Wayne, NJ – As Post World Games is set to launch its Toolcards: Fantasy product on Kickstarter on April 9th, jim pinto discussed the concept of Toolcards with several experienced gamers. “Toolcards are an exciting new game aid for gamemasters who need at-a-glance information, without slowing down play,” said jim pinto, “Toolcards are the next step in gamemastery tools and inspiration that gets you right back into the game.”

Each deck comes with 100 double-sided cards and each card is designed with nine distinct pieces of information, each with its own categorical value (names, monster, magic, and so on) that speeds up play. Stretch goals include thematic 30-card decks that enhance play. “I expect we can expand Toolcards to different genres and themes.” This will be Post World Games third kickstarter and third product launch.