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    Go go go!

    I didn't see my name, so I'm assuming as alternate I can just nap out unless tragedy strikes.
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    Originally posted by mythago
    Go go go!

    I didn't see my name, so I'm assuming as alternate I can just nap out unless tragedy strikes.
    get a hold of noone of consequence, if he/she wants a alternates match also to keep you folks "limber" we can arrange it

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    Okay- here we go......

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    Well, I've looked it over and I'm happy with what I've done; I don't see any reason to hold off posting any longer...


    The Folly of Man

    I stood on a dusty lane that passed beneath a crumbling old archway (insert picture 1). Decaying stone walls, weeds growing from the many cracks in the structure, flanked the sides of the road. The road had been built in the time before, when the men had ruled the land, and once led to an important city that had long ago crumbled into the earth. Now the path simply led to the Old One’s house in the trees. It was a hot summer day, and for a moment I lingered in the shadow of the wall and admired the brilliant blue sky while reveling in the temporary feeling of solitude and peace.

    I ambled slowly along, nervously passing beneath the arch, and then continued into the stretch of grassland between the ruin and the forest. My eyes wandered across the scenery but I did not really see, as my mind was occupied with thoughts of today’s lesson and what it would bring. Soon the enfolding canopy of the trees closed in overhead and blocked the sunlight, and I moved along more comfortably in the familiar environment.

    At last my teacher’s abode came into view and I quickened my pace, running on all fours for the last several yards. I entered the tree house quietly and discovered that no one was there, but I could hear noises coming from the garden out back and followed them to their source. There I found my teacher strolling casually among the trees, idly chewing on a snack of fresh green leaves (insert picture 4). He did not notice me at first and I did not disturb him, taking a moment to admire the way the sun reflected off his golden fur and the way his muscles rippled with every new step.

    “Old One,” I called at last. “I have come for my lesson. What will you teach me today?”

    The great sloth turned and recognized me, then meandered in my direction. “Ah yes, welcome, young one. Let us return to the comfort of the tree house. Today you will learn about the folly of man.”

    I followed him indoors and took a seat while he started to heat some water for bark tea. Teacher’s home was a snug hollow in the trunk of a great old cypress tree. It had room for a small firepit, a couple of chairs, a little table, and the reed mats that served as a bed, but little else. A book had been set on the table and I glanced at the strange symbols on the binding, wondering what was contained within. Books were very rare, as few had survived the extinction of man, and I had always been fascinated with them.

    My teacher noticed my curiosity and explained, “Ah, yes, that is a book containing drawings by one of man’s greatest thinkers. You see, I have already taught you much about man. You have learned of his great advances in science and medicine, his music and art, and his cities and people, but you have one thing left to learn, and that is mankind’s darkest lesson.”

    The water started to steam and the Old One carefully filled two cups and added the little bags of bark shavings and honeysuckle. He carried the cups into the sitting area and placed one before me before continuing. “The sad truth about man is that for all his great discoveries, his primary concerns were always war and destruction. Here, look at this and tell me, what do you see?”

    Teacher opened the book to a previously marked page and showed it to me (insert picture 3). I studied it for a moment but did not understand; the pictures seemed harmless enough. It showed men working to complete a great wall, with scribblings and diagrams off to the side, presumably to give clear instructions on how to properly make the wall. I turned to teacher and answered hesitantly, “A wall?”

    My confusion was clear to him. “Yes, but not just a wall - a wall designed for war. You have seen some of the ruins of the previous age, but now you will understand their purpose.

    “In the beginning man was little more than a simple beast and had little understanding of tools and science, but even then he thirsted for conquest and war. His ambition raised him above other animals that lived at that time and as the years passed he grew more and more clever. But always he fought wars against his own kind, and the greatest discoveries he made dealt with ways to destroy rather than to create. Soon men gathered in great armies, their bodies encased with steel to protect their weak flesh, and their hands wielding brutal instruments designed to cut, stab, or crush.”

    I tried to imagine this and couldn’t help but smile at the vision (insert picture 2). It was funny to imagine the great hairless apes covered all in steel, staggering under the weight and aiming clumsy, fumbling swings at other metal-clad men. The Old One saw my expression and frowned.

    “It is no joke, young one. It may seem funny to you, but you have no inkling of the nature of war. Men did dark things to each other. Terrible things. Then man began to build great walls and huge buildings of stone to keep other men out. This picture,” he pointed again to the book, “is a testament to man’s folly; that even his greatest thinkers spent most of their time designing new weapons - and new ways to stop those weapons.

    “This quest eventually led to man’s demise. He built better and better walls, then created stronger and more destructive ways to destroy those walls, and his nihilistic quest continued until he destroyed himself in a final apoplectic fit of fire and steel.”

    The Old One lifted his cup and sipped at the liquid before concluding his lecture. “That is why we must always remember from whence we came; why we must respect the natural order at all costs and live in peace and brotherhood with our fellow creatures. For if we ever forget the lessons that man left for us to uncover, then we will surely follow in his footsteps on the road to doom.”

    I nodded soberly, understanding now the folly of man.
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    *he bobs; he weaves*

    Bring on the alternate's match, a little "sidebet" to the main attraction, huh?
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    Fast entry there Sniktch!

    Lets wait for your opponent and see what your up against.

    Pretty strange combinations of pictures again AlSiH2O. Its gonna be a interesting match!
    So many games, so little time!

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    for the alternates-

    mythago vs nooneofconsequence
    pic 1
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    mythago vs nooneof (mind if i shorten it like that?)

    pic 2
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    mythago vs nooneof
    pic 3
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    mythago vs nooneof
    pic 4
    last pic for the alternates, 48 hours to show your stuff
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