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    IMC, it's hot (though not exactly burning).


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    Wow...I'd never expect this to get to two pages...

    I always assumed it was glowstick-like, but those aren't really bright...and the picture doesn't show anything transparent that it could be contained in....I'd have to (reluctantly) go with the "flare" application...though it does make it creepy, when the only light it casts is throbbing, red radiation that makes everything look all eerie.
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    Do they work underwater?

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    Hot or not?

    Thanks for all your input- that is a very interesting question
    DO they Work Underwater????
    My group of adventurers is planning to free the titan of the Blood Sea (Scarred lands) and we are planning to go underwater...(a grandiose idea naturally...we have about 15 levels to go...)
    But this is a good question.
    I can go with the idea of the flare (I always picture an eerie green glow myself)... and branding may come in handy...

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    Hm. I would agree with whoever said that they're like a lightbulb. Hot, but not REALLY hot.
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    This is why every party should have an Everburning Torch or two.

    Without a doubt one of the most useful magic items in comparasion to its price.

    I'd vote for "lightbulb-like"... I think of them as a stick with a metal ball on the end. You hit the ball against something and it glows very brightly... AHEM, like the sun. The glowing ball wouls be warm or even hot to the touch, but never hot enough to ignite anything. Once lit, you could stick it in your backpack, but keep it away from the chocolate bars.
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