5E The Flumpf Is Back
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    The Flumpf Is Back

    Chris Lindsay answered a direct question during the WotC session at the ACD Games Day, "Will the Flumpf be in the Monster Manual?" His answer was Yes.

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    What about all the other goofy FF monsters? I want my Gambado!

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    That's sure to be a dealbreaker for at least 50 interweb posters.

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    And that fact is what will make the 5th edition monster manual more than 100% better than other editions in terms of floating disc-like antennaed tentacled goodness!

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    Woot, I say, woot.

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    A D&D meme which has taken the place of a monster I might actually use. A good joke and all, but a farting LG floating disk has limited use to me. So mildly amused meh here.

    5E is dead to me!

    You happy now, Saplat?

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    Will the Gazebo be in the MM?

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    It's entry is only 8 words long: "This Monster is too silly for most games."

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    You can't keep a good Flumph down.

    The first one my PCs encounter will say "I was once an adventurer like you...".

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