[convention] Tentacles GERMANY
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    [convention] Tentacles GERMANY


    Not really D20, but one of the best little conventions I know.
    The venue is fantastic, and Ive made lifelong friends there.

    Their advert:
    Hero Wars, Stormbringer and Cthulhu game fest
    6th-9th June 2003
    Castle Stahleck, Bacharach

    A Convention dedicated to Glorantha, Hero Wars, Stormbringer,Call of Cthulhu and just more games.

    TENTACLES EXTRAVAGANZA will have the coolest guests, the hottest games and the best drinks in Europe 2003!

    Tentacles of Honour:

    Greg Stafford
    Sandy Petersen
    Lawrence Whitaker
    Simon Bray
    Wolfgang Schiemichen
    Tentacled Guests:

    Mark Galeotti
    Jeff Kyer
    Dario Corallo
    more to confirm... stay tuned!

    Cruel Hearts and Coronets
    A thrilling Hawkmoon freeform
    The Great Glamour Sit-Down
    A Glorantha Mafia freeform
    Sandy Petersen´s: Space Station Zanzibar
    A bizarre Sci-Fi freeform

    As well as a Crucible of exclusive games for Hero Wars, Hawkmoon and CoC, events and panels, award winning GM´s, shops, cool and exotic drinks, special effects, stunning dance perfomances, music and all forms of decadent tentacled pleasure.

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    Hmmm, I've heard about that Con before actually... I'll have to look into its viability... you planning on going Maldur?


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