dei Pirati
    SBN2-01: Howl in the Storm
    SBN9-01: The Accursed Sea

    Sunndi scenarios

    SND1-M01: Freedom of Speech
    SND2-01: United We Stand
    SND2-02: Blood of Innocent
    SND2-M01: The Evil Eye
    SND2-M02: Dangerous Transport
    SND2-M03: The Onnwallian Envoy
    SND3-01: Harvest Time
    SND3-02: Murky Waters
    SND3-03: The Monster the Hills
    SND3-04: Arrow of the Sun
    SND3-M01: From the Ashes
    SND3-M02: Harsh Words
    SND3-M03: Trouble From Above
    SND3-M04: Rain
    SND4-01: Arrows from the Sun
    SND4-02: Whispers in the Dark
    SND4-03: Woodland Games
    SND4-04: By a Moonlight Shadow
    SND4-05: In Sickness and In Health
    SND4-06: Bren's Men
    SND4-08: Saving Dolkann
    SND4-M01: Spring Cleaning
    SND4-M02: Needles and Pins
    SND4-M03: Fun Fair
    SND5-01: The Lizard King
    SND5-02: Cold Fury
    SND5-03: A Few Bad Men
    SND5-04: Isle in the Wake
    SND5-I01: Spring Cleaning
    SND5-M01: Lands of Confusion
    SND5-M02: Midsummer Nightmare
    SND6-01: Lesser Evil
    SND6-02: Behind Enemy Lines
    SND6-03: Collateral
    SND6-04: As Times Goes By
    SND6-M01: The Dragon Roars
    SND6-M02: The Angel's Share
    SND6-S02: Muddied Future
    SND7-01: As Time Goes By
    SND7-02: Obvious Suspect
    SND7-03: The Sea Devils
    SND7-04: A New Threat
    SND7-05: A Few Less Men
    SND7-06: Disillusion
    SND7-07: Dig Deeper
    SND7-M01: Unexpected Enemiers
    SND7-M02: Battle of Pitchfield
    SND7-M03: Battle Fatigue
    SND7-S01: Revelry
    SND8-01: Acceptance
    SND8-02: Crocodile Tears
    SND8-S01: Save Our Souls

    Dullstrand scenarios

    DUL2-01: Dies Irae
    DUL2-02: Mine Is Mine
    DUL3-01: Trouble with Troll
    DUL4-01: The Gift
    DUL4-03: Steelhome
    DUL4-04: Here Be Monsters!
    DUL5-01: Recipe for Trouble
    DUL5-02: Treasure Hunt
    DUL6-01: A Voice in the Oerth
    DUL7-01: The Sea Devils
    DUL7-02: A New Threat
    DUL7-03: Siren's Back

    DM Rewards

    The Village of Hommlet (May 2009)
    Tomb of Horrors (June 2010)
    Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (October 2011)

    True Dungeon


    True Dungeon (August 2003)
    True Dungeon (August 2004)
    Battle Below Castle Greyhawk (August 2005)
    Assault Above Castle Greyhawk (August 2005)
    Escape from the Spider Cult (August 2006)
    Race Across Greyhawk (August 2007)
    TD7: Hope for the Lost (August 2008)
    TD8: The Five Aspects (August 2009)
    TD9: With Smoak Comes Fire (August 2009)
    Getting In (August 2009)
    True Grind (August 2009)
    TD10: DragonWard (August 2010)
    TD11: The Evading Hilt (August 2010)
    True Grind (August 2010)
    TD12: Dragon's Redoubt (August 2011)
    TD13: The Lair of the Sea-Lich (August 2011)
    True Grind (August 2011)
    Giants' Travail (August 2012)
    Draco-Lich Undone (August 2012)
    True Grind: The Dead Do Rise (August 2012)
    Lycans Afoot (August 2013)
    Golembane (August 2013)
    True Grind (August 2013)


    This is a short list of tokens with specific Greyhawk flavour. For a more extensive database of tokens, visit the True Dungeon Tokens Database.
    Medallion of Nobility
    Widseth's +2 Dancing Sword
    Medallion of Greyhawk (August 2008)

    Unofficial Greyhawk-related products

    Castle Zagyg products

    Castle Zagyg, Volume 1: Yggsburgh (2005)
    CZA1: Castle Zagyg: Dark Chateau (2005, reprinted 2008)
    CZ9: Castle Zagyg: Gazetteer of the East Mark (2007)
    CZ10: Castle Zagyg: The Free Town of Yggsburgh: Town Halls District (2007)
    Castles & Crusades Fantasy Role Playing Game Quick Start Rules (The Workhouse of Yggsburgh Town, Free RPG Day 2007)
    CZ11: Castle Zagyg: The Free Town of Yggsburgh: Moat Gate (2007)
    CZ12: Castle Zagyg: The Free Town of Yggsburgh: The Storehouse District (2008)
    CZ2: Castle Zagyg: The Upper Works (2008)
    CZPDF1: Class Options & Skills For Yggsburgh (PDF release, 2006)
    CZPDF2: Yggsburgh Player's Maps (PDF release, 2005)
    CZPDF3: Outs Inn (PDF release, 2005)
    CZPDF4: East Corner (CZ13) (PDF release, 2007)
    The Crusader 11, Dweomercraefter's Den (August 2008)
    The Crusader 12, Dweomercraefter's Den (September 2008)

    Works of Robert J. Kuntz

    Maze of Zayene 1: Prisoners of the Maze (1987, republished 2001)
    Maze of Zayene 2: Dimensions of Flight (1987, republished 2001)
    Maze of Zayene 3: Tower Chaos (1987, republished 2002)
    Maze of Zayene 4: The Eight Kings (1987, republished 2004)
    Garden of the Plantmaster (1987; republished 1996; republished 2003)
    (To the) City of Brass (tournament version, 1987; Electronic release, 2002)
    Dark Druids (2002)
    Sir Robilar's City of Brass (2003)
    The (Original) Living Room (2008)
    RJK-1: The Original Bottle City (2008, reprinted June 2014)
    El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury (2009)
    Daemonic & Arcane (2009)
    The Stalk (2009)

    Lendore Isles products

    L4: Devilspawn (2009)
    L4C: The Lendore Isle Companion (2009)


    Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Essays on Roleplaying ("To Forge a Fantasy World: Greyhawk's Creation", 2000)
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