Chicago Gameday 35 is July 13th: SIGN UP TO PLAY
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    Chicago Gameday 35 is July 13th: SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Chicago Gameday 35 Sign-Up Thread

    Gameday 35 is July 13th.

    ENWorld Chicago Gameday 35 is a day of FREE gaming held at earth's finest game store, Games Plus.

    To participate, simply post to this thread with your intention to play in one of the following events. Event sign-up is first-come, first-serve. Be aware that the event schedule may be subject to change until the last week before Gameday. No changes will be made to the schedule after that point. PM or email me (buzz AT buzzmo DOT com) with any questions.

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread is the primary means of communicating information about Gameday 35. Please keep an eye on the thread for any updates or schedule changes, especially in the day or so prior to Gameday. This goes double for GMs. If you'd like to be on the Gameday mailing list, just shoot me an email.

    You can also find us on Facebook, which is another great way to stay updated.


    Games Plus
    101 W Prospect Ave
    Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056
    (847) 577-9656
    Hosts: Curt Duval & Jeff Swegler (owners)

    View a map of the Games Plus gaming area to see where your events will be located.


    • 8:00am - 9:00am Slot 0: Breakfast
      Meet up for breakfast at Le Peep Grill (located across the Metra tracks, kitty-corner from Games Plus).
    • 9:15am Arrive at the store to settle in to your game tables.
    • 9:30am to 2:30pm Slot 1: Morning events
      1. FULL The Rustbelt, Tim C Koppang
      2. All Flesh Must Be Eaten, DnD_Dad
      3. Primitive, Nev the Deranged
      4. Feng Shui, Trevalon Moonleirion
      5. FULL Shab Al-Hiri Roach / Misspent Youth, WJMacGuffin
      6. Deniable Asset, Vyvyan Basterd
      7. Savage Worlds, Fairman Rogers
      8. AD&D 1e, Isawa Hochiu
    • 2:30pm to 3:30pm Break for lunch!
    • 3:30pm to 8:30pm (or later) Slot 2: Afternoon events
      1. FULL Savage Worlds, CoreyHaim8myDog
      2. FULL Monster Of The Week, Ninjacat
      3. AD&D 1e, Mark CMG
      4. Our Last Best Hope, paladinlee
      5. Marvel Heroic, Vyvyan Basterd
      6. Exploding Kingdoms, willowx
      7. Tenra Bansho Zero, buzz
      8. InSpectres, Genevieve80

    Slot 0 (Breakfast)

    No limit to number of attendees.
    1. buzz
    2. Laurie
    3. Vyvyan Basterd
    4. Genevieve80
    5. Painfully
    6. Tofu_Master
    7. Nev the Deranged
    8. PhilK
    9. Trevalon Moonleirion
    10. Pbartender
    11. WJMacGuffin
    12. gamingcaffeinator
    13. paladinlee
    14. Ninjacat
    15. Widget
    16. Alex Hakobian
    17. Bug42
    18. ...

    Slot 1: Morning

    Morning Game 1: The Rustbelt
    The Rustbelt, Tim C Koppang, Table A

    Life here is nasty, brutish, and short. The Rust slowly eats everything away. It wears a man down. Corrodes him. Changes him. Makes him do things he wouldn’t think himself capable of. If you had to, wouldn’t you?

    It’s a hard world, and you gotta pay for what you want. Sometimes the price is so hideous it makes you think twice, but it might be your only chance. The Rust whispers in your ear, “C’mon, do the math.”

    So, how much are you willing to pay? What are you willing to do? What are you willing to become?

    You gotta go a long way in the ‘Belt to find a good man.
    1. buzz
    2. willowx
    3. willowx (Tim)

    Morning Game 2: Undeath in the Desert
    All Flesh Must Be Eaten, DnD_Dad, Table C (private room)
    Adults Only

    You and your friends planned a weekend getaway that goes horribly wrong. The Town of Alton, New Mexico is being plagued by mystery and the undead, and your group has to survive before it is too late.
    1. Tofu_Master
    2. Bug42
    3. DnD_Dad's guest
    4. DnD_Dad's guest
    5. Widget
    6. ...
    7. ...

    Morning Game 3: Primitive
    Primitive, Nev the Deranged, Table B

    Can your tribe of protohumans survive in a prehistoric world where nearly everything considers you dinner? Only by working together, and by finding the balance between Civility and Savagery will you overcome the myriad dangers of aeons past. Sharpen your pointy rocks and your wits, and prepare to get Primitive!

    Materials Provided
    No Experience Necessary
    1. Alex Hakobian

    Morning Game 4: Seventh Inning Smackdown
    Feng Shui, Trevalon Moonleirion, Table F

    Look out! Southpaw's got a flamethrower! It was supposed to be a relaxing day at the ballgame where the only explosions happened when someone hit a home run, but now countless lives are at stake and some very nasty things want to make sure that you're dead--or worse.

    Come join a ridiculous cast of action movie archetypes as they battle to protect an ancient creature from the clutches of demons who would destroy it. Bring a quiver of one-liners, your best bad accents. ideas for gravity and death-defying stunts, and the improvisational chops to turn every object your character encounters into a deadly weapon.

    Simple rules taught at the table. Bring two different colored d6's, and get ready for a wild ride through Chicago.
    1. TracerBullet42
    2. PantoneWizard
    3. Painfully
    4. Pbartender
    5. gamingcaffeinator
    6. ...

    Morning Game 5: The Indie RPG Double-Play
    Shab Al-Hiri Roach / Misspent Youth, WJMacGuffin, Table E

    Two games for the price of one! We will play two cool indie rpgs:

    * The Shab Al-Hiri Roach: A dark comedy of manners, lampooning academia and asking players to answer a difficult question - are you willing to swallow a soul-eating telepathic insect bent on destroying human civilization? Even for tenure?

    * Misspent Youth: Teenage rebellion in a ed-up future. It's a story-based game where you play young punks fighting the dystopian government of the future.

    I'll be taking a few shortcuts to make sure we can fit both games into the time slot, such as creating characters beforehand, but we can do this! Grrrr!

    Rated I for Immature. Featuring bad jokes, blue language, and whatever the opposite of innuendo is. Nuendo? Open talk of dirty stuff.
    1. PhilK
    2. dc444
    3. Sailorkitsune2004
    4. paladinlee

    Morning Game 6: Hiding in the Mosque
    Deniable Asset, Vyvyan Basterd, Table D
    Adults Only

    You awake in a hotel room. The sounds from outside of a bustling city let you know you are somewhere in a civilized part of the world. Groggily you rise as if from too long a sleep. Aside from a set of clothes picked out for you there is nothing except a note on the desk. The desk light is on, reflecting brightly on the glossy paper.

    Dear Agent:

    As an agent of the Bureau your job, your duty, is to carry out the missions assigned to you: period. You do not question. You do not second guess. You do not apply ethics or morals to your actions. There is a much larger picture here and there are men in charge of that larger picture. You are insulated from them. They are insulated from you. You know only what you need to know to carry out your responsibilities. This is necessary for the safety of the Bureau, its purpose and the future of global security.

    Welcome to the Bureau.


    Your Section Chief.


    Bureau Chief
    1. Laurie
    2. Genevieve80
    3. Ninjacat
    4. ...

    Morning Game 7: Steamscapes: Automatic Murder and Steamscapes: Rivalry
    Savage Worlds, Fairman Rogers, Table G

    First... An inventor's exhibition of a new automaton becomes the scene of a foul and mysterious crime! A steampunk murder mystery in the world of Steamscapes:North America.

    Then... A Wells Fargo stagecoach has been robbed of its very sensitive cargo, and it’s up to you to get it back! A steampunk adventure in the world of Steamscapes:North America.
    1. chitownroy
    2. chitownroy (Codey)
    3. chitownroy (Gillian)
    4. chitownroy (Brad)
    5. Alex Hakobian
    6. ...

    Morning Game 8: The Ruins of the Moathouse
    AD&D 1e, Isawa Hochiu, Table H

    The villagers whispered stories of a horrible lord who ruled from the keep a generation ago. What remains appears unable to support a base of terror though. Has the marshland cleansed the land of any residual evil? Or does a vile darkness regenerate in this forgotten outpost?

    An AD&D 1E adventure for character levels 1-3. Pregenerated characters or pre-approved PC's are allowed. No game experience required, teens and older please.
    1. Scottenkainen
    2. Scottenkainen (Megan Griffin)

    Slot 2: Afternoon

    Afternoon Game 1: The Day After Ragnarok
    Savage Worlds, CoreyHaim8myDog, Table C (private room)

    At the end of World war Two, the atomic bomb killed the World-Serpent. You live in the aftermath. On a mysterious island in the Pacific, secret experiments left over from the war still brew, while beasts not seen on Earth for millions of years stalk the thick jungles. Can you get away? Can you unlock mysteries sealed since the dawn of history? Will you get the shots you need for the big Hollywood movie?

    Daring adventures and thrilling tales in the world after the end of the world!
    1. chitownroy
    2. chitownroy (Codey)
    3. chitownroy (Gillian)
    4. chitownroy (Brad)
    5. CoreyHaim8myDog's guest
    6. CoreyHaim8myDog's guest
    7. CoreyHaim8myDog's guest

    Afternoon Game 2: Eye of the Ankh
    Monster Of The Week, Ninjacat, Table D

    There are monsters out there.

    Most people don't believe in them, but they're real. Mostly, when someone finds out that monsters are real, that's just before they die. But some people are mean enough, smart enough, crazy enough, or hurt enough, that they live. And some of those people go and hunt down more. That's who you are – someone who decided to go on a crusade against the evil critters that are scurrying around out there. The one sure thing is you aren't gonna go back to your old, safe life.

    When you and your monster-hunting friends hear about some bizarre bodies turning up in a mid-sized town, you of course go to investigate. The bizarre part is, the bodies are in different conditions- -one was practically shredded, another desiccated, another seems to have been the victim of a wild animal attack...could there be multiple monsters?

    Monster of the Week is a modern action-horror game built on the Apocalypse World engine. It's an improvisational narrative-driven game, meaning the characters and group story drive the mechanics, not the other way around. Just bring a pencil and maybe 2d6, rules will be taught at the table. The first hour of the game will be character creation, which is designed to give the characters a shared history and connections with one another.
    1. Laurie
    2. dc444
    3. Widget
    4. Mark M.
    5. Sarah R.

    Afternoon Game 3: Fighting Fire
    AD&D 1e, Mark CMG

    A band of adventurers gather to avenge a ruthless assault on an old companion
    A System-Neutral Fantasy RPG Adventure
    1. Isawa Hochiu
    2. Scottenkainen
    3. Scottenkainen (Megan Griffin)

    Afternoon Game 4: Sancutary
    Our Last Best Hope, paladinlee, Table B
    Adults Only

    Near the starship "Sanctuary", a crisis threatens the entire human race. Because of proximity or skill, you are part of the final resistance team. You are our last best hope! Join us as we weave a character-driven tale of heroism, self-sacrifice, and desperation!
    1. Tim
    2. Tim C Koppang
    3. Sailorkitsune2004
    4. ...

    Afternoon Game 5: Mutants of the Civil War: Hostile Takeover
    Marvel Heroic, Vyvyan Basterd, Table A
    Adults Only

    Armed with evidence about Damage Control's involvement in Stamford, use of Mutant Growth Hormone, and its interest in promoting the Civil War, the heroes take the battle right to the boardroom of Damage Control, Inc.
    1. waterdhavian
    2. jekessler
    3. enigma1122
    4. Lord_ruben
    5. ...
    6. ...

    Afternoon Game 6: Exploding Kingdoms: Mana Crisis
    Exploding Kingdoms, willowx, Table F
    Adults Only

    The ancient Manatorium is leaking raw mana! Strange mutated creatures of pure elemental energy are escaping. Do you have what it takes to venture inside and repair the leaking Mana Batteries?

    Exploding Kingdoms is a game in development by yours truly. It was playtested at Forge Midwest under the working title of 4thbreaker. It takes tactical combat, interesting powers, gonzo character creation options, turns it up to 11, and takes out everything that slows down the game. This is a playtest.

    Experience with tactical games like D&D 4th edition or Descent are a plus.
    1. Nev the Deranged
    2. PhilK
    3. DainXB
    4. gamingcaffeinator
    5. ...
    6. ...

    Afternoon Game 7: Lotus Blossom's Bridal Path
    Tenra Bansho Zero, buzz, Table G

    The war between the Ayanokoji and Takatsukasa clans has cost the lives of many men, destroyed many rice fields, caused much pain and suffering; it even cost Lord Ayanokoji the life of his son. It must end.

    Lord Ayanokoji has made a decision to sacrifice one of his most precious treasures—the kugutsu named Lotus Blossom—to his long-time enemy to marry the young lord of the Takatsukasa, the dashing Lord Shinji. It is the hoped this gift will serve as such a gesture of goodwill that this bloody war may be brought to a final conclusion.

    But there are those who wish to see the war continue. Bandits. Neighboring kingdoms that rightfully fear a possible alliance between these two powerful nations. Samurai and warriors who have given themselves to hate and cannot let go of their swords. Even the inscrutable Shinto Priesthood have their own reasons to oppose the coming peace.

    Lotus Blossom’s bridal path will be paved in blood.

    Tenra Bansho Zero is a "hyper-Asian" fantasy RPG set in a world of Japanese myth and Anime-style technology. It combines elements of traditional RPGs with aspects of Kabuki theater to create a game of intense drama.

    Bring lots of d6's and your best acting chops.
    1. Painfully
    2. Tofu_Master
    3. Trevalon Moonleirion
    4. Pbartender
    5. ...

    Afternoon Game 8: We Do the Weird Stuff
    InSpectres, Genevieve80, Table E

    Your new ghost-busting franchise has it's first client! Will you find the spook responsible? Do you even know what that new equipment does? And who's driving the van?

    No experience/materials required.
    1. TracerBullet42
    2. PantoneWizard
    3. WJMacGuffin
    4. Gozerean
    5. ...
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    Please sign Laurie up for Deniable Asset in the morning and Monster of the Week in the afternoon please. And go ahead and add both of us to breakfast.

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    Sign me up for breakfast and Deniable Asset in the morning spot, please!

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    My group which includes myself, my two kids and my friend Brad would like to reserve spots in Steamscapes and Ragnarok.

    Forgot to add my kids names are Codey and Gillian. We are all experienced with Savage Worlds.
    Last edited by chitownroy; Tuesday, 2nd July, 2013 at 01:13 AM. Reason: added kids names

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    Please sign me up for afternoon AD&D 1E with MArk CMG. Thanks!

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    Tim and I will take the spots in Rust Belt.

    Tim would like to play in Last Best Hope in the evening.

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    Buzz please sign me up for Afternoon Game 5: Mutants of the Civil War: Hostile Takeover. Thanks.

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    Chicago, IL
    Slot 1, Game 4


    Slot 2, Game 7


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    Buzz, please sign me up for:

    Morning slot - All Flesh Must Be Eaten
    Afternoon salt - Tenra Bansho Zero


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    Hi Buzz,
    Would you, please, sign me up for Morning Game 2: Undeath in the Desert (All Flesh Must Be Eaten), as well, as your game Afternoon Game 7: Lotus Blossom's Bridal Path (Tenra Bansho Zero). We shall do our best to roll outta bed early enough to make breakfast. Looking forward to seeing everyone at GameDay!!!
    ~ Nat

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