There was some contention during our last gaming session. ( The party had finally arrived at a town that supported special equipment items, sunrods, tanglefoot bags etc.) As we entered into the darkness of an orc lair, fired upon from across a great chasm (they had cut the rope bridge) our fearless Paladin drew a sunrod from his pack. When the Paladin wanted to stick the sunrod into his backpack, lit. The DM dissallowed the action, claiming that because the wording in PHB states that a sunrod "Burns out". That it is therefore too hot to use this way. We wasted time. I argued that there are no damage tables for sunrods and that they cannot light anything, therefore he should be allowed the action.
The Paladin ended up throwing the sunrod down into the chasm where the first member of our campaign fell to his death trying to foolishly, in a volley of arrows, cross hand over hand with all of his equipment, our str 16 half-orc ranger holding the other end of the grappled rope valiantly, as it slipped through his fingers.