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    Critter Bits and Magic Recipes!

    if you've played D&D before 3E, then you probably know what i'm talking about. in older editions of the game, lots of monsters had body parts that could be used for spell components, or to make magic items out of. this is still in 3E to some extent, but nowhere near what it used to be. what i want to do is collect all the old references and make them 3E playable, for those of us who'd still like to use those old rules.

    i could spend several hours looking all this stuff up by myself, but i just don't have that kind of time. so, here's what i want you to do for me, if you feel so inclined. i can't use, "um, i think the old monster manual used to say..." what i need is specifics, something i can check upon and verify. for example, "the 2E monstrous manual says: The feathers of a cockatrice are prized by certain wizards as many magical scrolls must be inscribed with pens made from such quills," would be ideal. or if you don't have time for that, and were to simply go through a certain work and list names and/or page numbers where i could find such info, that would also work just fine. if you know of an online source that contains info like this, then please post a link to that site or page.

    monster books would, of course, be ideal choices to research. but keep in mind, other sources such as an old PHB, DMG, unearthed arcana, or the tome of magic are other likely sources to contain such monster lore. give me info from ANY official book, boxed set, or magazine from ANY pre-3E edition or version of D&D, from any campaign world. don't worry if the monster in question (or the spell or magic item it yields) doesn't have 3E stats yet. somewhere, someone probably has a conversion, so it will be useful somehow.

    and, thanks in advance - i hope this proves to be useful to all of us.
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